Mark Levin has end up being one that the hottest properties in speak radio, his top-rated show on WABC new York is currently syndicated country by Citadel Media Networks. He is additionally one the the top brand-new authors in the conservative political arena. Mark's radio show on WABC in brand-new York City skyrocketed to Number 1 ~ above the am dial in his first 18 months on the air in the competitive 6:00 pm - 8:00 afternoon time slot. Mark's book Men in black was exit February 7, 2005 and also quickly climbed to Number 3 in the nation on the new York times Best-Seller list. Once your book is endorsed by sirloin Limbaugh and also Sean Hannity, you understand you have a winner on her hands. In a short period of time, note has become one the the many listened to neighborhood radio Talk show hosts in the nation.

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Mark, i love your show and also have listened come you from the very beginning. The said, ns think american who worth our Constitution can not stand to listen to complaining about the democrats committing Treason, thefts the 2020 election, and everything they perform day by day with stolen strength over us, without any kind of retribution. I would certainly remind anyone of what cutting board Jefferson said around removing, and even revolting against a corrupt government. If we the civilization continue to permit this corrupt and also treasonous federal government who stole the election from we THE PEOPLE, not simply President Trump, then America is over, last one out rotate out the lights!
What rubbish of time. Three straight hours of nothing but whining! His voice actually damages my dogs ears. Fifty percent truths blended with lies doesn’t guide anyone but the Qcumber crowd.
As i both respect and appreciate your knowledge and also understanding of the Constitution, ns am eager to hear your opinion re. The obligation of the "Militia" to protect this priceless paper from risks both foreign and also domestic? as soon as is enough-ENOUGH??
mark...your a good american and also so important to our country..thks because that what you do!!!....came across this.......before you speak to someone a dictator,use your brain...dictators aren't censored---they carry out the who's doing the censoring....

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My brother and also sister-in-law have actually listened to you for years and have to be trying to obtain me to hear to friend for simply one time and knew I would certainly be hooked. I have always listened to rush whenever i could but I was just too liven to listen an ext than 1hour per day.After ns retired I had actually a lot an ext time to listen more each day.Now i am totally hooked on your show!You have great takes on every days events and also are a an excellent teacher to your audience.I still hear to sirloin every day however you are currently on my quick list of mirrors I must listen to everyday!I have actually learned so lot from you,especially around the constitution,and i hope to hear to you because that many more years! Sincerely,Sue Stahle from Sioux City,Iowa
Mark, please aid find the constitution police. Perform we have to sit and watch treasonous to represent spew your regurgitated puke? It's time for the cuff.
Considering the key role the Pennsylvania played because that the Anti-federalists, along with Virginia, what is you take it on how far removed they've become from your pivotal duty in the facility of the invoice of Rights?
Mark girlfriend absolutely have some balls and also I excellent that an extremely much. Noble of the bs in this country. Mine grandfather and father are transforming over in there graves at the leftist agenda. I've learned so much listening to you the last twenty years. A true Patriot friend are, God Bless you note Levin and God Bless our Country and also our president Trump