4of5You"ve acquired Maids main Houston owner Moylam Wong partnered with Cleaning for a factor to clean the houses of cancer patients for free, one offer obtainable year round.

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5of5You"ve gained Maids main Houston owner Moylam Wong partnered through Cleaning because that a factor to clean the homes of cancer patients for free, an offer available year round.

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With breast cancer awareness month coming to a close, a maid service in the Houston area wants cancer patients to understand they space one phone call away indigenous a clean home, because that free, all year.

You’ve obtained Maids has partnered with Cleaning because that a factor to provide complimentary home cleanings to civilization undergoing cancer therapy for 10 ten years, donating much more than $270,000 precious of cleanings come 728 patient nationwide. You’ve acquired Maids central Houston is no different.

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“So much we have actually cleaned because that 20 patients and it’s fantastic,” Moylam Wong, You’ve got Maids central Houston owner and operator, said. “To me Cleaning because that a reason is an extremely special due to the fact that my mom also had cancer and my best friend had breast cancer as well.”

Cancer patients have the right to sign up because that cleanings with Cleaning because that a Reason, a nonprofit connecting cancer patients through cleaning solutions nationwide. After the early cleaning, patient can select to continue with You’ve obtained Maids for added cleanings in ~ a discount.

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Wong claimed her branch the You’ve gained Maids, opened for virtually three years, offers environmentally friendly and health-conscious cleaning products during their sanitation, cleaning for two hours for each patient. Employees room paid, back the agency does not charge the cancer patient.

“We use masks and wear booties and also gloves and also stick to social distancing,” Wong said. “It’s a great experience because that them to have actually a clean home and they don’t have to worry. Us use commodities that are healthy and balanced for them, your family, their pets and the environment. Us use green products. We sanitize the totality house.”

Moylam said she very first heard of Cleaning for a factor after ordering the organization for her friend in Florida, who had actually cancer. Cleaning for a Reason has donated end $2.57 million in cleanings to cancer patients, serving much more than 7,579 clients and also partnering through 210 cleaning companies consisting of You’ve obtained Maids.

Wong additionally sent the You’ve acquired Maids organization to her mother through Cleaning for a Reason.

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“When we sent the maids to mine mom’s house, she was so happy,” she said. “She to be so grateful. It’s very rewarding. I can only imagine. I witnessed it through my mom and also my finest friend and also this is the the very least you have the right to do for someone prefer that. As soon as you have a clean home, she in a much better mood. That a hopeful impact.”

Wong stated she wishes to provide more cleanings for cancer patient in the Houston area, encouraging them to affix with Cleaning because that a Reason, or because that their household members to inquiry it for them together a gift.

“It’s hard enough having cancer,” she said. “They’re fighting for your life. Lock don’t desire to worry around a dirty toilet. Us can assist them.”