DISH Network and Fox (national) are right now in a stalemate on a new contract. The recent contract expired critical week ~ above September 30. The Stars have actually 62 games scheduled to be transfer on FOX sports Southwest (FSSW). The Stars are hopeful that a transaction is make soon in between DISH and also Fox so the all fans will have the ability to watch all of our games. But if you have actually DISH Network, over there is a good chance you will certainly not see and Stars gamings on FSSW this month and there is no guarantee that you’ll see any kind of of the 62 Dallas Stars games that space on FOX sporting activities Southwest this season.First some an excellent news --There is a lot to like about Dallas Stars telecasts this season: all 82 consistent season games are being transfer by the Stars, and each and also every one will be offered in glorious HD. 62 that the games are slated for FOX sports Southwest, while 17 are booked for TXA 21, and also 3 top top VERSUS. Ralph Strangis and also Daryl “Razor” Reaugh are back in the booth to contact the action, start their 15th continually season as the Stars broadcast team.But if you have DISH Network, you right now are no able to watch Dallas Stars broadcasts on FOX sports Southwest. Right here is what we recognize from FOX sporting activities Southwest: in ~ midnight top top October 1, food Network reduce FOX sports Southwest (and every FSN networks throughout the joined States) due to the fact that it refused to with a fair agreement with Fox to bring the network. Fans through DISH will possibly miss out ~ above 62 Stars games, and also Dallas Mavericks games and college football indigenous the huge 12 and Pac-10, as well as all other programming the FOX sports Southwest has to offer. Dish customers additionally currently perform not gain FX or the National geographical Channel. And as that Nov. 1, dish customers could additionally lose FOX 4.As you have the right to imagine, DISH’s rivals are ready, willing and able come make great offers come DISH’s customers that don’t desire to miss their Stars games (or Mavs, university football, etc). FOX sports Southwest (and FX and also Nat Geo) is available by a variety of other neighborhood distributors in our area (AT&T U-verse, Charter Cable, DirecTV, Time Warner Cable, Verizon FiOS). Every Stars video game broadcast ~ above FOX sporting activities Southwest and FOX sporting activities Southwest-Plus will be easily accessible on every of these carriers (FSSW tells united state that FiOS expects to be all set to carry FSSW+ through the very first broadcast ~ above Nov. 12). Channels because that FSSW+ on local carriers:Time Warner – Ch. 960Charter – Ch. 300ATT&T U-Verse – 754 (1754 HD)DirecTV – TBDFiOS - TBDIf friend would prefer to discover more, please call 1-877-99-I-PAID or go to www.GetWhatIPaidFor.com. If you room not a food customer, you will not be affected and get to enjoy all of FOX sports Southwest’s Stars telecasts this season.

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