American Pickers star Mike Wolfe is in the middle of getting divorced. His mam of nine years, Jodi Catherine Wolfe, supposedly filed because that divorce ago in November and cited a separation date in June the 2020. Currently rumors are swirling the the fan-favorite is date again, and the alleged brand-new woman in his life is no stranger to fact television. Her name is Leticia Cline, and also she’s appeared on a variety of shows consisting of Beauty and also the Geek.

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As renowned as American Pickers is through a certain kind the viewer, this previous week has been filled through a lot more headlines because that Mike Wolfe than usual, or in ~ least due to the fact that his figure on NCIS. First, TMZ reported that he to be separated indigenous his wife and she had actually filed because that divorce. That ran approximately the internet pretty quickly. Climate within a day or two, rumors started swirling the he’s currently with Leticia Cline, who has a laundry list of pop society credits.

Leticia Cline started her career together a teenager model and worked everywhere the world. After ~ going to university at the university Of Kentucky and also working together an accountant, she began to make continuous appearances on television. She walk a season the Beauty and also the Geek. She was a sideline reporter for TNA wrestles for about a year. She made appearances on The Howard Stern Show. She additionally modeled because that Playboy and also Maxim.

Details ~ above how exactly Mike Wolfe and also Leticia Cline an initial got together are fuzzy together neither one has spoken much on the record, yet judging by pictures on her Instagram account, the two have known each various other for awhile. The photo below, together an example, to be posted every the method back in 2018. Friend can examine out the two hanging out through artist Matt Hummel below…

According come TMZ, Wolfe and also Cline have actually been walk to some American Pickers shoot together including one in san Francisco last month and another this month. The outlet claims the relationship is “pretty serious.” “Pretty serious” deserve to mean a most things to a lot of different people; so, we’ll host off ~ above speculating on the future at this point.

Mike Wolfe and also Jodi Catherine Wolfe re-superstructure a nine-year-old daughter called Charlie. She’s apparently living with her mother. According to People, the parents submitted documentation come the court ago in March saying they had entered into a “collaborative family members law participation agreement,” which assumedly means they’re working out custody, at least temporarily, among themselves. Hopefully that soul of collaboration continues.

As because that American Pickers, the display has skilled some vary the past few seasons as co-star candid Fritz has actually stepped far to emphasis on his health. He’s dealt with Crohn’s an illness and shed a same amount that weight. Fans are hopeful to check out him earlier on the reality show in the near future, yet it’s unclear in ~ this point when that can happen. The next new episode is booked to wait on July 19th top top History, which right now has a lot of of great offerings.

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