In addition to those gathering in Washington, D.C., because that Prayer in march 2020 v Franklin Graham, Christians around the world are committing come pray on September 26.

If we ever before needed prayer, it’s now.

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That’s how many Christians space feeling at this suggest in an out-of-control year. So when Franklin Graham announced a Prayer March v Washington, D.C., american weren’t the only ones come respond. Loyalty all around the human being are committing to cry out to God top top September 26.

A few told us why this spiritual discipline is necessary to them. Reap their answers below, and also grab a civilization map to view the various nations where prayers will certainly be lifted ~ above Saturday.

Beulah Radhakrishnan watches Billy Graham sermons ~ above YouTube for impetus to spread the an excellent News. She will pray from Singapore top top September 26.


“Prayer is a ‘lifeline’ that gives us direct access to talk and pour our hearts come our lord Jesus Christ. … I came to be a praying person from 1989 to today, 2020. I am constantly praying. Whenever ns pray I recognize that ns am talking to God and also Jesus my mr is hearing me.”—Beulah Radhakrishnan


“I pray come say to God at any time and at every moment, ‘Thank you because that the breath of life.’ … Prayer is important because it bring me closer come God.” —Josué Amisi Kimwanga


“I pray because I believe that the is a way to talk to God. Prayer is important because you can connect with God.” —Hannah Tewoldemedhin

Siwa Benjamin has actually regularly prayed for Franklin Graham because 2018, and also he’ll sign up with the evangelist in prayer from Uganda top top Saturday.

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“Prayer is an plot of worship. Prayer is relying on God no yourselves. … Prayer is a divine courtroom for Christians wherein we present our petitions, pleas, supplication and also pardon. Prayer is a breath that we cannot do without.” —Siwa Benjamin


“Every Christian is incomplete there is no a prayer life. In other words, prayer is oxygen in a believer’s life. Prayer is necessary for a believer since it offers us power to live the Christian life. We should pray continually, in steadfastness and also in earnestness unto God for our spiritual growth and for God to manifest His will in ours lives.” —Dennis Varghese


“We store praying for your team. God provides strength and comfort, COVID-19 has actually hindered our plans. … Prayer can change a situation.” —Djuwardi Tarjono

Mazuii Das is praying native England, wherein she stays with she husband and two children.

United Kingdom

“I pray due to the fact that I am grateful for His mercy and also grace, and mostly to be Christlike. I know I might not perform it without the aid of the divine Spirit. My meat is weak, yet my God is able. So I require Him to help me.” —Mazuii Das

Florida (United States)

“I pray because the holy bible says to, and also I believe the Bible. … ns can lug everything to God through prayer.” —Benjamin


“Without praying, the entirety body and also soul is empty.” —Lorperemmy