Days of ours Lives has been airing top top NBC because that the far better part of five decades. V viewers cut the cable cord, the network is do it much easier than ever before for fans to watch the show online. For FREE! find out how. 

Is the Hourglass Running the end on DOOL?

“Like sands v the hourglass, so space the job of our Lives.” That phrase at the start of each illustration is as iconic as the hourglass because that DOOL fans. However, in current years, the hourglass seemed to get closer and closer to running out. In so late 2019, media outlets ran v the story that the cast was let walk from your contracts as the show went dark. 

It turned out that media hype was lot ado around nothing. Camila Banus, that plays rogue Gabi Hernandez, revealed that it was typical for the present to take it a long holiday hiatus. 

Then the pandemic hit, causing production on all mirrors – daytime and also primetime – to concerned a screeching halt. However by September of the exact same year, DOOL resumed production. 

There to be a pause in negotiations between the show and the network previously this year that caused problem again. However, variety reports the the NBC soap to be renewed for seasons 57 and 58. Work of Our resides is at this time in Season 56. So, fans have the right to expect at least two more years that the soap, if no more. 

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How to Stream work of Our lives Same-Day episodes FREE

Days that Our resides airs weekday on broadcast TV top top NBC. Times vary depending on location. The display is also obtainable to stream the next day top top or the NBC app. Yet now DOOL fans will have the ability to watch each illustration on the same day that airs because that FREE. How?

The main NBC Twitter account reduce the surprising notice on Twitter on June 29. Starting on Tuesday, July 6, same-day episodes will certainly be accessible to currently on NBC’s streaming service, Peacock TV. The streaming organization offers different content depending upon the pay tier. 

However, same-day DOOL episodes will be easily accessible for FREE. Every you need is one email address to authorize up because that a Peacock TV account. The record is the episodes won’t present up ~ above the streaming company until after ~ it has aired on transfer TV. The same-day episodes will drop ~ 8 p.m. ET. 

The citizens of Salem are ready for the drama whenever you are.

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Beginning July 6, watch #DAYS weekdays on
NBC and stream the same day for cost-free on