Today, Fran Drescher is ideal known for her long-running revolve as Fran well in the ’90s sitcom The Nanny. The TV present remains one of the most beloved sitcoms of every time, boasting a cast that had solid chemistry, and writers the made each episode just as humorous and also heartfelt together the last. 

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‘Saturday Night Fever’ scene v Martin Shakar together Frank Manero Jr., john Travolta as Tony Manero and also Fran Drescher together Connie | CBS via Getty Images

Before The Nanny turned Drescher into a household name, she showed up in a grasp of memorable movies. Notably, she had a brief part in Saturday Night Fever, during which she shared the run floor through John Travolta. During an interview v Studio 10, Drescher talked around working v Travolta in Saturday Night heat and the little of improvisation she obtained away with.

Fran Drescher talks around ‘Saturday Night Fever’

The Studio10 interviewer provided that years prior to The Nanny premiered, Drescher “etched” her location in cinematic background opposite Travolta in 1977’s Saturday Night Fever. Speaking around the movie, Drescher shared:

“That was, you know, a wonderful chance for me. Ns was still life at house with mine parents, and I acquired that small part, and it simply kind of began snowballing.”

Drescher | Studio 10

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The interviewer walk on to explain that Drescher got to “pat john Travolta’s backside, didn’t you?” come which she said, “a delight. And, that course, the wasn’t in the script. That was entirely my small improvisation…”

Drescher then explained the time she ran right into Travolta on the red carpet because that the golden Globes and came out through a zinger (a reference to Saturday Night Fever) the made his wife’s jaw drop.

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The time ‘The Nanny’ star pulled the end a line from ‘Saturday Night Fever’ that she knew Travolta would remember

There is one scene in Saturday Night Fever, during i m sorry Drescher’s character, Connie, comes up to Travolta’s character and also asks, “are friend as an excellent in bed as you room on the dance floor? Well, space you?” Drescher psychic this heat a pair of years later and also used that on Travolta. She shared:

“You know, one time I observed him ~ above a red carpet for the golden Globes and also he was right beside me act an interview. So ns walked right into his interview, and I said ‘are girlfriend as good in bed together you space on the run floor.’ Well, his wife’s jaw dropped since she didn’t know what the hell ns was saying, yet he knew …”

Drescher | Studio 10

Drescher has constantly had a method of making human being laugh — on and off the screen. She sharp, quick-witted, and good-natured, i beg your pardon is likely component of the factor her character in The Nanny felt therefore sincere. Not to mention, yes, that is her genuine voice.