Dairy Queen's cost-free Cone Day normally happens on in march 20 to note the first day the spring.priziv.org Illustration / Bloomberg via Getty Images
Bad news, ice cream lovers: dairy product Queen is canceling that annual free Cone Day because of the recurring coronavirus pandemic.

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The fast-food chain traditionally gives out free small vanilla soft-serve cap every year, generally on march 20, to note the an initial day that spring.

"As feather approaches, we all look forward to free Cone Day, an event that attracts lengthy lines at our restaurants. Given the state the COVID-19, we"ve do the complicated decision come cancel this year"s event with your safety and the safety and security of ours crew members in mind," the agency said in a statement.

This is the second year in a heat that the unique ice cream occasion has been postponed due to the fact that of the pandemic. When the Minneapolis-based company said it to be a "difficult decision," it added that the team is looking front to pass back free Cone day in 2022 and also "celebrating our fans in a sweet way."

Reactions to be mixed. Some ice cream lovers common their disappointment around the cancellation, including how it to be a tiny perk for world to look forward to throughout a challenging time.

"Hey all of you shamers, mental some human being have to be stuck in the residences for month without genuine paychecks. A totally free anything may be a one-of-a-kind treat," one human being wrote.

"I median you could"ve simply made the complimentary cone drive-thru just lol but with that being said acquiring upset about a free $2 cone is kinda ridiculous," lock said.

Other people posted their support for dairy product Queen and said the decision is the many responsible an option during the pandemic.

"I applaud them because that being cautious for every our sake. I m really sorry you can’t have your complimentary cone," one customer wrote.

Another person included that the decision is "Totally understandable. Won"t stop me native patronizing DQ. Love the treats there!"

Free Cone job is just one of countless beloved totally free food occasions that have been postponed since of the pandemic. Last year, Chick-fil-A moved its Cow evaluation Day online, while Ben & Jerry"s canceled its totally free Cone job to keep everyone safe.

Last week, IHOP canceled its nationwide Pancake Day promo to store its restaurants from overcrowding. The diner is make it as much as customers, though, through an IOU regimen that calls for anyone that wants complimentary pancakes to sign up because that the company"s email club by march 31.

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