CANTON, Ohio -- The original setup was for legendary Minnesota Vikings facility Mick Tingelhoff to offer a brief speech Saturday night as soon as enshrined right into the agree Football hall of Fame. Instead, referents Fran Tarkenton spoke for him.

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Mick Tingelhoff (right) and presenter Fran Tarkenton pose v the bust the Tingelhoff at the agree Football hall of reputation enshrinement consciousness Saturday in Canton, Ohio. (Andrew Weber / USA today Sports)
CANTON, Ohio - The original arrangement was for legendary Minnesota Vikings center Mick Tingelhoff to offer a brief speech Saturday night when enshrined into the pro Football hall of Fame. Instead, presenter Fran Tarkenton spoke for him.Tingelhoff, 75, has had health issues and memory difficulties in current years. His wife, Phyllis, had actually said a week back his induction speech would be “short and sweet.’’But the setup was changed. It was made decision to have his former quarterback do all the talking during the induction in ~ Tom Benson room of fame Stadium.“Mick’s a male of little words,’’ Tarkenton, a other Hall the Famer, stated while fighting back tears. “He’s for this reason proud to it is in in this class of 2015. That waited 37 year to get to the hall of Fame.’’Tingelhoff starred because that the Vikings from 1962-78. That was an initial eligible for the hall in 1984, but was passed end for more than 3 decades before being elected this year as a Seniors Committee nominee.“He just wanted me come tell all of his teammates who are here and also thank them because that being here, our coach and also fellow room of Famer Bud grant and all of the Vikings pan who have come from anywhere the country,’’ Tarkenton said the crowd. “And all the remainder of girlfriend fans, and even girlfriend Steelers fans who beat united state in that Super key (in January 1975).’’Pittsburgh supporters appeared to consist of about fifty percent of the 20,000 fans on hand. They to be there to see previous Steelers running back Jerome Bettis inducted.Others enshrined Saturday to be executives Ron Wolf, a previous Green bay Packers basic manager, and Bill Polian and also players Charles Haley, Tim Brown, will Shields and the late Junior Seau, that was stood for by family members members.Tarkenton was inducted into the hall in 1986. However, this weekend marked the an initial time he had returned come Canton because then, and also he toured the Hall previously Saturday.“Mick coming in make me go back,’’ Tarkenton said. “I’m an extremely happy around Mick. He’s well deserving.’’Before Tingelhoff to be inducted, a video clip was played reflecting his accomplishments. Tarkenton talked on the video about Tingelhoff, calling that truly one of the great offensive linemen of ours era.Then Tarkenton was dubbed into activity to speak live about Tingelhoff.There to be plenty of support for Tingelhoff in Canton. Of the vault 12 room of reputation inductees who spent the greatest portion of their careers v the Vikings, only Alan Page and Jim Finks, that is deceased, were no on hand. Page had actually a former commitment.In enhancement to Tarkenton, other Viking room of Famers who made the pilgrimage to Canton were Grant and former team members Carl Eller, Paul Krause and Ron Yary in addition to Cris Carter, Randall McDaniel, kris Doleman, john Randle and Gary Zimmerman.Tingelhoff’s election has been hailed by many. It especially has been profitable to football player from his era.“I’m definitely happy,’’ claimed Hall of fame running ago Leroy Kelly, who played because that Cleveland from 1964-73. “When his surname comes up, you understand in the video game he was taken into consideration a very an excellent player.’’Tingelhoff has actually come a long means since he wasn’t even one the the 280 players taken in the 20-round 1962 NFL draft. He ended up being the 16th undrafted player inducted right into the shrine and also just the seventh due to the fact that 1962.“I remember in 1962 he to be a 215-pound facility (from Nebraska),’’ stated legendary enlightenment Gil Brandt, then head the personnel because that the Dallas Cowboys. “I wish we had rolled the dice on him. ... To it is in an undrafted free agent and also to make the hall of call is long odds.’’Tingelhoff overcame the odds. The made 6 Pro Bowls and also five times was named All-Pro.“He to be a an excellent player,’’ Brandt said. “He go a good job against (Cowboys room of Fame protective tackle Bob) Lilly. I think the exceptional thing is he played 17 continually years and also never to let go a game.’’Tingelhoff played in every 240 regular-season games throughout his job and likewise never to let go a playoff game, and, as Tarkenton said during his introduction, never even missed a practice. He assisted lead the Vikings to four Super bowl appearances in the 1970s, return they lost them all.Randle, a defensive tackle inducted in 2010, is just one of the other undrafted football player to have made the hall of Fame. In fact, if friend consider facility Jim Langer, that played two years v Minnesota, and also quarterback Warren Moon, that played three, 4 of the 7 undrafted hall of Famers since the 1962 draft are former Vikings.