Amazon gift cards are perfect for a birthday, anniversary or together a Christmas present. It’s additionally a convenient way to shop online.

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What if i told you, there space 11 an easy ways come snag a cost-free amazon gift card?

That’s right and also you don’tneed to pay anything to get these free gift cards, that are redeemable not just at Amazon, but also a couple of big-name brands, favor Walmart, Starbucks and also Target.

Amazon has become the one-stop-shop for most of us. You surname it, they’ve obtained it. Indigenous extra-low price offerings to speedy deliveries – its just perfectly practically for shoppers. This way getting a free Amazon gift card can save girlfriend money on daily essentials and aid build her savings.

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The majority of the ideas detailed below will aid you have the right to earn this Amazon gift cards through or without her participation in surveys, and without perfect offers.

But, for those of girlfriend interested in surveys to gain these cost-free gift cards, ns have detailed some that the most legit sites at the bottom that this post, with some the pay as much as $50 per survey.

These cost-free gift cards app work by letting friend complete little tasks, and also reward you for your effort. Many of the work require very tiny action at her end and also is a good way to accumulate gift cards to spend on your monthly expenses.

Let’s begin with the ideal ways come get free Amazon gift cards fast.

How come get cost-free Amazon Gift cards

1. Earn because that Scanning her Shopping Receipts


A phone app that will earn you rewards for merely scanning her shopping receipts.

Fetch price is an application that pays you come scan your receipt.

As basic as that!

No couponing, no scanning barcodes, no surveys and also no ads. As soon as you finish shopping simply scan your receipt to earn rewards in the form of e-gift cards indigenous Target, Amazon, Kohl’s, Sephora and hundreds more.

You deserve to cash out with as little as $3. Download fetch Rewards for complimentary on your phone and earn complimentary gift cards.

⇒ Swagbucks

A good way to do money on her phone by watching videos, play games and also completing high paying surveys. Join below to acquire a cost-free $5 sign up bonus.

2. Cost-free Amazon Gift card Codes (Automatically)


Honey is a free Chrome extension, the you can download to your desktop. Once downloaded, this application will immediately find and also apply coupon password to your digital shopping dare at the checkout.

The reason I love this is that it bring away the hassle out of looking for coupon codes online.

This app just provides you the codes, so you conserve money nearly instantly. They are a reliable company with end 7 million users and growing.

For every 1,000 points girlfriend earn, you gain a $10 gift card. As soon as you join you will likewise be provided a referral attach that gives you 500 points because that each person you refer. This means you can earn a complimentary $10 gift map with just 2 referrals.

I personally use the honey application for totally free Amazon coupon codes and also to knife bonus points each time i shop online.

The Honey application doesn’t just work through Amazon, it functions with almost any virtual store. I have used it for virtual grocery shopping, at health food stores and also to shop for clothes.

⇒ desire to make money on your phone?

Join over six million members and earn approximately $50 every survey with Survey Junkie.

Here is the Honey yellow points ns have collected in the past couple of months. It’s no much, yet that’s a complimentary $20 Amazon gift card that I can now spend!


The Honey application works through over 30,000 virtual shopping sites including Amazon and also is easily accessible to American, Canadian, Australian and UK members.

3. Online study Panel

Pinecone Research:

This is a reputed research site that pays you a flat rate of $3 every task, unlike some sites that only earn friend a dollar for an hour precious of surveys.

Not everyone deserve to sign up through Pinecone research as it’s easily accessible through invite-only.

You can participate in their research studies if you live in the united state or the UK. The money girlfriend earn deserve to be redeemed because that gift cards that include Amazon and a few other retailers.

> below is her invite attach to shot Pinecone Research.

Survey Junkie:

It is just one of the many robust and trusted job-related from home sites through an A+ rating top top BBB and also 5-star client reviews.

They likewise have a 4-star rating top top Trustpilot through over 11,000 reviews.

What renders Survey Junkie much more reliable? since they salary their inspection takers and the earning potential have the right to go up to$50 every surveys redeemable through Amazon gift cards or PayPal.

Unfortunately, they are only accessible for those living in the US, Australia and Canada.

> You deserve to sign up right here for a $2 bonus.

Respondent – $300

Since we room talking around online research, I believed I’d encompass the Respondent app. This is a high payment online research site whereby you assist researchers through their job-related – through answering inquiries online or feedback by a video clip call.

Earning potential have the right to go as much as $300 a study. This generally works the end to it is in $140 an hour. There are no prerequisites to begin, so anyone can apply.

They don’t salary gift cards, however they perform pay PayPal cash, but I felt the was absolutely worth discussing if you room keen on online research.

Read our full Respondent Review write-up here.

4. Drop App

If you desire to get cost-free gift cards without completing surveys or supplies this is the means to carry out it.

Drop is a complimentary app that you download and also link to her debit or credit card. And also next time you do your shopping together normal, you gain cashbask right into your financial institution account.

