It"s a sad day, HGTV fans. Flip or Flop stars Christina El Moussa and Tarek El Moussa revealed the their contractor and longtime friend Frank müller passed away on Nov. 17, after shedding his long fight with cancer.

"Good bye mine dear girlfriend Frank," Tarek created in an emotionally letter to his lost pal on Instagram. "I have constantly looked up to you and have respect you as a brother. You have actually touched not just myself and my family but thousands and also thousands about the world. Friend have influenced so countless lives with the fight inside her heart and also soul. I"ve never ever met anyone choose you nor will certainly I ever. I just love you love you love you much more than friend know! i will never ever forget you and also I expect to sooner or later be as strong as you. Now…don"t slack!!!! i assume girlfriend are currently working ~ above remodeling heaven!!!!:):). Miss out on you buddy!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️"

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Frank due to the fact that the day i met girlfriend I had the utmost respect for you. Hardworking and REAL. Constantly a pleasure to be around and always made me laugh. You dealt with your hardest!! You are so admired and also respected by every who recognize you. God has a special ar for girlfriend in Heaven. Love you and also miss you❤️ #RIP

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Christina to be equally take it up, writing "Frank since the day ns met friend I had actually the utmost respect for you. Hardworking and REAL. Always a satisfied to be around and always made me laugh. You dealt with your hardest!! You room so admired and respected by all who recognize you. God has a special place for girlfriend in Heaven. Love you and also miss you❤️ #RIP."

Just two weeks before Frank"s death, Tarek took to Instagram to beg fans for prayers ~ a variety of treatments failed to avoid his neck cancer from spreading anywhere his body, and finally to his brain.

This is a lengthy update but critical one. The treatments fighting many cancers caused his face and also body come swell 10 time the dimension it should be.❤️❤️❤️ . Frank really requirements our prayers now more than ever. He remained in immunotherapy because that the previous 5 months and also it to be the just treatment that quit his cancer native spreading. That did so much prior therapy from chemo to radiation to chemo and also radiation in ~ the same time and the cancer was so aggressive the it retained spreading. The immunotherapy to be the final treatment the his oncologist might offer through his health and miraculously the cancer quit spreading. The was up until 2 weeks back he got another pet scan to view if the cancer to be still in ~ a halt and also unfortunately the wasn’t the case. The cancer began spreading again and also is functioning its way to his brain. Right now the physicians don’t have any type of other choices so he got to out come the Lazarus foundation who has actually helped the previously around a new clinical trial lock are providing throat cancer patience. Luckily, they have accepted Frank into this trial and is now waiting to start treatment v them. Open minded was claimed to begin the trial this week up till the event that emerged on Monday Oct 23. Frank got such a negative infection in his lung it which led to a serious pneumonia the his body entered shock and also he to be incoherent and fell turn off his bed leading to him come fracture his head in 2 places. He to be rushed come the hospital at UCI where he was in the cardiac treatment unit and put top top antibiotics and also is right now in secure condition. Frank will remain in the hospital a pair more days to fight off the pneumonia therefore he can be healthy enough to start the clinical trial that Lazarex foundtation has actually offered. Frank stated that “Dying is no an option” and also he sure means it. That is a fighter and so lot of his strength comes from his family, friends and supporters. Please keep him in her thoughts and also prayers.

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Frank was a far guest top top The Doctors one month prior to passing away. At the time he said "every day is a good day, just some are a lot better than others." He also admitted the the love and also support native friends and fans "kept the going." anyone from the Flip or Flop household presented him through a touching video clip about just how much castle love him. Candid will absolutely be missed.

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