Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra were two of the most influential celebrities of your time. Decades later, they space still pertained to as Hollywood legends. And also because of their fame and also status that only herbal to assume the the 2 dated at part point.

To the surprised of few, Monroe and also Sinatra were romantically connected for a quick period. However sadly, regardless of Sinatra’s adoration for Monroe, he to be banned from her funeral. Keep analysis to find out why.

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Marilyn Monroe in a strapless dress and a hairstyle favored in the mid 1950s | Bettmann/ Contributor via Getty Images

Marilyn Monroe and also Frank Sinatra were in an open up relationship

According come the autobiography titled Marilyn Monroe: The exclusive Life of a publicly Icon, Monroe and also Sinatra to be in one “open romance.” Sinatra to be a known-womanizer, if Monroe no opposed to widening her horizons in the date pool. And also because that this, they chose to be romantically connected while proceeding to see various other people.

Portrait of starlet Marilyn Monroe | Ed Clark/The LIFE snapshot Collection via Getty Images

In his autobiography, writer Charles Casillo claims that their connection would finest be defined today as a “friends with benefits” arrangement. 

But in spite of the casual nature of your romance, Sinatra had actually fallen in love with Monroe.

“Like plenty of men, frank Sinatra dropped under she spell. He treated her like he had actually never treated any kind of other woman,” Casillo revealed come a podcast via us Weekly. “He was an extremely protective of her.” 

And follow to the podcast, that asked the blonde bombshell to marry him numerous times, come which she politely declined.

Frank Sinatra was banned from Marilyn Monroe’s funeral because of Joe DiMaggio

Marilyn Monroe and 2nd husband major League Baseball facility fielder Joe DiMaggio | Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images

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Monroe was once married to the former baseball champion for the brand-new York Yankees, Joe DiMaggio. Their unstable romance ultimately led to your divorce, but DiMaggio never stopped love Monroe. Until the job he died, he would certainly send roses to his ex-wife’s dig every solitary week, together she had actually once requested (according to The new York Post.) 

He was so in love v Monroe the he was heartbroken to discover she had started up a new romance with the well known singer, Sinatra. (Sinatra and also DiMaggio to be close friend in the past.)

Feeling so betrayed through the crooner, DiMaggio prohibition Sinatra indigenous attending Monroe’s funeral (as report by The new York Times.) 

Frank Sinatra’s lawyer warned him versus marrying Marilyn Monroe for a tragic reason

Marilyn Monroe crying | Bettmann / Contributor

According to united state Weekly, Sinatra’s lawyer refused to let the singer marry Monroe. The thinking behind the is rather devastating. 

“He actually saw his lawyer and said, ‘I think i am going to marry Marilyn,’ and also his lawyer speak him the end of it,” said Casillo. “The lawyer said, ‘Don’t marry her.

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She’s going to commit suicide, and if she death herself throughout the time the she is frank Sinatra’s wife, you will certainly go under in history as the male responsible because that Marilyn Monroe’s death.’”

How to obtain help:In the U.S., speak to theNational Suicide prevention Lifelineat 1-800-273-8255. Or text home to 741-741 to connect with a trained dilemm counselor at the freeCrisis text Line.