Bring the Hits house with food Movie Packages

get Premium Movie channels from height Networks prefer Starz!

include Your favourite Premium networks with any type of DISH Package!



DISH Movie Packages supply Extra Entertainment

Experience the ideal movies, award-winning series, sports, concert and an ext with dish movie packages! obtain premium movie channels from height networks like EPIX, SHOWTIME and also STARZ. Watch everything from Hollywood blockbusters to exclusive comedy specials. Through DISH movies, it’s basic to gain all the premium channels you love in ~ a short cost.

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Receive dozens of premium movie networks from Showtime, STARZ, and also DISH Movie Pack totally free for 3 months when you authorize up v DISH and also order America’s top 120 or above.*

*After 3 mos., you will be billed $30/mo. For Showtime, STARZ, and also DISH Movie load unless you call or go online to cancel.



Add 9 movie-filled ENCORE channels from STARZ.Get channels with action, kids, classic, suspense, Spanish and more.Watch movie both new and old with genre-specific channels.Access entertainment all over with the STARZ app and DISH Anywhere.

EPIX Package

EPIX, EPIX 2, EPIX Hits and EPIX Drive-In space all included.Watch struggle movies and also classic films from the 70s, 80s, 90s and also today!Access genre films, concerts, comedy and also sporting events.Stream movie On demand to your TV, computer system or phone.


Access 10 SHOWTIME networks for shows, movies and also more.Watch original shows, including Twin Peaks, Dice and also Shameless.Order pay-per-view sports, including renowned boxing matches.Learn much more about world and history on to exclude, documentaries.

STARZ Package

Enjoy initial series, kids’ favourite and much more on STARZ.Subscribe because that 8 exclusive channels, consisting of 6 in high definition.Watch critically-acclaimed shows favor American Gods and Power.Access anime, telenovelas, fitness series and classic TV favorites.

DISH Movie Pack

Add 11 movie networks from Hallmark movie & Mysteries, Movieplex, FXM and more.Stream hundreds of movies to your TV, computer system or tablet.Watch in ~ home, On demand or on-the-go through DISH Anywhere.Get movies before they fight Redbox and also Netflix, exclusively with DISH!

HBO MAX Package

Watch Hollywood movies, award-winning initial series, and brand-new MAX originalsWhen Warner Bros. Releases a new movie in theatre you’ll have accessibility on HBO MAX the very same day. Enjoy networks like HBO, HBO 2, HBO Latino, and also HBO family. Take it HBO MAX content on the go v the HBO MAX app.

Cinemax Package

Enjoy the finest Hollywood hits, action-packed movies, and also behind-the-scenes exclusives. Subscribe because that 3 exclude, channels, including Cinemax, 5 Star Max, and an ext Max. Access Cinemax content from almost everywhere when friend download the Cinemax walk app.Cinemax channels will keep you top top the edge of her seat through exclusive movies and series.

Playboy TV Package

Subscribe come the leader in premium adults-only entertainment.Watch late night movies, wild fact shows, original collection and more.Indulge in every the passion and also fun that defines the Playboy brand.Access this X-Rated service when you add it to any DISH TV package.

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