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Frank Bank, who played the clumsy bully Clarence “Lumpy” Rutherford ~ above the popular 1957-1963 collection Leave It come Beaver, died Saturday, sooner or later after his 71st birthday, say published reports.

Beaver star Jerry Mathers, now 64, posted to his Facebook web page Saturday: “I was so sad to hear this day of the passing of mine dear friend and business associate Frank Bank, who played Lumpy on leave it to Beaver. He was a character and constantly kept us laughing. My deepest condolences come Frank’s family.”

Born in Los Angeles, Bank an initial appeared on display screen as the really young will certainly Rogers in the 1952 Warner Bros. Biopic The will Rogers Story, and also then controlled to deliver other TV duties at the exact same time he was appearing on Leave It to Beaver.

Once the tenderness sitcom about childhood was canceled, financial institution continued to make sporadic TV appearances, consisting of those ~ above The Hollywood Squares, Family Feud and also the 1983 TV movie Still The Beaver (it spawned The brand-new Leave It come Beaver series, which ran four years) – although, in 1972, that had gotten in an entirely different profession: as a stock-and-bond broker.

According come a 1998 human being profile, financial institution learned come handicap horses and also read The wall Street Journal during breaks ~ above the Beaver set, whereby he also taught self “everything there to be to know around tax-free bonds.” Within 3 years of gaining started, the said, he was earning $300,000 a year in ~ an L.A.-based company.

Among his clients to be Mathers and also Barbara Billingsley, who played Leave It to Beaver‘s matriarch, June Cleaver. As she once told “Frank is certainly brighter 보다 Lumpy Rutherford, and a very an excellent stockbroker.”

But then, the was never like Lumpy, really. In his 1997 autobiography Call Me Lumpy, he declared that, during the Beaver years, he lived a life the wine, women and song – v maybe small emphasis top top wine and song.

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“A thousand women,” bank told, despite his costars, including Eddie Haskell’s transform ego, actor Ken Osmond, discovered the insurance claim hard come swallow. “I never ever pictured Frank together being Don Juan,” stated Osmond. “But I never went ~ above a day with him.”

Someone that did, however, finished up ending up being his 2nd wife, Rebecca Bank. (Earlier, financial institution had married his high college sweetheart and also had 2 daughters.)

Rebecca told of their an initial encounter in 1981, “We met in ~ a party and fell in love.” The two, who mutual a passion for competition poker, divorce their particular spouses and immediately married, the newspaper reported in 1998.

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