This originated as the French song called "Comme D"Habitude" (translation: "As Usual"), written by the composers Jacques Revaux and also Gilles Thibault. They took it come the French pop star Claude Francois, that tweaked it a bit (earning a co-writer credit) and also recorded the song in 1967, wherein it was a struggle in parts of Europe. The French version tells the story the a man, living out the finish of his marriage, love killed by the boredom of everyday life.

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Paul Anka discovered this song while visiting France and re-wrote the lyrics as "My Way" when he went back to new York. Anka states it to be 3 a.m. Top top a rainy night once the words pertained to him. Anka, that was a an extremely popular singer, pitched the song to open minded Sinatra, who recorded it ~ above December 30, 1968. Anka"s lyrics changed the definition to be around a guy looking back fondly ~ above a life he lived on his own terms, and Sinatra"s version became one of his signature songs.
This ended up being Frank Sinatra"s signature song, but he couldn"t was standing it, speak he "loathed" the song. In his later years, he described the track as "a Paul Anka pop hit which ended up being a type of nationwide anthem." In a 2000 interview with the BBC present Hardtalk, Sinatra"s daughter Tina said, "He always thought that tune was self-serving and also self-indulgent. The didn"t favor it. That tune stuck and he couldn"t obtain it off his shoe."
A track of individuality and aspiration, there is a clinical explanation because that why it has triggered together a solid emotional reaction in spite of the rather pedestrian lyrics and also silly rhymes (losing/amusing, curtain/certain). The song starts through a rising sixth progression, which suggests striving. It builds in intensity and powers to a big finish, i m sorry Sinatra can really offer with his declaration, "I walk it my way."
Sinatra probably did not have in mental the red velvet drapes the a crematorium as soon as he sang around facing his final curtain. However, in 2005 a inspection by Co-Operative Funeralcare put this song at the peak of songs many requested in ~ funerals in the UK. Spokesman Phil Edwards said: "It has actually that timeless very nice – the words amount up what for this reason many civilization feel around their lives and also how lock would favor their love ones come remember them."
Toward the end of his career, Elvis included this to his concert repertoire. ~ his fatality in 1977, a live version was released together a single, going to #22 in the US and also #9 in the UK.
This is a very popular Karaoke song, but one you should probably avoid in The Philippines. As detailed in a February 6, 2010 post in the brand-new York Times, plenty of violent incidents have actually taken place following Karaoke performances that "My Way." Karaoke is very popular in that country, and there is a details etiquette which often tends to breakdown when patrons choose this song, sometimes resulting in fights that deserve to escalate quickly. The bravado of the song may have actually something to do with it, however whatever the cause, many Filipinos will protect against the song, and also many bars don"t market it on their playlists.
According come Paul Anka, he created the English variation of this track after having dinner v Frank Sinatra, that told his dinner companions that he to be quitting the service (Anka to be playing many of the same nightclubs, i m sorry is how he ended up in Sinatra"s circle). In an initiative to compose Sinatra a hit, he composed this tune specifically because that Frank, composing a lyric v lines fill with points he figured the singer would certainly say, play up his challenging guy image with phrases favor "I ate that up and spit it out" and "I"ll state mine case, of i beg your pardon I"m certain."
The tune was a favourite of former Serbian chairman Slobodan Milosevic. He frequently played the in his cabinet at a according to volume during his trial because that crimes against humanity in 2002.
Before Paul Anka composed the English lyrics, a young David Bowie take it a shooting at creating them however couldn"t come up with anything he to be happy with.
"My Way" is licensed sparingly, particularly the Sinatra version. That was provided in the 2006 illustration of The Sopranos title "Moe n" Joe," and also in a 2014 illustration of foolish Men referred to as "The Strategy." The Mad males episode bring away place roughly the time the tune was released and plays a specific role in the plot, v Don Draper hear the song, i m sorry is play on the radio, together some type of sign to Peggy Olsen.The Sex Pistols version has actually been offered in part high-profile productions together well: it was offered in illustration of The Simpsons (2010) and also Californication (2014), and also in the movie Goodfellas (1990).
Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder asked for "My Way" because that his last send-off (Zapfenstreich in German) prior to the inauguration of Angela Merkel. An ext than 7 million tv viewers watched tears fine up in his eyes as a military band saw him off v a version of this song.
Paul Anka recorded a version of this quickly after Sinatra"s release. He also recorded it as a duet four different times - through Gabriel Byrne because that the movie mad Dog Time (1996), with Julio Iglesias together the Spanish rendition "a Mi Manera" (1998), v Jon Bon Jovi (2007), and with the Canadian singer Garou (2013).
Because this song is for this reason strongly connected with Sinatra, many people assume the singer composed it. In a interview, open minded Sinatra enterprise Vice president Charles Pignone chalks this approximately his artistry. "A most people, because Frank was so convincing in what that sang, believed he had his hand in writing a the majority of these songs," he says.On Sinatra"s distaste for the song, Pigone adds: "I don"t think that hated the as much as he disliked it - i don"t think the hated any of this songs. I just think he most likely may have gotten worn down of human being yelling for it and also singing the it. It"s a pan favorite, however I wouldn"t to speak it to be a Sinatra favorite."
Lou Levy took over together pianist for this song once Sinatra continuous Bill Miller cut his hand top top a shard the glass. Müller did, however, command the orchestra for the recording.

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Donald Trump"s an initial dance together president the the United claims was come this song. Top top January 20, 2017, the night that his inauguration, the danced come it v his mam Melania in ~ the Liberty ball, his 2nd of the evening. Trump card was never seen dance on the campaign trail, with good reason: the is an extremely awkward ~ above the run floor. In spite of sticking to a simple side-to-side shuffle, that still managed to look pained, as did Melania. Midway with the dance, he referred to as his vice president, Mike Pence, to join him v his wife, Karen. In ~ this point, trumped did much more waving and also gesturing 보다 dancing.Two days earlier, Nancy Sinatra was asked top top Twitter what she assumed of Trump using the song. She reply: "Just mental the an initial line that the song."That an initial line is: "And now, the end is near, and so I challenge the last curtain."
The 50th anniversary version of my Way
has four extr versions that the location tune, consisting of Sinatra"s duets v Willie Nelson and also Luciano Pavarotti, as well as live takes from his concerts at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles (1971) and the Reunion Arena in Dallas (1987).