Military members, veterans, and also Gold Star family members can gain totally free access to all national Parks and federal recreation web page in the unified States.

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Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, one avid bird watcher, or just want to discover what our national Parks need to offer, there’s a holidays that’s perfect because that you and your family. As a armed forces family, you’re default to receive a cost-free annual pass. The “America the Beautiful” happen is accessible to energetic duty, reserve, and National security servicemembers. And also as the Veterans work 2020, totally free admission to nationwide Parks, wildlife refuges, and other sites managed by the room of the Interior has actually been expanded to armed forces veterans, military retirees, and also Gold Star families.

Free join to national Parks and also Recreation Lands for Military, Veterans, and Gold Star Families

Gold Star Families and U.S. Military veterans room eligible to receive cost-free access to more than 2,000 federal recreation areas, including national parks, wildlife refuges, and also forests. This is a brand-new program that started on Nov. 11, 2020.

Military veterans & Retirees: Military veterans can receive totally free access to nationwide parks and also recreation locations using the following forms that identification:

Simply present your ID in ~ the park entrance as soon as you arrive.

Gold Star families: Gold Star family members members are able come gain cost-free access to these parks and wildlife areas by certifying they space a gold Star member through signing a yellow Star household voucher. This is the self-certification language on the voucher:

I hereby affirm that ns am an eligible following of kin (NOK) of a member of the joined States armed Forces who shed his or she life in a qualifying situation, such as war, an worldwide terrorist attack or a armed forces operation outside of the United states while serving in the joined States armed Forces, as figured out in part 3.2 (Qualifying Situation) and 3.3 (Eligible NOK) of room of Defense instruction 1348.36.

Download the yellow Star family Voucher.

Free access to these national parks and recreation locations includes the individual and also their travel companions, provided they space in the same non-commercial vehicle.

Which Parks and Recreation areas Are Included?

The regimen waives nationwide Park company entrance fees as well as entrance or conventional amenity fees for various other participating department of the interior agencies, consisting of the U.S. Woodland Service and also the U.S. Army Corp that Engineers. The adhering to agencies space included:

What go the complimentary Access Include?

Free access under this voucher program consists of entrance fees in ~ U.S. National parks and wildlie refuges, as well as amenity fees (day usage fees) at U.S. Nationwide forests and also grasslands and also at lands managed by the office of land Management, office of Reclamation, and U.S. Army Corp the Engineers.

Some fees room not included, including amenity fees the cover camping, tours, one-of-a-kind recreation permits, arranged groups, or concession-operated facilities or activities.

America the Beautiful pass – annual Admission happen to U.S. National Parks

Current army members space eligible because that a free, yearly America the Beautiful Pass. America’s robust nationwide parks offer us all a chance to escape from the intricacy of the modern world. Pristinely preserved lands and breathtaking views are just some of what the NPS needs to offer. Now, using your America the Beautiful pass, it’s easier than ever before to discover this an excellent natural resource.

With your complimentary pass, friend receive access to much more than 2,000 federal recreation sites. Overcome cover enntrance gate fees at national parks and national wildlife refuges. Typical amenity fees at nationwide forests, grasslands, and also at all lands regulated by the bureau of land Management and also U.S. Military Corps of engineers are waived together well. Her pass covers all passengers in a personal vehicle. Overcome don’t sheathe camping, boat launch, or other interpretive fees.

There isn’t a details pass for veterans or seniors, however there space pass choices for you as well.

To acquire your pass, you’ll must visit a national park in person. This list of commonwealth recreation website details all places that problem passes. Make certain you inspect with the park ahead of time come ensure the it’s open and also processing applications.

You’ll need to present a armed forces ID or a Common accessibility Card. The United says Geological Survey has an FAQthat can assist answer any additional questions you could have.


Active Duty, Reservists, nationwide Guard servicemembers, and also their immediate family members members.

