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In a move that figures to alleviate Le"Veon Bell"s role, the brand-new York jets agreed to state Tuesday with running ago Frank Gore on a one-year contract, agent attracted Rosenhaus said"s Adam Schefter.

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Gore, who transforms 37 on may 14, is the third-leading rusher in NFL history. He will certainly be rejoined with coach Adam Gase, that coached Gore v the Miami dolphins (2018). They also were along with the 2008 san Francisco 49ers, when Gase was a low-level assistant.

Gore"s come adds another layer that intrigue to the Jets" running ago situation.

Just last week, Gase told he wanted to "lessen the load" ~ above Bell, who had 311 touches last season -- eighth many in the NFL. Gase said his hope was that among the "younger backs" would arise to develop a one-two beat in the backfield.

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Gore fixed is a young back, yet he has impressed Gase v his job-related ethic and also professionalism. "Unbelievable" was exactly how Gase defined Gore"s longevity prior to the Jets faced him critical season.

Jets quarterback Sam Darnold likewise praised Gore throughout a video conference through reporters Tuesday.

"I"ve heard from a bunch that people: He"s a man with a an excellent work ethic," Darnold said. "He"s a really an excellent leader, a really an excellent locker room guy, and obviously, the looks choose he deserve to still play. We"re thrilled to have actually him. I know Coach Gase has functioned with that before and he thinks very of him together well."

This will be Gore"s 16th season. That played critical year because that the Buffalo Bills, finishing with 599 rushing yards and also 3.6 yards per lug -- both career lows. The passed Barry Sanders ~ above the job rushing list, finishing the year v 15,347 yards, and trails just Emmitt Smith and Walter Payton.

Despite his modest numbers, Gore was a positive affect on rookie Devin Singletary, who trained through Gore in Florida prior to the season. No doubt the Jets space hoping he has the same influence on previous Florida standout La"Mical Perine, who they drafted in the 4th round.

Gore tasks as the Jets" No. 2 running back, yet his visibility will certainly raise questions about Bell, whose very first season in brand-new York to be a disappointment. The rushed for only 789 yards and averaged 3.2 every carry, the shortest in franchise history (minimum 175 carries).

Bell"s connection with Gase to be under consistent scrutiny. Gase also was criticized because that the way in i beg your pardon he provided Bell in the offense.

Bell is beginning the 2nd year that a four-year, $52.5 million contract, including a completely guaranteed $13.5 million in 2020. The counts $15.5 million toward the value cap, 2nd highest on the team to linebacker C.J. Mosley.

The jets could try to profession Bell -- there to be rumors at last fall"s attributed -- yet it will certainly be an overwhelming to move his $8.5 million basic salary. They would have to eat a considerable chunk the his value to facilitate a trade, and it would be difficult to find a suitor for a 28-year-old running earlier coming off his least productive season.

Bell"s backups last season were Bilal Powell and Ty Montgomery, both cost-free agents and not most likely to be re-signed.

A third-round pick by the 49ers in the 2005 draft, Gore has additionally played because that the Indianapolis Colts. He has been selected to five Pro Bowls and has rushed because that over 1,000 yards ripe times in his career.

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Gore has 15 career seasons with at the very least 500 sirloin yards, the many in NFL history. The three next players on that list (Smith, 14; Payton, 13; Marcus Allen 13) are all in the agree Football room of Fame.