There are numerous career routes that we tend to combine with former fashion models: beauty, residence or apparel design, acting, philanthropy. But Frederique van der Wal—a Dutch design who, in the late ‘80s and ‘90s, graced the consist of of Vogue and also Cosmopolitan and starred in projects for Revlon and also Victoria’s Secret—has preferred to walk in a much sweeter smelling direction: The floral industry.

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“Being born in Holland, the seed to be planted best there and also then,” she explains, no pun intended. “Everything in Holland is really flower-centric, where you look—in houses, flower beds, everywhere—so it’s always been one intricate component of my upbringing.” but van der Wal really captured the flower an insect back in 2005, after her home country of Holland chose to respect her with a namesake lily.

Three year later, she launched Frederique’s Choice—a way of living e-commerce brand supplying handcrafted, locally sourced floral bouquets and arrangements across Europe. And also now, Frederique’s an option is acquisition on the U.S. Industry for the an initial time, beginning with the east Coast.


Frederique’s an option Horoscope bouquets, optimal left-right: Aquarius, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo.

“We understand that some world are much more attracted to particular colors 보다 others, and a few years ago, I check out that even flowers to the right with specific signs,” van der Wal says. She walk on to produce twelve unique arrangements, each supposed to represent and also appeal come the different signs. My Taurus bouquet was bursting through white Madonna lilies, calla lilies, and roses. “Certain indicators are straightforward to design, and also others, ns still fighting over,” she says. The design was most tested in producing the Scorpio bouquet, as result of its inherent moodiness. “Scorpio, together a sign, is lot stronger and also darker, for this reason you need to have actually a little bit of an interval to lift the up.”

In the future, she hopes to collaborate with an astrologist and also offer horoscopes along with the flowers. And also down the road, she’d love for Frederique’s choice to offer plant bulbs, candles, and modern-day housewares. However in the meantime, she’ll be showing up on an upcoming reality show with A&E top top the FYI channel, home Grown Makeover, i beg your pardon sees brand-new York apartments getting green re-dos.

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“The post I favor is the flowers must be part of our life everyday,” van der Wal says, sincerely. “They have actually an result on you, they do you lot happier; it’s healthy. They’ve done research on how necessary it is for us to live through nature, and flowers are most likely the easiest and most affordable method to lug that right into your home. Girlfriend can’t bring in a whole garden!”

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