Kathie Lee Gifford‘s marital relationship to her 2nd husband, open minded Gifford, was one because that the books. Back the previous Today star and the so late TV sporting activities commentator’s decades-long love story to be one with ups and also downs, yes no doubt your union was filled through everlasting love.

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Kathie Lee and Frank first began dating in the mid-1980s when they met ~ above the set of a morning news show and also immediately hit that off. The Kathie Lee and Hoda alum even once told former cohost Hoda Kotb she “sort of” fell in love with Frank during one that their very first moments together.


The happy pair were married by October 1986, and it wasn’t long before they came to be the loving parents to kid Cody Gifford and also daughter Cassidy Gifford. When the Monday Night Football host was 23 years his wife’s senior, their period gap verified to be no worry as the couple shared nearly 30 memorable year together before Frank’s heartbreaking death in august 2015.

Following the previous football star’s passing, Kathie Lee concentrated on she career and raising her 2 adult kids. In 2019, the previous Good Morning America host opened up about how she battles the “crippling” loneliness after shedding her husband just months prior to their 29th wedding anniversary.


“You battle a many things once you acquire older, specifically as a widow, as soon as you lose a spouse,” Kathie Lee told AARP The Magazine. “If you’re not careful, what you’ve lost in life can define you. That so much healthier to be identified by what friend still have. I’m making big changes in mine life because I need to, really large changes that space feeding my soul. Otherwise, despair sets in.”

Now that she’s offered her love a few years to heal, the Gift the I can Give writer revealed she’s “open” to finding love. “I don’t think you go out and also find love … ns think that it find you,” she told Us Weekly in 2019. “I’m a mrs of faith, so I likewise think the if God desires it, then he’ll lug it. Possibly I have actually currently and simply don’t recognize it. We’ll see.”


Considering Kathie Lee is a strong woman, that no surprised she’s opening herself approximately the possibility to fall in love again. “I’m no coping, i’m thriving,” she once told Closer Weekly.

Scroll through the gallery listed below to see a timeline the Kathie Lee and also Frank’s loving relationship.


Kathie Lee and Frank gain Engaged

Frank proved he to be serious about Kathie Lee once he obtained down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage. Although the unclear when precisely the pair acquired engaged, Kathie Lee as soon as opened up around the special moment throughout an episode of Kathie Lee and Hoda.

“We to be in Atlantic City since I to be performing,” she recalled. “And Frank had actually not realized, as soon as we first started dating, how much performing ns did.” due to the fact that of she hectic Hollywood career, the TV personality dished she actually assumed her man was ending the relationship.

“Very seriously he goes, ‘Can I speak to you?’ ns thought, ‘Oh mine gosh, he’s going to break up through me,” she joked. “He took the end this splendid ring … I’m not going to say what he said … however it was just beautiful.”


The couple Gets Married

Kathie Lee and also Frank made their love official when castle walked down the aisle ~ above October 18, 1986. The lovebirds tied the knot during a romantic awareness on the coast in Bridgehampton, brand-new York.

The Godwink Christmas actress was previously married come ex-husband actor Paul Johnson from 1976 come 1983.

Eldest son Cody is Born

The news anchor ended up being a mommy for the an initial time as soon as she and also Frank invited their eldest son together, child Cody, on in march 22, 1990. The play-by-play announcer is likewise the dad of youngsters Victoria Gifford, Jeff Gifford and also Kyle Gifford with ex Maxine Avis Ewart.

Kathie Lee suffers a Miscarriage

Two years after welcoming she firstborn, Kathie Lee revealed she suffered a miscarriage. “Frank and I were planning our 2nd baby to be to come … this fall … this feather … I simply wanted to tell everybody myself,” she candidly shared throughout an illustration of Live through Regis and also Kathie Lee in august 1992. “Until you endure yourself, you really don’t understand the heart pain of it.”

Although the duo was devastated, the doting mommy once gushed open minded “held me tighter 보다 he’s ever before held me before” following the ns of Kathie’s pregnancy, according to Good Housekeeping.

Youngest Daughter Cassidy is Born

Kathie Lee and also Frank couldn’t have actually been more joy after welcoming daughter Cassidy on august 2, 1993. The tot’s arrival came virtually one year adhering to Kathie Lee’s miscarriage.

Frank Is allegedly Unfaithful during Marriage to Kathie Lee

Rumors rocked Kathie Lee and also Frank’s relationship as soon as it was reported he was being unfaithful during their marriage. Return Frank refuse cheating on his wife, image circulated the him at a hotel with a married flight attendant in 1997. The actress looked back on the alleged affair during an illustration of Today.

“It’s no fun. It’s horrible. The a incredible test of her relationship,” she recalled in 2017. “It bring away a lifetime to construct that kind of friendship and history together and trust, and also it take away one stupid decision to ruin … periodically you operation out that time to develop it increase again. I was thankful that us could.”

Kathie Lee and also Frank Celebrate their Last Anniversary

In October 2014, Kathie Lee and also Frank celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary. While pan imagined the pair would be together forever, this would certainly be their last anniversary as Frank’s unfortunate fatality came much less than a year later.

Frank die at period 84

The married couple’s love story to be cut brief when Frank passed away at age 84 in august 2015. At the time, Kathie Lee mutual a heartbreaking notice on instead of of she family.

“It is v the deepest woe that we announce the suddenly passing of ours beloved husband, father and also friend, open minded Gifford,” the family’s statement read. “Frank died suddenly this beautiful Sunday morning of natural causes at his Connecticut home. We rejoice in the particularly life he to be privileged come live, and also we feeling grateful and also blessed to have been love by such an amazing human being. Us ask that our privacy be respected at this an overwhelming time and also we give thanks to you for her prayers.”

Coping through Frank’s Passing

Kathie Lee confirmed Frank will always be in she heart as she commemorated their 30th wedding anniversary in October 2016. The TV star couldn’t assist but gain emotional together she talked about her so late husband top top Today.

“I’m deeply thankful for all the years I had with the beautiful man,” she gushed. Kathie Lee also penned a frank letter about how she learned to attend to the sadness surrounding her longtime love’s death.

“We had actually Frank because that a the majority of years and we had actually him in an excellent health and also we have actually many, many memories,” she wrote. “If you keep thinking around what you lost, girlfriend will fall in despair. Concentration on what girlfriend still have and the memories and also the understanding that you will all be unified one day. Ns am no saying the easy. I am saying it’s possible.”

Finding Love after Loss

Kathie Lee revealed she’s all set to relocate on as she began dating new boyfriend Randy Cronk. The brand-new pair made their debut as a pair when they to be spotted dancing and kissing during a concert for a trip tribute band in august 2019.

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“I’ve been ready for love,” she exclusively shared v Closer at the moment “Whatever God has actually for me, ns open.”

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