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Listings designated v a red square are thought about to it is in authentic open minded Lloyd bright designs.



1959 - Norman Lykes House

6836 N 36th St., Phoenix, AZ


Frank Lloyd Wright"s final architectural architecture is because that sale in Phoenix. The Norman Lykes, circular Sun residence is nestled ~ above a mountain in Palm Canyon v gorgeous mountain and also city lamp views. An excellent privacy and uniqueness - this residence is not just the most significant piece of style from Wright"s career however a work-related of art. This 3 bed, 3 bath residence on end an acre that mountain, has a one office atop the home, plus a private den and a library off of the main living area. Gain the sparkling mommy of pearl crescent pool and also surrounding mountains, v privacy every around. Honed Philippine mahogany and extensive wood work-related which could not it is in replicated. A classy fireplace comparable to the Guggenheim Museum - among a kind and also you have the right to own the today. Call Deanna Peters 480.250.5675

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1955 - wilhelm Thaxton residence

Houston, Texas


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2003 - Acorn House

6514 Hillside college Road, feather Green, Wisconsin

The home, design by Taliesin associated Architect Stephen Nemtin for mary Lloyd-Jones, was developed near feather Green, Wisconsin in 2003. Three pods space attached in ~ the corners of a triangular life room. Over there is a huge limestone fireplace in one corner of the life room and also there are huge sliding glass doors top top all 3 sides opening onto 3 decks.

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The house has one bedroom, 1 ½ baths and needs part work. The land is not for sale; buyer would have to move the home to their own lot.

$200,000 or ideal Offer

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