The only thing better than watching your favorite sporting events is winning lots of cash absolutely for free while you"re law it v FOX gambling Super 6.

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Chances are that by now, you"ve heard about the totally free-to-play game that gets you into the action and gives you a chance to success thousands – and sometimes millions – that dollars each and also every week.

Yes, that"s right – this and every NFL Sunday, you might win $100,000 of terry Bradshaw"s money absolutely for free!

And in mainly 4, it looks like we have actually our very first winner the the 2021 NFL season, thanks to the last-minute doinked field goal by the brand-new England Patriots.

But simply what is at sight 6? and how perform you make certain you gain your opportunity at the $1,000,000? 

We"re below to help. Here"s every little thing you need to know about FOX bet Super 6.

1. What is FOX bet Super 6?

FOX gambling Super 6 is a free-to-play video game in i m sorry you space asked to answer six questions about an NFL weekend, one MLB game, a NASCAR race, and also sometimes, even quizzes around pop society and existing events!

For example, if you"re playing the weekly million NFL contest, you"ll it is in asked to choose which team will certainly win and also by how numerous points in six gamings from the NFL Sunday schedule. 

If you get all six inquiries right, congratulations! You"re a grand-prize winner. 

Previous contests have given away countless dollars in cash and some pretty awesome prizes, choose a brand new Ford truck and a Camping people RV!

2. Therefore it"s not gambling?

It"s not! FOX bet Super 6 is always totally free to play, v real-money prizes because that the winners. Every you have to do is effectively predict how an occasion will play out. 

It might sound too good to it is in true, yet we promise you, it"s absolutely true! just ask previous winners like Paula Hotchkiss, who won $100,000 of terrycloth Bradshaw"s money critical football season, then obtained a warm congratulations native the hall of Famer himself!


3. Sounds favor fun! exactly how do ns play?

It"s simple! Just click on this connect here on your cell phone call or mobile device (or search for "FOX super 6" on your respective application store), install the FOX gambling Super 6 app, and get to playing immediately.

There"s practically always another Super 6 contest right approximately the corner, with genuine money up for grabs the you can win!

4. OK, so I acquire that it"s not gambling – yet it sounds choose it"s sort of similar, right?

While FOX gambling Super 6 is no gambling, keen-eyed fans will notification it walk emulate the suffer of picking against the spread on one NFL Sunday or do the efforts to figure out i m sorry driver could pull turn off an upset in a NASCAR race.

Let"s take it football, because that example. You could have heard people talking about the "point spread" before. Well, all a suggest spread actually represents is how numerous points the favored team will certainly win by. That"s it! If the allude spread is 3, sporting activities gamblers room predicting whether they think the much better team will win by more than 3 points. If so, they gambling on the favorite. If not, they gambling on the underdog.

Super 6 takes that gambling vernacular the end of the equation and also streamlines the inquiries for you, no issue how acquainted or unfamiliar you room with betting. Through Super 6, you"re just predicting how numerous points girlfriend think a details team will certainly win by – but you can quickly see the similarities.

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5. What are the prizes?

The prizes vary from week come week and also contest come contest, however the 2021 NFL season provides you a weekly chance at $100,000 the Terry"s money, and also FOX gambling has likewise introduced an all-new "Stack the Cash" university football promotion in i m sorry the prize goes up as an ext and more people enter!

Smaller sporting occasions have smaller sized prizes, but even those still full into the thousands, tens of thousands, and also sometimes, hundreds of thousands the dollars, and also the aforementioned prizes favor a Ford truck or Camping people RV.

6. Anything else I must know?

If you"ve played Super 6 before, make sure you update your app! The FOX gambling Super 6 product is new and enhanced for this football season, v a redesigned lobby, a scores web page featuring odds because that the top games in sports, the capacity to filter in between contests you"ve entered and also those you haven"t, the capability to compete versus your friends and also much more!