The adhering to information to be from 2009What will certainly you celebrate? Walt Disney World and Disneyland in California is featuring "Celebration Vacations". A highlight of this celebration event is a free ticket come a layout park on her Birthday.

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Some that the tasks planned are:

"Celebrate! A Dream Come True Parade" - 3:00 parade.Magic Kingdom Parade in ~ Walt Disney World. Parade path starts at city Square and also continues through Frontierland.

Magic Kingdom "Move It! shake it! storage It!" - The path of this parade is similar to the discontinued household Fun work parade, i m sorry starts at town Square and also moves down main Street. Similar to the Block Party Bash, this will take place multiple times a day and will involve guest joining (12-15 guests). This parade will certainly include modern-day songs (Breakout by Miley Cyrus), stilt walkers, floats, Disney characters, and also much more.


Different Costumes for Characters - all of the Disney characters have a solemn event costume..Goofy together a Jester.

Illuminations celebration Addition - Illumintations "Refelctions that Earth" at Epcot has actually a solemn event overlay added to it.

Street Parties: The speak to to “Celebrate Today!” together "the happiest party top top Earth" begins with music and dancing.

Tomorrowland Party: Stitch and a DJ invite guest to join with the interactive run troupe and also party come to retro-futuristic music.

Park Décor: Party hats, balloons and also banners decorate the parks.

Buttons: Complimentary solemn event buttons proceed to be offered out to guests celebrating a one-of-a-kind occasion. "Just Engaged"

Special cakes and also desserts in ~ participating restaurants.


Guests visiting in 2009 deserve to add-on:

Custom Bakery Cakes and Signature Desserts: A brand-new line of celebration desserts and decorated cakes have the right to be ordered. The "My Mini Cake Surprise" is a themed, an individual size cake with a distinct surprise included. (407) WDW-DINESweetheart Dinner because that Two: Prix Fixe dinner featuring souvenir “Celebrate Today!” champagne flutes.Family Portraits: Portrait sessions v a Walt Disney people photographer.Capture the memory through a portrait session v Walt Disney civilization photographers. (407) WDW-DINEPersonalized Souvenirs: Personalized mouse ears, character T-shirts, pins and much more Decorate your Disney Guest Room: have your Disney will room decorated v banners, confetti and special surprises to celebrate a Birthday, Congratulations, or a Disney Welcome. (407) W-DISNEYMagical popular music Up Party Pack: Goodie Bag with activities and surprise pop-up centerpiece. (407) WDW-DINEStay within a Dream Theme: book a themed guest room special Pirate Themed rooms at Walt Disney World and also Princess or Mickey themed rooms in Disneyland.

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Set Sail: publication a exclusive cruise on a yacht or sign up with in a mutual magical fireworks cruise - 2009 will attribute a new night time wishes excursion. Go within the Magic: Behind-the-scenes toursDisney Story book Experiences: select from pirate adventures, tea parties, princess makeovers, etc.Disneyland Parties: “Celebration Roundup and also Barbecue at large Thunder Ranch,” featuring frontier entertainment, goodie bags and also a surprise treat for everyone. “My Disneyland date of birth Party” features cake decorating, party hats and also visits by Mickey and Minnie.


** You deserve to either pre-register because that your complimentary birthday join or to fill out creates at the gate. The following restrictions apply:

You must produce proof of your birth date and appropriate id which has a Driver"s license, State or government issued id or government issued Passport. If you space under period 18 and do not have any type of of the above, one of two people an original or notarized birth certificate must be shownThis offer uses to guests periods 3 and up and also is open up to every You can upgrade your ticket at secondary cost and it can only be used by the birthday celebrant. Choose guests who obtain the One Day/One Park ticket i m sorry is valid for 12 months may not update it.

If you have actually a multi-day ticket or are a Seasonal/Annual Passholder, you can choose from the following options:

A at some point Magic Your method Base Ticket which can be provided anytime before your following birthdayA special "Birthday FastPass" for the celebrant and also up come 5 members in his/her party - NOTE: this are minimal and may not be available after 11:00amA Birthday funny Card (see below) equal in price come a someday Magic Your method Base Ticket that can be used on your birthday for merchandise, activities and activities. (Adults get the identical of one adult ticket, kids age 3 -9 obtain the equivalent of a child"s ticket)

Birthday fun Card:

You may use the Birthday funny Card just towards the acquisition of merchandise in ~ participating was owned and also operated by the owners of the Walt Disney World and also Disneyland Resorts. The Birthday funny Card might not be used towards the payment of Walt Disney human being or Disneyland resort room/charges or a Disney Cruise line reservation or towards the purchase of any type of food and beverage items, alcohol, cigarettes, spa services and also products, or an individual services such as challenge painting, caricature drawings, hair braiding, and hair wrapping.The Birthday funny Card is not welcomed at Walt Disney human being Resort operating Participant locations, including but not minimal to, China, Japan, and Morocco pavilions at Epcot, Arribas Brothers, Basin, basin White, Cirque du Soleil, curly by Sammy Duval, Ghiradelli, residence of Blues, Hoypoloi, LEGO creative thinking Center, Magic Masters, Magnetron, Niki Bryan Spas, Orlando Harley Davidson Store, planet Hollywood, Rainforest Cafe, Richard petty Driving Experience, Rubio Balloon Arts, SD Watersports, Sosa Cigar, Starabillias, Sunglass Icon, Surrey cycle Rental, Virgin Megastore, Wyland Galleries and any other locations or kiosks that room not owned and operated by the owners of the Walt Disney human being Resort.The Birthday fun Card is additionally not embraced at Disneyland resort Operating Participant areas or any other places or kiosks that are not owned and operated by the owners of the Disneyland Resort, including yet not restricted to, Midway Games, names Unraveled, Jewel that Orleans, Silhouette Studio, Portrait Artists, Parasol Cart, Heraldry Shop, crystal Shops (Crystal art & crystal d"Orleans), heaven Pier face Painting, Airbrush Tattoos, Rubio Portrait Artist or in ~ Downtown Disney district locations other than the human being of Disney Store, Marceline"s Confectionery, and the Downtown Disney ar Pin Cart. The Birthday fun Card is additionally not accepted at Disneyland resort outdoor vending carts.No section of the Birthday funny Card balances will certainly be redeemed for cash.The terms of acceptance that the Birthday funny Card through participating Walt Disney civilization or Disneyland Resort locations may vary. Check with individual locations for Birthday funny Card routine participation details.The Birthday fun Card will certainly not be changed if lost or stolen, other than as may be required by law.A damaged Birthday funny Card will just be replaced if the original card is gift on the day the card was issued come the Guest connections Lobby in ~ Disney"s California Adventure Park or City hall at Disneyland Park.The Birthday fun Card might not be resold in any type of manner whatsoever.The Birthday fun Card might not be supplied towards the purchase of any type of Disney Dollars or gift certificates/cards.The Birthday funny Card is issued by and also represents an responsibility of Disney Gift map Services, Inc.The Birthday fun Card is no a credit transaction or debit card and also carries no warranties, to express or impliedDisney Gift card Services, Inc. Is not responsible for any type of unauthorized usage of your birthday fun card

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