Conrad Theodore Anderson and his youngsters operated the Hillcrest swim Club during the summers.Courtesy Conrad Theodore Anderson, a longtime educator who was amongst the very first counselors to work-related at what is currently Fox tech High school for Health and Law Professions, to be happiest working directly with his students.

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“He ended up being a counselor and principal, however his actual love remained in the classroom,” his daughter Janis Tschoepe said. “The kids responded to him positively because they could feel the love.”

Anderson passed away Tuesday in ~ 99.

The earliest of three kids born come Swedish and Polish immigrants, Anderson was raised by his mother in mountain Antonio.

While his mother worked in an elementary school cafeteria, Anderson and his brother brought in extra income by bright shoes, mowing and doing other odd jobs.

Graduating from Brackenridge High college in 1934, Anderson to visit St. Mary’s University, receiving his bachelor’s degree in 1938.

Anderson taught at then-Harris junior School and also Burbank High School prior to being rental to teach mathematics and also English at san Antonio Vocational and also Technical High college in 1941.

Conrad Theodore Anderson

Born: June 24, 1917, Chicago

Died: Sept. 27, 2016, mountain Antonio

Preceded by: Daughter Kay Grothues; granddaughter Kara Grothues; parental Joanna Harmacinski and Anton Theodore Anderson; a brother.

Survived by: mam Loraine Mitchell Anderson; daughter Janis Tschoepe and son-in-law Bruce; sons Ken Anderson, and also Ted Anderson; three grandchildren; six great-grandchildren; a sister.

Services: Vigil in ~ 7 p.m. Monday in ~ Porter Loring Chapel, 1101 McCullough Ave. Mass at 10 a.m. Tuesday St. Matthew Catholic Church, 10703 Wurzbach Road.

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“He absolutely loved, loved teaching,” Tschoepe said. “He was the consummate teacher; everything he did through us cultivation up was a lesson.”

Obtaining his master’s degree from the university of Texas in ~ Austin in 1942, Anderson joined the military Air forces in 1943. He was sent to the European theatre to fly B-17s and also completed much more than 30 missions.

Discharged in 1945, Anderson returned to teaching in ~ Tech and also married in 1947, beginning a family shortly thereafter.

After coming to be a counselor at Tech, Anderson was relocated to Harris together principal, before returning to tech as principal in the so late 1950s.

With summers off, Anderson began a small business, renovating 10 acres that had actually once to be a private swimming club in Northwest san Antonio, calling it the Hillcrest swimming Club.

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His kids were enthusiasm helpers.

“We’d clean the bathrooms, mow the yard, operated in the concession stand,” Tschoepe recalled. “We love it.”

Taking a few weeks every summer, Anderson struggle the roadway with his family, visiting nationwide parks throughout the U.S. And in Canada.

Retiring in 1978, Anderson learned come paint and continued golfing regularly, a hobby he had actually learned at an early stage in life.

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“He to be shooting his age until that was around 90,” his daughter said. “He reigned together city senior golf champion,” indigenous 1985 till ’87.


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