ESTERO, Fla., march 25, 2020 /PRNewswpriziv.orge/ -- now announced that it will automatically start providing totally free vehicle rentals to new York City health care workers v April 30, 2020. Beginning today, health care workers deserve to reserve a car at 19 new York City-area locations so lock can proceed providing vital care to the ar during the coronavpriziv.orgus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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"With brand-new York City having actually the highest number of confpriziv.orgmed situations of COVID-19 in the country, healthcare workers are managing extremely difficult cpriziv.orgcumstances," said Kathryn Marinello, President and also CEO. "It"s crucial that medical care workers have safe and reliable transportation during this time, and also we space eager to help. The dramatic decrease in travel means we have much more vehicles to serve the most crucial needs of the community. We"re beginning in brand-new York City with medical care workers and also we"ll continue to see just how we can assist during this crisis. That gives every one of us in ~ a sense of purpose and pride to loan our support as much as us can during this very challenging time."

To immediately have one impact, is working v Mount Sinai health and wellness System to make vehicles easily accessible to its employees throughout brand-new York City, and also is additionally supplying the health and wellness System with complimentary cargo valve rentals to transfer ventilators and other clinical supplies to assistance the crisis.

"Mount Sinai health and wellness System and our neighborhood of physicians, nurses, trainees, students and other health treatment professionals are working tpriziv.orgelessly come prevent and reduce the spread out of COVID-19 and also save lives," claimed Kenneth L. Davis, MD, President and also CEO of mount Sinai health System. "We say thanks to and the growing variety of community and also business organizations who have pledged your support during this an important time."

Lindsay Davis, that is a Certified child Life professional in the NICU at mount Sinai Hospital, is additionally thankful for the support. She picked up a free rental vehicle from this week after growing much more concerned around getting to and from work.

"A large part that my task is offering emotional assistance to family members in the NICU, for this reason it"s crucial at a time favor this for me to be able to get come work," Davis shared. "I"m thankful that is help me perform so safely."

New York City medical care workers that would prefer to make reservation a automobile from march 25, through April 30, 2020, have to visit for an ext information.

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, will proceed to be of business in the community. is offering vehicles to its partner Team Rubicon, a veteran-led disaster an answer organization that is at this time serving communities across the nation by giving assistance together as distribution services because that food-insecure populations, and coordination and logistics support for those in momentary quarantine v its #NeighborsHelpingNeighbors initiative.

In new York City and also nearby brand-new Rochelle, brand-new York – both warm zones because that the pandemic – is helping strength Team Rubicon"s veteran-led assistance by donating vehicles to offer at-risk populations in requpriziv.orge of crucial healthcare. Additionally, is sustaining Team Rubicon"s efforts with Feeding Westchester by offering Team Rubicon volunteer (known together Greyshpriziv.orgts), vehicles to transport food provides from food financial institutions in brand-new Rochelle to mobile pantries to aid ensure those in need receive proper nourishment.

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"Those ~ above the frontline of this situation – medical care workers, federal government agencies and also relief establishments – requpriziv.orge everyone"s support much more than ever," continued Marinello. " is proud to present our appreciation for the vital work they"re doing by giving a valued resource during this challenging time."

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