nine nature designed by legend american architect frank lloyd light are right now for revenue in the US.

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the dwellings vary in built date, covering from 1900 come 1955, and in price, v the greatest asking price collection at $9,999,999 because that the david and also gladys light house in phoenix, and the lowest collection at only $175,000, for the foster house in chicago. The nature embody various periods through wright’s architectural career, from distinctive prairie-style designs, such together that the the henderson house, to distinct forms native his later on years, such together the david and gladys wright house, whose architecture was based on the circular spiral arrangement of the guggenheim museum in brand-new york.

david and also gladys light house and guest house

all photos via candid lloyd wright structure conservancy unless proclaimed otherwise

header picture (also this image) via russ lyon sotheby’s worldwide realty

located in the arcadia ar of phoenix, the david and gladys wright house and also guest house was completed 1952, and also is among three spiral designs realized by candid lloyd wright. the concrete block residence is the just residence by wright that is based on the circular spiral setup of the guggenheim museum in new york, whose building followed that by 6 years. Priced in ~ $9,999,999, the offer has reproductions that the signature ‘march balloons’ carpet draft by wright for the life room, and a dining table and chairs.

coonley playhouse

a much earlier design, the coonley playhouse (asking price $650,000) in riverside, illinois, was constructed in 1912, as soon as it was converted from little private institution to a comfortable single-family home. the home embodies the usonian concept, coined by light to explain his architectural vision the the united states, with boldly cantilevering roofs, which space punctuated by rectangular openings that enable sunlight come play throughout its walls. Also in riverside, the coonley stable, which was designed in 1907, is available at $995,000 questioning price. This frank lloyd light coach house sits in ~ a exclusive walled garden, through its very own lily pond, when it features generous room sizes, main air/heated floors, original prairie details & beautiful art glass windows, v views indigenous every room.

coonley stable

a distinctive prairie-style residence in the heart of elmhurst’s historical district, thehenderson residence was design by light in 1901. priced at $850,000, the home is ~ above the national register of historic places. The features substantial formal rooms consists of a lengthy gallery/foyer, a library with built-ins, a living room with an open hearth, arched roman inn brick fireplace and a formal dining room through built-ins. The rooms room complemented through ribbons of original stained-glass windows.

henderson house

designed in 1949, 10 years prior to frank lloyd bright passed away, however not built until 1951, the neils residence in minneapolis is also part of the national historical register. the property, whose asking price is collection at $2,750,000, combines a mix of rock and wood, floor-to-ceiling windows and also sun-drenched spaces positioned on a private fifty percent acre. An earlier design, the kier home was conceived in 1914 and also features original characteristics, such as stained glass windows, the use of hardwood together a style element, a stately brick fireplace, and also a classic porte cochere bring about the 2+-car attached garage. Located in glencoe, illinois, the $724,000 residence is one of five frank lloyd wright properties on the street.

neils house

the copeland house house was designed in 1909 atop a slight increase on one acre of land in oak park, the an extremely heart of the open minded lloyd wright historical district. v an questioning price that $1,167,500, the building features usual wright characteristics, such as the expansive veranda, the strong horizontal banding throughout the very first floor, and the rooms that flow seamlessly from one come the other. foster house, the earliest design currently available, was conceived in 1900. Situated in chicago, the home boasts ample exterior spaces, expansive life areas and a fireplace, when it’s priced at just $175,000.

kier house

last, the thaxton home was draft in 1953 and built in 1955 in houston, while existing asking price is at $2,850,000.

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this usonian-era home screens wright’s technique to building focus on natural surroundings, generosity overhangs and cantilevered carport. The mid-century property contains a 1995 enhancement by kirksey architecture featuring contemporary, sun filled interiors, large family room, inviting central courtyard and also pool.