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SeaWorld Parks Offer complimentary Admission because that U.S. Military Members, Veterans and also Their households for Safe, Memorable Fun

Starting today, parks in Orlando, san Antonio, and also San Diego will provide complimentary admission to America"s heroes with enhanced health and also safety actions in place

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ORLANDO, Fla., April 27, 2021 / -- starting today through June 27, SeaWorld Parks & to chat is offering complimentary admission for U.S. Armed forces veterans and also their households to its SeaWorld Orlando, SeaWorld mountain Antonio, and also SeaWorld mountain Diego parks. Due to the fact that its launch in 2005, an ext than 10 million guests - active-duty military members, veterans, and also their family members - have took pleasure in the company"s parks for free through the waves of respect program. Park Ambassadors are honored come welcome America"s heroes to reap thrilling attractions and also amazing animal exhibits with detailed health and also safety steps in place, including limited capacity, physical distancing, amplified cleaning and also sanitization, temperature checks, and face extending requirements.

U.S. Military veterans and also retirees have to register their complimentary single-day ticket(s) because that themselves and up to three dependents virtual at before May 16. After ~ registering, all tickets have to be redeemed through June 27. Together an added thank you, veterans and active military service members can also purchase as much as six additional tickets in ~ 50% off. Business members and their straight dependents must have actually a valid active military ID come participate. This sell is part of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment"s longstanding waves of honor program, i m sorry salutes active-duty armed forces members, veterans, and also their family members by offering special pricing and also promotions transparent the year.

"Following a complicated year, it"s a true privilege to respect the brave men and also women who serve and sacrifice so lot for our country," claimed Marc Swanson, interim chief executive, management officer of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment. "We are honored to proceed this longstanding legacy as a small gesture that the deep gratitude we owe every those who serve and offer their families the possibility to make unforgettable memories."

Waves the Honor in addition provides any type of U.S. Active-duty military, caused or drilling reservist, or nationwide Guardsman one complimentary admission for themselves and also up to three dependents every year come SeaWorld. Additional discounts and also offers are available for active military and veterans through MWR and ITT workplaces on U.S. Armed forces bases and online at These supplies are accessible year-round and also may different by park.

Health & SafetySeaWorld Parks & entertainment is committed to the health and also safety the its guests, employees, and also the animals in that care. The parks have operated diligently v state and also local health officials, outside consultants and also attraction market leaders to boost its already strict health, safety, and cleanliness standards. These protocols and also guidelines will certainly be modified based on evolving sector standards and also methodologies, public health, and governmental directives, and also advancing scientific knowledge on the transmissibility of COVID-19. The firm is excited to continue to administer guests with fun, inspiring, and memorable experiences, when addressing vital health and safety needs throughout this time. For in-depth information about the procedures that guests can expect when visiting the parks, including an essential operational changes, visit

SeaWorld Parks & entertainment is a wholly owned subsidiary that SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: SEAS), a publicly traded company. Visit for more.