Despite vault warnings, a widespread scam aiming to dupe world into revealing your private information in exchange for a "free" Marriott hotel stay proceeds to take its toy fee on unknowing victims.

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Friday, Marriott International evidenced it"s aware that the scam has been arising all roughly the world. The company went on come warn people of what come look for and also reassured customers that their private details is safe.

"Marriott International has actually been made conscious of a series of cheat telephone calls gift made in different parts the the people where the caller uses a complimentary stay in ~ a Marriott hotel to entice the human taking the speak to to listen to a sales pitch unrelated come Marriott," the agency said in a statement issued Friday. "This practice, recognized as "scamming," typically incorporates a this firm branding in bespeak to get someone to provide personal information or buy a product or service."

"Marriott International has actually a long-standing commitment to protecting the privacy the the personal information that is entrusted to us. Marriott has actually not provided any info to the parties associated in this fraudulent calls," the firm added.

The agency encouraged potential targets that the scam to use typical sense as soon as answering unexpected calls and to merely hang up if suspicious scenarios arise.

"If you receive a suspicious telephone call, particularly for a contest you did not enter, we advice you no to carry out any an individual information, specifically credit map information," break up Marriott. "Instead, simply end the call call."

Marriott authorize a comparable statement in January 2015 discussing that it had been made mindful of complaints about scamming phone calls in Canada.

With the malicious scheme spreading to the U.S. And other parts of the world, it"s critical that world heed Marriott"s advice.

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The company"s warning comes just days after ~ it acquired Starwood hotels & Resorts an international in a mega $12.2 billion deal.