Note:The complying with individuals/groupsDO NOTQualify because that the interagency Military annual Pass:

Foreign military members (Including those stationed in the U.S. And have a CAC card)National Oceanic and Atmospheric administration (NOAA) employeesPublic Health organization (PHS) membersInactive U.S. ReservistsCivilian army contractorsCivilian armed forces employeesU.S. Armed forces veteransU.S. Military retirees

Free Lifetime accessibility Pass because that Disabled Veterans

Disabled armed forces veterans are eligible for the access Pass, which gives them lifetime accessibility to an ext than 2,000 recreation sites regulated by five Federal agencies.


The access Pass is easily accessible to U.S. Citizen or permanent inhabitants of the United claims that have been medically established to have actually a permanent special needs (does not have to be a 100% disability). This consists of military veterans v a handicap rating.

What the access Pass Covers:

The access Pass gives entrance or accessibility to pass owner and accompanying passengers in a single, private, non-commercial car at federal operated recreation sites across the country.

The accessibility Pass gives the pass holder a discount on expanded Amenity Fees at numerous locations (such as camping, swimming, boat launching, and guided tours). However, the accessibility Pass does not typically cover or alleviate special recreation allow fees or fees fee by concessioners.

How to attain the accessibility Pass:

The accessibility Passes might be acquired in human at no charge at a participating federal recreation site.

If you choose, you may likewise order an accessibility Pass by mail from USGS. Come order by mail, you have to complete and submit a document application, proof of residency, and documentation of long-term disability. Again, this walk not have to be a 100% disability.

There is a $10 document processing dues to attain a pass v the mail, which must be paid at the time of application. Access Passes space usually issued in ~ 10-12 main from the time they are received, so be certain to setup in advance.

Planning your Trip

If your family members is complete of history buffs, friend might take into consideration exploring the national Register of historic Places to develop out her summer trip. This source is complimentary from the NPS and helps youdiscover lesser-known American legacy sitesacross every state and U.S. Territory.

When it’s time to choose your household vacation because that the year, the NPS has actually so countless amazing options that picking just one park might be difficult. To help with that, theNPS website can assist you choose a park begin planning your best summer trip in a specific state or region. An interaction map can aid you decide where you desire to go.

Then, start selecting the tasks you and also your household will want to experience during your visit. Find on the NPS website forthings to do based upon park, activity, or topic. Trip ideas selection from a full day on the Pacific Coastwalking in the footsteps of Lewis and Clarkto exploring fishing atLake Clarkor taking amilitary-centric Cold battle Tourthrough the Minuteman Missile National historic Site.

This is a an excellent way to get out and see the country without security a many money. Watch these related armed forces travel discounts for extr savings.

The background of Our national Parks

The national Park service (NPS) manages much more than 84 million acres across all U.S. States and also territories. Because its inception, it’s served as a version for countries approximately the human being to put programs in ar to preserve the organic beauties of your country.

In 1872, the U.S. Congress developed the Yellowstone nationwide Park defense Act. This bill aimed to create what we now recognize as parks and set aside an ext than one million acres of public soil in what would end up being Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. Yellowstone to be America’s and the world’s first national park. Other national parks followed in areas like Michigan, California, Arizona, and also elsewhere.

It wasn’t until 1916 the President Woodrow Wilson developed the NPS together its very own agency. It aimed to maintain the scenery, wildlife, and natural and also historical objects in ~ the parks. The NPS want to ensure the future generations of Americans might explore organic parks.

Today’s nationwide Park System

Today, the NPS oversees 417 parks and monuments the all look reasonably similar come the era once they were very first designated as parks. Top top average, over 300 million people visit parks each year and, according to the NPS, assist contribute end $35 million to the U.S. Economy.

The NPS is committed to preserving background and heritage within the parks. Preservation projects and programs aid ensure that our previous remains untouched for our future. Because historic conservation of parks andAmerican heritageis important, the NPS has actually several totally free resources available to help everyone check out America – either digitally throughvirtual toursorstate through state.This is especially valuable when (military) life it s okay in the means and interrupts travel plans.

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Plan your online or in-person vacation today!

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response: before visiting a park, please check the park website to determine its operating status. Updates around the all at once NPS solution to COVID-19, including safety information, space posted on