One that Sinatra’s most renowned songs, “My Way” is taken into consideration an every time classic. The holds the document for the most time spent in the UK top 40 singles chart at a enormous 75… read More 
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And now, the finish is nearAnd so I confront the final curtainMy friend, I'll speak it clearI'll state my case, of i beg your pardon I'm certainI've lived a life that's fullI travel each and also every highwayAnd more, much an ext than thisI did it my wayRegrets, I've had actually a fewBut climate again, too few to mentionI walk what I had actually to doAnd observed it through without exemptionI planned each charted courseEach cautious step along the bywayAnd more, much more than thisI did it mine wayYes, there to be times, I'm sure you knewWhen I bit off an ext than I can chewBut with it all, as soon as there was doubtI ate that up and spit the outI confronted it all, and I stand tallAnd walk it my way
I've loved, I've laughed and criedI've had actually my fill, my share the losingAnd now, together tears subsideI discover it all so amusingTo think ns did all thatAnd might I say, no in a embarrassy wayOh, no, oh, no, no meI did it my wayFor what is a man, what has he got?If not himself, climate he has actually naughtTo say the things he truly feelsAnd no the words of one who kneelsThe document shows i took the blowsAnd did it mine wayYes, it to be my way
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One the Sinatra’s most popular songs, “My Way” is thought about an every time classic. The holds the record for the many time spent in the UK optimal 40 singles chart at a enormous 75 weeks and also was likewise successful in the US, peaking at #27 in may 1969, and also Belgium where it reached #19.

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It has actually been spanned by everyone from Elvis Presley to The Sex Pistols.


Despite the success, follow to his daughter Tina, Sinatra hated the song:

He constantly thought that track was self-serving and self-indulgent. That didn’t prefer it. That track stuck and also he couldn’t get it turn off his shoe.

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Written by Paul Anka specifically for open minded Sinatra, it offers the chords of “Comme d"habitude” by French singer Claude François. Anka purchase the rights for this tune for just one dollar. Anka explained the emotional minute he heard Frank’s recording​:

“I flew out to Vegas where he to be at Caesars. I played it come him. I knew the by the reaction he gave me he to be going to execute it. Ns in new York two months later. The call rings, Mr. Sinatra ~ above the phone. He says, ‘Kid! listen to this.’ took the phone, placed it as much as the speaker. Ns heard ‘My Way’ for the very first time and I began crying.