prophylactics are the most frequently used technique of birth control amongst the adolescent population and if used correctly, can considerably reduce your threat for sexuallytransfer infections (STIs) and also unintended pregnancy. Young adult oftentimes have difficulty securing totally free condoms in a discreet manner. There are, however, a number of ways girlfriend can obtain condoms for free online and in person.

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cost-free Condoms obtainable Online

plenty of websites offer totally free sample packs of various condoms. Prior to signing up, however, be sure to check out all the joining requirements and also policies. Some distributors require you are at least 18 year old, and interested customers may need to participate in virtual surveys or view sponsored advertisements in order to qualify because that the totally free samples.

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Some suppliers offer complimentary shipping if others carry out impose shipping charges, and some totally free offers are only valid v the acquisition of other related products. In ~ the same time, plenty of retailers also provide you instructional guidelines, STD facts, warehouse tips, and also other useful information with their totally free condoms, making castle even more valuable to individuals just ending up being sexually active.

health Department Websites

It"s an ext cost-effective to get cost-free condoms online from federal government programs if girlfriend don"t desire to pay for shipping. Countless metro area wellness departments offer prophylactics to residents and even ship them come their homes for free. Usage the nationwide Association County and also City health and wellness Officials to discover state and territorial health and wellness departments.

examples metro area wellness departments offering totally free condoms include:

The ar of Columbia room of health and wellness Rubber transformation Program offers its residents with free condom in the most convenient ways: message "DCWRAP" come 61827 from your cell phone to get a parcel Pick prophylactics up at places throughout the city by start an resolve or zip code into the web page "search" function speak to 311 and also order prophylactics by phone, or enter a mailing deal with and have the prophylactics mailed to a local deal with

condoms From HIV/AIDS service Organizations

If girlfriend live in a medium-sized or bigger city, it"s much more than likely that you have HIV/AIDS company Organizations which will administer you with cost-free condoms once you stop in. Generally, they don"t require you come complete any paperwork and also they usually have actually condom samples for you to grab, or castle may even mail them come you! together an added bonus, they also usually provide free HIV testing.

Some instances include:

complimentary Condoms the Aren"t Online

Some teens may feeling uncomfortable bespeak packages of condoms over the internet. It"s actually easier to discover truly complimentary condoms closer to home. Many family plan centers, teen health centers, and also schools offer cost-free condoms. In general, parents space not informed if a teenager asks because that condoms.

planned Parenthood

you can get a 12 totally free condoms native a to plan Parenthood health facility during their regular company hours. To discover a place nearby, enter a zip password or a state right into the online search engine. You can likewise call 1-800-230-PLAN come speak with staff in ~ your neighborhood Planned Parenthood. Lock will administer you with extr information and also resources.

Teen wellness Clinics

A visit to her adolescent medicine provider or a "teen clinic" may include a discussion around contraception methods including condoms. Providers frequently have condoms accessible in their office, which lock are an ext than happy to provide to you. The legislation in most states enables minors to consent independently to contraceptive services, which additionally includes condoms. Health treatment providers are obligated to safeguard your confidentiality uneven the details presented argues abuse or feasible harm to yourself or another person. Teen-focused clinics room located across the nation in health departments, hospitals, or private offices.


There space high colleges that provide cost-free condoms through the institution nurse or condom dispensers. A 1998 report through the Advocates because that Youth suggested in 71 percent the the colleges surveyed, all students had accessibility to prophylactics except those whose parents refuse permission in writing. Also, in 98 percent of institutions with condom availability programs, students obtained counseling which typically included info on abstinence, indict on proper storage and also use of condoms, and, in part schools, a show on condom use.

Condom Finder

The Condom Finder is a search engine produced by the Los Angeles wellness Department. It offers a perform of organizations and business transparent the country that uses condoms and lubrication for free. When you enter your zip code into the "search" attribute a list of company distributing condoms nearby will it is in generated. All places require the you pick your prophylactics up in-person.

Why Get cost-free Condoms?

prophylactics are basic to purchase at any type of pharmacy, yet one look at the extensive rack of choices may send an inexperienced condom user scurrying for a various aisle. Opting to get totally free condoms online allows teenagers the possibility to sample several brands and designs to find out which types of condoms are suitable for their needs and preferences.

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numerous organizations offer complimentary condoms because that a variety of reasons, including:

To reduced the danger of undesirable pregnancy: condoms are one efficient an approach of bear control. To promote condom familiarity with much less sexually competent individuals: Many teens are uncomfortable through the technical facets of wearing and using a condom and also using totally free samples to practice deserve to make for sure sex comfortable and easy.

it is in Informed

the is necessary to realize condoms are not 100 percent efficient in staying clear of pregnancy or staying clear of sexuallytransfer infections. Only complete abstinence is guarantee effective. Some people will choose to become sexually active during their teenager years. That is crucial that they space well informed and also knowledgeable around all the condom brands and choices available.

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