What is the publication of Mormon?

The publication of Mormon testifies the the truthfulness of the Bible and of the big of Jesus Christ. It concerns several very little groups of world who left the holy Lands and also ended up in what is today well-known as the Americas. They had actually the scriptures that had actually been created by the time they left (about 600 BC for the primary group) and also they were led through prophets, that received continuing revelation concerning God and the gospel that Jesus Christ.

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After the death and also resurrection the Jesus Christ, He checked out these people, who had been waiting for His arrival. He assisted them to organize their church and ministered to them for number of days. The document of this visit is a an effective testimony the Jesus Christ is the Savior the the whole world, not just a small section of it. It also proves His divinity, because it would have actually been difficult for Him to visit lock otherwise. The publication of Mormon is a second witness the Jesus Christ the has changed millions the lives.


This site, i m sorry is through ordinary, unofficial Mormons, will present you to the book of Mormon. You’ll find out what the book is about, that the heroes and also villains of the publication are, and how Mormons check out the book. You’ll additionally learn a tiny about the simple beliefs that the Mormons follow me the way. We’re excited come share with you a book that has readjusted our lives.

The publication of Mormon is thought about by Mormons to it is in a companion to, no a replacement for, the Bible. Mormons—a nickname often used to refer to members that The Church of Jesus Christ that Latter-day Saints—believe in, revere, and also study the divine Bible, using the King James translation. Although there is a “Mormon” variation of the Bible, it is the same unchanged King James translation provided by millions world-wide. The “Mormon” parts are the parts that were not original—the footnotes, chapter summaries, and also study aids.


Can I check out the publication of Mormon for myself?

Yes. In fact, the posts on this website will be much more meaningful to you if you read the publication while friend study. You deserve to read the book totally free on the Internet—no registration or an individual information required, hear to it check out aloud, or inquiry a free print copy be delivered to you by a missionary.

Read the publication of Mormon totally free online. (This page additionally includes the Bible and also other scriptures supplied by Mormons.)

Download a totally free Book of Mormon for your mobile device.

Listen come the book of Mormon in audio.

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Invite a missionary to bring you a totally free print publication of Mormon and share a short message around it.