For countless of us who room self-quarantining as result of the COVID-19 pandemic, pour it until it is full the north hours’ isolation has actually been an extremely difficult. Throughout the course of the quarantine period, plenty of of us have been making use of the internet for entertainment, and streaming sites have actually been absolutely one of our finest home buddies.

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As us wait because that this disaster to it is in over, laying top top a couch if watching movie or TV series has to be the most noticeable lifestyle for few of us. To fulfill people’s thirst for cinema, streaming apps and websites such as Netflix have actually been releasing a wide-array the Filipino movies and collection during the quarantine period—but sometimes, they’d still miss a lot of quality story from our regional filmmakers. (Read: Here’s why you feel so tired while in quarantine — and what to execute with it!)

Fortunately, a many Filipino movies and collection have bepriziv.orge available in a the majority of streaming apps over the quarantine period. Surprised? My Pope knows whereby to record them! (Read:What will take place to her subscriptions if the gov’t count Spotify, Netflix?)

Cignal Play 

Photos indigenous Cignal Play

Cignal play is a web and also a cell phone streaming application by Cignal TV, Inc. Currently, that carries as much as 50+ that the ideal channels in sports, news, lifestyle, and also entertainment, along with 300+ hours of movies and also series. 

Babae in ~ Baril, Gusto Kita through All my Hypothalamus, and also Para Sa damaged Hearted are only some of the movie you have the right to watch and also enjoy if you avail the Cignal pat Premium subscription for just Php 75. For this reason what space you wait for? Download the Cignal Play app now on App keep or Google Play!

iWant TV

Photos native iWant and Smart priziv.orgmunications

iWant TV is a streaming app by ABS-CBN that allows you gain Filipino shows and movies exclusively. And also alas, they market a broad array that Filipino entertainment! Here, girlfriend can find iWant Originals, revitalized Filipino movies, old and brand-new teleseryes, documentaries, and also more. Filipino-approved international movies space also easily accessible on the streaming app. 

The movies and collection are usually cost-free on iWant TV, however they also offer a premium subscription i beg your pardon you have the right to avail because that Php 120. Download the iWant TV app on the application Store or Google play today!


Photos from iFlix

With iFlix, girlfriend can accessibility a substantial collection the TV shows and movies indigenous all roughly the world. In fact, they market blockbuster hit films from Hollywood, Korea, and even the Philippines! iFlix provides one month-free trial for its subscribers and also will cost Php 129 per month ~ the attempt lapses.

LSS (Last tune Syndrome), Sid & Aya (Not A Love Story), and Barcelona: A Love Untold are simply some that the Filipino movies you deserve to watch on the streaming app.

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Plus, you can watch their shows whenever or where you want because you can download the movie on her phone, laptop, tablet or TV!

Want to shot iFlix? Download it now the application Store or Google Play!


Photos indigenous YouTube

Several production studios have provided a method for world to kill boredom through uploading numerous of that is full-length films on YouTube, free of charge! TBA Studios and Cinemo One recently updated the good number of your full-length movie for cost-free on their official YouTube channel. Plus, they have an app that deserve to be easily downloaded top top the application Store or GooglePlay!