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Before girlfriend begin, make certain your computer or Mac meets the system requirements.

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If you space reinstalling Office, friend have already redeemed a product key, or you space installing Office at work-related or school and also know you have a license, then walk to the section sign in come download and install Office.

However, if this is the first time you"re installing Office, friend may have some pre-installation steps to perform first. Expand the Learn more section below for an ext info.

If this is the first time you"re installing Office, you may have to complete a collection of pre-installation steps very first or you may need come follow different steps 보다 what"s consisted of below. What you do depends if your copy the Office is one Office for house or an Office for service product and whether or not you have a product crucial you need to redeem, an currently account associated with Office, or a pre-assigned license.

Office for home

If you have an Office for house product and also it came v a product key*, prior to installing for the very first time (or sharing it if you have actually 365 Family), you should redeem your product an essential first.

Go to and also sign in through an present or new account* and also then get in your product an essential to redeem it. Redeeming your crucial is what adds your account to Office and friend only need to do this once. If you"re renewing a 365 subscription v a brand-new product key, use the very same account girlfriend previously connected with her expired version subscription.

Tip: Once this is done, whenever you should install or reinstall Office you have the right to go right to the following section, sign in come download Office and also select the tab for assist to install on a pc or Mac. Be certain to authorize in with the same account you used to redeem her product an essential at

Office​​​​ for business

If your Office for service subscription arrangement includes the desktop version that the Office apps you won"t see an option to download it unless someone in your organization assigned a patent to you.

Learn how to check this in What 365 organization product or license carry out I have? or if you"re a 365 admin responsible for assigning patent to human being in your organization, check out Assign licenses to users.

Once girlfriend verify you have actually a license, whenever you have to install or reinstall Office you have the right to go straight to the section below, authorize in come download Office and select the tab for measures to download on a computer or Mac. You"ll sign in with your job-related or college account for these execution of Office.

*If you don"t have actually a product key or one account

Some versions of Office such together Office professional Plus 2021, Office standard 2021, or a stand-alone application such together Word 2021 or Project 2021 don"t have actually an connected account, or work-related or institution account.

The measures to install these versions deserve to be various depending if you obtained Office through one of the complying with ways: HUP:You to buy Office for personal use through your company benefit program and have a product key, view Install Office v HUP.

Volume license versions:IT departments could use a different technique when installation Office for civilization in their organization. Talk to your IT department because that install help.

Third-party seller:You bought Office from a third-party and also you"re having difficulties with the product key.

friend signed in v a account

From the Office home page select Install Office.

Select Install (or depending upon your version, Install Office>).

You signed in with a work-related or institution account

From the home page select Install Office (If you collection a different start page, walk to


Select Office 365 apps to begin the installation.

Install Office

Depending on your browser, select Run (in sheet or net Explorer), Setup (in Chrome), or Save File (in Firefox).

If you watch the User Account manage prompt the says, Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? choose Yes.

The download begins.

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Your download is finished when you view the phrase, "You"re all set! Office is mounted now" and also an animation plays to show you wherein to find Office applications on her computer. Choose Close.