Step 1: link a debit/credit card

Step 2: Shop with that map – either grocery shopping or taking an Uber to earn points.

Step 3: Redeem points because that Amazon Gift cards.

The Drop application is legit and has to be featured on Forbes and other huge publications.

5. Cashback


If you reap cashback sites, here is an additional generous American/Canadian cashback website worth considering – MyPoints.

MyPoints it s okay you approximately 40% cashback on every purchase at Amazon and also 2000 other retailers. Every time you shop clues are added to your account, and also it is redeemable not simply for gift cards but additionally as cash into your PayPal account.

Join MyPoints because that a complimentary $10 Visa card as a welcome bonus.


Another cashback app that provides you cashback in between 24-48hrs.

Yes, they are an extremely fast and an extremely legit. And also the best component is you knife cash not points, for scanning and also uploading her shopping receipts – whether in-store or online. Inspect out my full Ibotta testimonial here.

6. Knife for your opinion

Harris poll is just one of the oldest and well-known establishments around.

You do money answering inquiries that assist the decision-makers in government, corporations and other non-profit organizations based on your answers.

You gain paid gift cards that room redeemable in ~ Amazon, iTunes, and Starbucks.

> It’s cost-free to sign up below if you live in the United claims andhere if you room in Canada.

7. Obtain paidto check out emails

Inbox dollars is a website that pays you for analysis emails, surfing the web, or making purchases online.

This is a BBB accredited organization with one A+ rating. They get paid by brands because that taking consumer opinions, so as soon as you voice youropinion, you obtain paid. Approximately $57 million in rewards have actually been paid so far.

> You have the right to earn yourfirst $5 simply for signing increase here.

Tip: The variety of paid emails you obtain increases v your active participation (up to3 emails a day). So as soon as you sign up, remember to examine your inbox because that the confirmations email and also start obtaining paid.

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8. Knife to watch Videos

If you have heard around Swagbucks and also not certain if it’s one precious trying, allow me display you one easy way to do money native it.

But first, what is Swagbucks?


It’s a website that pays girlfriend cash right into your Paypal account or Amazon gift cards, because that completing simple tasks favor watching a video. Yes, girlfriend get paid to watch cooking shows!

Another easy method is come browse the internet using their search bar.So say you desire to find for a coco cake recipe. You would generally go to Yahoo or Google and form in – coco cake recipe.

But if you have actually Swagbucks, instead of utilizing Yahoo, get in Swagbucks and click ~ above their find bar to search for the cacao cake recipe and earn points. How easy was that?

See just how I offered their search bar on the Swagbucks website to search for a cacao chip cookie recipe? below I have earned 20 SB (points) because that one straightforward web search. And also if i scroll further below you can see net search results for the cookie recipe.

> You have the right to sign up to Swagbucks fora cost-free $5 bonus here>>

Once girlfriend have gathered your points, you have the right to go come the rewards section to claim your cost-free $5 Amazon gift card at the least. The more points girlfriend get, this can also get girlfriend a free $100 Amazon gift card.


9. Download apps and also earn $50

WithEarnablyyou have the right to install apps or sign up for services and earn. Your rewards can be redeemed v Amazon gift cards, or cash out with Paypal or Bitcoin.

Neilsen is another free app which friend download top top your computer or mobile to knife $50.

All the is required is the you install the app and keep it to run for the 30 work to earn your first $5 credit. And also if you have actually it because that a year, you earn $50 because that each an equipment it’s installed.

> Neilsen panel is obtainable if friend live in the US. Download the application now to acquire rewarded.

10. Free Amazon Gift Cards by completing Surveys

If you are looking for an ext ways come earn rapid cash or gift cards, you can want to sign up to these high paying inspection website the will help you earn up to $50 per survey.

MindsPay– $50

Vindale Research–$50

Panda Research– $75

Cashback Research-$60

Here space some other reliable ones that will boost your opportunities of earning more.

Global test industry – authorize up hereand earn up to $5 every survey.

Pinecone research study – knife prepaid digital visa cards when you join here.

11. Take it a photo

When you walk in front of a store and see the task vacancy board, take a photo of it and earn points come an Amazon gift card.

You have the right to do this with job Spotter a mobile app that is totally free to download for both Apple and Android users.

Once girlfriend download the app, click and send picture of the hiring sign and the storefront to accumulate point out that deserve to be exchanged for Amazon gift cards.

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Post Highlights:

Pinecone research study – $3 flat rate

Survey Junkie – earn as much as $50/questionnaire

Drop app – get cashback to her debit/credit map by linking this complimentary app

Swagbucks – earn for browsing the internet

MyPoints – up to 40%cashback indigenous Amazon, Walmart and 2,000+ retailers

If you room looking for much more ways to make and save money, here are smart ideas on how to get complimentary coffee.