I’ve viewed a lot of of civilization ask “why isn’t the Rangers game on”, or “Why am i postponed” once it states it’s on Fox sporting activities Southwest.

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The prize is you’re not looking at the schedule right!

Less sarcastically, there’s a difference between Fox sports Southwest and Fox sports Southest PLUS. Basically, plus is a spare channel that things get displayed on once there’s too countless things to show at once. Choose for instance a continual season ranger game and also a playoff Stars game. The playoff Stars video game will take it precedence, and also the Rangers video game will get bumped to the plus channel.

UPDATED august 2020

Here’s one updated picture the ranger posted for the 2020 season:


UPDATED in march 2018

Here’s some details I’ve gleaned from roughly the net on just how to watch Fox sports Southwest to add on assorted carriers. Mainly D/FW, yet some others..


Time Warner/Spectrum – Channel 320 (SD ONLY)Charter (Fort worth & Park Cities) – networks 300/32 (SD), 776/35 (HD)Charter (Rockwall) – channels 38 (SD), 860 (HD)Charter (Denton) – Channel 314 (SD)DirecTV – Channel 676-1 (SD & HD)Dish – networks 440 (SD), 9575 (HD) food no much longer carries FSSW.U-verse – channels 756 (SD), 1756 (HD)FiOS/Frontier – channels 77 (SD), 577 (HD)

Streaming Services:

SlingTV – only on ‘Sling Blue’ package, as “Fox sports Southwest alternate 1” Sling no much longer carries FSSW.Youtube TV – Is there together “Fox sporting activities Southwest Plus”Fubu TV – Is there together “Fox sporting activities Southwest Plus”Hulu Live TV – Is there together “Fox sporting activities Southwest Plus”

You can also use credentials from most of these providers to log in via the Fox sporting activities Go cell phone app.

Apparently, Time Warner Cable does NOT lug an HD feeding of FSSW+. That’s pretty insane in this day and age. I additionally think the Charter in Denton likewise only has an SD video feed. If who finds the end otherwise top top these 2 channels, you re welcome let me know.

If you know it’s on one more carrier that i don’t have actually listed, please email me about it.

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Dennis Fink says

April 20, 2016 in ~ 5:14 pm

Not really satisfied through the ranger doing this and also not making sure the provider go it as with fssw. Ns don’t remember it gift mentioned during the game.