Some space inspiring. Some space powerful. And some are just so outrageous you won"t believe they are based upon a true story.

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Prosecuting Casey Anthony

This true-crime drama starring Rob Lowe as Jeff Ashton, the prosecutor in the notorious Casey Anthony killing trial, offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse in ~ the prosecution’s case versus Anthony and also what resulted in the controversial verdict.


Homeless come Harvard: The Liz Murray Story

Overcoming impossible odds—negligent drug-addict parents, an abusive grandfather, and also homelessness—Liz Murray perfect high institution in two years and won a scholarship to Harvard University with an essay dispute sponsored by the brand-new York Times. This adaptation stars “Now and also Then”’s Thora Birch together Murray.


Taken in wide Daylight

17-year-old ann Sluti to be abducted in large daylight and held captive for 6 days prior to narrowly escaping. The movie version features James valve Der Beek as Sluti’s abductor and also Levar Burton as a heroic cop hot on your trail.


William & Kate

Originally broadcast just a couple of days prior to the actual couple married, this film tells the true story of england’s Prince William and also Kate Middleton courtship and engagement — a real-life fairy tale.


Natalee Holloway

In 2005, 18-year-old Natalee disappeared if on holidays in Aruba. Based upon her mother Beth Holloway’s book “Loving Natalee,” the film depicts the occasions leading up to Natalee’s disappearance and also the frenzied examination that followed.

Britney ever before After

Curious about Britney Spears’ rise and also fall — and also redemptive arc? look no additional than this two-hour chronicle, which covers Spears’ staggering climb to pop symbol status, the implosion of her an individual life and downward mental wellness spiral, and also her steady recovery ever before since.

Anna Nicole

Anna Nicole Smith’s tragic genuine life — indigenous small-town single mother and also dancer come world-famous Playboy centerfold struggling v drug and also alcohol addiction — is explored in this sorry biopic.

Mendez: The Blood Brothers

When to chat mogul Jose Menendez and his mam Kitty were murdered by your sons Lyle and also Erik in 1989, the sensational attempt gripped a scandalized America. This movie, starring Courtney Love and Nico Tortorella, delves into the abuse suffered by the well known brothers and the motives behind their crimes.

Who is Clark Rockefeller?

This twist-filled drama features Eric McCormack together a German con artist who throughout his life impersonated countless people, including an advisor to the Pentagon, a talk display host, and also a member that the Rockefeller family.

Magic past Words: The JK Rowling Story

Based top top Sean Smith’s “J.K. Rowling: A Biography,” this biopic charts the “Harry Potter” author’s inspirational rise from struggling solitary mother to beloved household name.

Amanda Knox: killing on attempt in Italy

Starring Hayden Panettiere as Amanda Knox, this true-crime drama is based upon the killing of Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy, and the subsequent trials of Knox and also her Italian friend for the crime.

Coco Chanel

Chronicling legendary fashion designer coco Chanel’s astonishing life and enduring style legacy, this biopic stars Shirley MacLaine, who obtained an Emmy nomination for her performance together Chanel.

Cries Unheard: The Donna Yaklich Story

After year of experiencing at his hand, Donna Yaklich murdered she abusive, steroid-addicted husband. The following trial and her conviction were the emphasis of a media circus. This film recounts her harrowing story through flashbacks narrated by she character come the boy she loves dearly.

The 2 Mr. Kissels

Told generally through lively flashbacks and interviews, this drama recounts the lurid details neighboring the murders of Andrew and Robert Kissel, 2 real-life brothers neck-deep in dirty deeds. Starring man Stamos and also Anson Mount together the titular brothers.

Pregnancy Pact

In 2008, a team of mrs high college students in Gloucester, Massachusetts, accused made a pact to gain pregnant in ~ the exact same time and also raise their kids as a group. This take on the story stars Thora Birch and also Camryn Manheim.

Girl in the Box

In 1977, 20-year-old Colleen Stan to be kidnapped if hitchhiking by a young pair who hosted her sinner for 7 years in a coffin-sized box, letting her out just to watch your children and also participate in violent, sadistic sex. This dark mental drama is no for the faint of heart.

Liz & Dick

Elizabeth Taylor and also Richard Burton were one of Hollywood’s most fabled couples, and their tempestuous, passionate partnership is chronicled in this fittingly over-the-top biopic — featuring none other than Lindsay Lohan, an same fabulous figure.

Taken from Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story

The heart-pounding true story the Tiffany Rubin’s rescue of she kidnapped 7-year-old child — who’d been taken from his residence in emperors to Seoul, south Korea in 2008 — is caught in this gripping drama, v an impassioned performance from a pre-“Empire” Taraji P. Henson.

Gracie"s Choice

Kristen Bell and Anne Heche star in this emotionally drama, motivated by really events, around a 16-year-old girl struggling to provide for she younger brother while your drug-addicted mother self-destructs and also lands in jail. Heche was Emmy-nominated for her performance.

Drew Peterson: Untouchable

Rob Lowe return to lifetime as attracted Peterson, the infamous, womanizing Chicago police officer accused the murdering his 3rd wife ~ his fourth goes lacking in a disappearance that remains unsolved. The movie likewise features Kaley Cuoco as Stacy Peterson, the absent fourth wife.

Abducted: The Carlina White Story

A young woman who was abducted together a infant from a brand-new York hospital solves her own story and also goes top top to uncover her organic parents.

The real MVP: The Wanda Durant Story

The motivating true story that Wanda Durant, a solitary mother that selflessly placed aside her very own dreams and desires to allow her son to have actually his, making that the NBA"s Most an important Player: Kevin Durant.

Who eliminated JonBenet?

The murder of six-year-old beauty beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey in 1996 is quiet unsolved, however recently surfaced information might potentially confirm what yes, really happened.

I to be Elizabeth Smart

A harrowing kidnapping story of Elizabeth clever by a spiritual fanatic who held her captive for nine months, narrated by Elizabeth herself.

Girl in the Bunker

A young woman is kidnapped and held within an secret bunker through a man disguised as a sheriff deputy. In order come survive, she bring away matters into her own hands.

Betty and Coretta 

After the catastrophic assassinations that Dr. Boy name Luther King Jr. And Malcolm X, your wives Betty and also Coretta take on life by inheriting the mantle of the civil rights movement as solitary mothers.

Cocaine Godmother: The Griselda Blanco Story

After relocating to the U.S at the age of 17, Griselda Blanco embarks ~ above a life full of drugs and also crime making her Miami’s best drug lord and also cocaine trade pioneer, nicknamed The black color Widow.

A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story

This documentary adheres to the life the Lizzie Velasquez who weighing 58 pounds due to a rare syndrome goes from a cyber-bullying victim come an anti-bullying activist.


A retelling that the biggest environmental situation of our generation that shook the country while highlighting the whistle-blowers that exposed it all.

Oscar Pistorius: Blade runner Killer

A Paralympic champion and the Olympic"s very first double-leg amputee participant was easily a group favorite, yet that all changed when his super model girlfriend is murdered on Valentine"s Day.

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