The previous fourth hour co-host looks earlier on the biggest challenge she faced in she 28-year marital relationship to the late Frank Gifford.

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Five years after open minded Gifford’s death, Kathie Lee Gifford looks earlier on his infidelity and the toy fee it took — and the one it can have taken — on their family.Bruce Glikas / FilmMagic
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In the brand-new book “It"s never ever Too Late: make the following Act of her Life the best Act of her Life,” Kathie Lee Gifford mirrors on touchstone moment in she life that have actually led she to whereby she is currently — living her dreams and also discovering new ones at 67.

Of course, not every one of the moments she looks back on were an excellent ones. But she’s may be to see how also the worst the them helped shape her and her family’s lives, consisting of the publicly scandal and an individual pain the came through her late husband’s infidelity.

"It"s never Too Late," by Kathie Lee Gifford


In an interview v "ET," Kathie Lee said she “didn’t want to” revisit candid Gifford’s 1997 affair and also said they “struggled after the for a long time.”

But she couldn’t leave such a transformative occasion out of she memoir.

“He knew that i would never again be exactly the same as ns was prior to I knew the fact of what he had done,” she called "ET."

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It’s a topic she’s broached here on in the past.


“It takes a life time to build that kind of friendship and background together and also trust,” she as soon as told her former co-host Hoda Kotb. “And that takes one stupid decision to destroy it.”

“Sometimes you run out of time to construct it up again,” she called Hoda. “I was grateful that us could.”

It wasn"t basic though.

As she writes in she book, after discovering of the affair, "(Frank) wasn’t my hero anymore." It take it the native of a therapist to aid her find a means to forgive and go forward.

Kathie Lee Gifford and also Frank Gifford seen with their children, Cody and also Cassidy, in 2005.FilmMagic

"He stated words the are currently emblazoned on mine heart: "Kathie, if you can not forgive her husband, forgive your children’s father,"" she recalled. "It to be a revelatory moment. It took my eyes off of me and set them squarely on my children, who were still completely unaware of their father’s unfaithfulness. My children father was a wonderful, loving, gentle, compassionate, generous, and sweet man. He was straightforward to forgive since I knew his heart."

In her chat through "ET," Kathie Lee defined how the perspective readjusted everything because that them and also their now-adult children, Cody and Cassidy, too.

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“We remained together, we conserved our marriage, we conserved — through God"s elegant — our children," she said. "I knew my youngsters would be very, really different people if we had damaged up at the time.”


Kathie Lee Gifford wishes ‘It’s never Too Late’ will certainly inspire others to go for their dreams

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