A fraternal stimulate of and also for retirees that the US. Border Patrol and also other retired personnel that the former Immigration and also Naturalization organization now well-known as the room of landscape Security.

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Dedicated come the preservation of the friendships and also loyalties the those wonderful early years that us all remember for this reason well.

Dear fellow FORBPO Members,

Thank you all for your continued support of ours Border Patrol Museum and Memorial Library Foundation. Every one of you are the catalysts that allow us to proceed to do progress and also keep The Museum open up as the preserves the proud background and legacy of The Border Patrol.

We now have an incredible opportunity to complete crucial project the we have only hoped for years would be possible.

As a result of her generosity v FORBPO, we have actually been able to take essential steps to prepare a new display place for ours 36 foot “fast boat”. Us then had the cement floor poured in that enclosed location, and once we room able to add the roof, electricity and also air conditioning, this 1100 square feet have the right to be provided to broaden our Museum screen area and enlarge the Library study Facility. With your help, we can ultimately install our state that the art flight simulator donated by previous Border Patrol cook Pilot Ed Kennedy. This flight simulator paris 27 various aircraft! when installed, our score is to make use of the “Flight Wing” together a source of financial support for the Museum by giving services to state and local paris organizations. That will likewise be invaluable in liaison and educational tasks with Border Patrol Explorers and our energetic duty Border Patrol colleagues.

Our goal and mission with tasks such together this is come evolve the Museum into a an ext financially live independence organization, however as friend all space aware, that will take time. One of the most essential sources of assistance for the Museum every year is the merged Federal Campaign, and it is currently also easily accessible to commonwealth retirees. With the freshly launched linked Federal Campaign enhanced Online Donation System, it has never been simpler to do just that.

There to be times in the past once the process could be a challenge, but improvements to be made, and YES, us did the this time! You can go to www.opm.gov/showsomelovecfc and also sign up quickly and also easily. And, if for some reason you have actually trouble there are people standing by in ~ 1-800-797-0098 that actually answer the phone to help.

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Thank every one of you because that taking some time to take into consideration starting, or re-starting, your tax-deductible CFC donation to our Border Patrol Museum and also Memorial Library Foundation. All you should sign up are an e-mail address and the Museum CFC charity number, i beg your pardon is #16083.


P.S. – Please think about contributing a few dollars or as much as you deserve to to keep us moving in the ideal direction. Then once you come to the Museum gain with one Instructor Pilot and also take your very first lesson!