Back in the 1970s, the “Tonight show Starring Johnny Carson” would have actually stars top top it. Imagine candid Sinatra and also Don Rickles ~ above together.

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It occurred one night in 1976. Sinatra, who appears in one open-collar shirt and suit, is having a conversation with Carson. It’s a little back-and-forth v Johnny Carson asking who Sinatra listens to once he wants to feel in a romantic mood.

Sinatra, jokingly, mentions some singers and musicians. Well, around that time, the audience start cheering and the camera cut to Rickles walking out.

Rickles earlier On ‘Tonight show Starring Johnny Carson’

Carson looks over together Rickles walks through the multi-colored curtain. The seems choose Carson and Sinatra are surprised by the comedian’s visit. Walk-ons favor Rickles’ ~ above the “Tonight display Starring Johnny Carson” were commonplace, particularly for Rickles.

Anyway, Rickles go over, walks past Carson, climate looks at Sinatra and falls under on his knees. Once back up, Rickles additionally shakes hands v Carson and also longtime Carson announcer Ed McMahon. Then the funny ensues.

Rickles sits down, looks best at Sinatra, and also Sinatra asks Carson come excuse them. Rickles starts the end by informing Sinatra about some made-up meeting with hitmen.

Rickles tosses in a bit about having a man taken out by 2 bullets come the head. Sinatra is laughing through every one of this together is the “Tonight Show” audience.

Don Rickles Proves His Undying Love because that Sinatra

Once this is done, then Rickles declares his undying love because that Sinatra. He it s okay up and plants one kiss ~ above Sinatra’s lips. Rickles decides one time isn’t enough, for this reason he does the again. This time, Sinatra pushes Rickles away and also just laughs in ~ the totality scene.

Sinatra, through this time, decides to share a story around Rickles v Carson and the audience. It had actually to perform with Rickles asking Sinatra to do him a donate while Rickles was dining v a woman. This story put Rickles in his place.

The clip might feel a little dated when watching it. Rickles and also Sinatra, in actual life, were really close friends. They respected one another and knew one another and their families for decades.

Sadly, all who show up in this clip have actually died. Rickles died in 2017, Sinatra passed away in 1998, Carson passed away in 2005, and also McMahon died in 2009. Rickles’ widow Barbara passed away on Sunday, the day that would have been your 56th wedding anniversary, in ~ 84 years old.

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Enjoy this very funny turn-back-the-clock clip indigenous the “Tonight show Starring Johnny Carson” top top Nov. 12, 1976. can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: frank Sinatra is Surprised by Don Rickles ~ above Johnny Carson’s Show, Funniest minute (