If she in song with the beauty beauty community, climate you’ve most likely been bombarded v the fox eye makeup tendency online. Made renowned by Bella Hadid, Megan Fox and also Kendall Jenner, the fox eye watch is all about manipulating her eye form for a lifted look, emphasizing the outer corners because that a sultry effect. Overall, you virtually get an end result similar to that of a subtle confront lift, yet all with makeup!

Keep scrolling because that tips and a rapid tutorial on how to create basic fox eye assembly look. This is an adapted tutorial motivated by this video.

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Step 1

Starting v a brown eyeshadow shade on an angled liner brush, create a line beginning at the lash line, slightly inward indigenous your outer corner. Relocate upward at a 45 level angle toward the tail of her eyebrow. You desire the heat to taper in ~ the end.

Step 2

Slightly mix the edges of the heat while still maintaining the overall shape.

Step 3

Using a black eyeshadow shade, use a smaller and thinner line right on optimal of the brown.

Step 4

Blend in ~ the edges of the black line because that a smooth shift from the black color shade to the brown shade.

Step 5

Either use a mascara that will flare your external lashes, like the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, or use false lashes just on the outer part of her eyes.

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Optional Steps

To really an increase the upturned shape this method will provide your eyes, you can also include a slight suggest to her inner corner, and sharpen the leaf of her liner by cleaning up through concealer along the bottom.

Products ns Used:

Shadow: Karity 21 shadow in Matte PaletteLashes: Icona Lashes in “Queen the Hearts” (trimmed come outer portion only)Angled Brush: Practk Liner BrushBlending Brush: Morphe M506 Mini Blender Brush


Extra Tips

When it concerns the fox eye makeup trend, you want to keep the inner part of her eye together minimal together possible. If you wearing one eyeshadow look with your fox eye, be certain to usage lighter shades towards the inside corner.

Your brow shape can also assist emphasize the fox eye shape. Greater arches will add to the lifted effect, but don’t feeling too lot pressure to adjust up your brows simply for this trend.