Military and the general public can enjoy cost-free meals, treats and also other exclusive right on Memorial job 2021. Check out our round-up the restaurants giving coupons, freebies and deals.

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by Tracey StewartMay 25, 2021

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Memorial work is the last Monday in May—this year it’s might 31. That is the day set aside for paying tribute to fallen business members. Because it create a three-day weekend—often including fun, summertime activities—the alignment in between a time that reflection and one of celebration can show up out that balance. Actually, the weekend many avenues to pause, remember, commemorate and reflect. Whether you to visit a memorial service, place flowers, to walk a mile in memory, undertake blue, watch a parade or tree flags, friend can also celebrate our nation’s heroes and also venerate their memory by enjoying the freedoms they protected with their lives.

Appreciative restaurants desire to honor those that serve and acknowledge this one-of-a-kind holiday. And also to help them gain the indigenous out, we’ve rounded up the fantastic food and also drink deals they room offering, including discounts, cost-free treats, unique meals and also more.

Please join us in acquisition a one-minute minute of silence at 3 p.m. On may 31 to respect the sacrifices and also service of ours fallen Americans.

Disclaimer: Participation may vary by location and also franchise. Be certain to contact ahead to ensure your nearest location is participating. And check back. We’ll be update our list as an ext deals room announced

Abuelo’s: From may 27 through may 31, Abuelo’s will certainly be discounting their American Flag Margarita. Reap it all weekend long for simply $8.95.

Bojangles: Giving earlier to the military family is a priority to the folks in ~ Bojangles. In respect of army Appreciation Month (May), they have actually partnered v Folds of respect to raise $750,000. Currently through June 27, bespeak an exclusive, camo-themed huge Bo Box, featuring your favorite Bojangles family meal that serves eight, and also Bojangles will certainly donate $1 to Folds of Honor.

Bonefish Grill: treat friends and family come a Bonefish Grill classic dish this Memorial job weekend. The can be fried Lobster and Shrimp Roll through signature Bang Bang sauce and toasted baguette will certainly be accessible as a family members Bundle, serving four, through a choice of salad, cookies and fresh bread, ​​for simply $49.90. This unique runs from may 28 v June 4. Also a terrific perk—service members and very first responders receive 10% off your meals in ~ Bonefish Grill throughout the year.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.: Dine in, bring your military ID and don’t forget her Red, White & Blue Margarita. You’ll it is in rewarded through 15% off your meal at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. This Memorial Day. And, if you invest $50 or an ext on retail, they’ll give you a complimentary camping mug.

Carrabba’s: In honor of those who serve, on Memorial Day—and in fact, all year long—military company members and first responders receive a 10% off HEROES discount at Carrabba’s Italian Grill. Also, for a restricted time, those wanting to thank a business member or very first responder with a Carrabba’s meal, can purchase $50 in gift cards online and also receive a $10 bonus map that can be redeemed in between May 17 and July 18.

Chili’s: even though your restaurants across the country will be open throughout the Memorial work weekend, (generally from 11 a.m. To 10 p.m.) Chili’s Grill & Bar will certainly be offering cost-free DELIVERY as a nice Memorial job perk. You might want to encompass their $5 Margarita the the Month, the Cheers to Patron ’Rita, through that order.

Chuck E. Cheese: serious pre-sale to save on funny Passes is on now at lining E. Cheese. The new Summer that Fun campaign is component of the brand’s Season of fun year-long campaign. The three-tiered program (Gold, Silver and also Bronze) households a selection of ways to get the many out of your entertainment dollars. In fact, the pass pays for itself in simply two visits. Save $342 top top the gold Level pass. It’s $89.99. Silver Level is discounted by $229, costing $69.99 and also the copper Level pass is simply $39.99, a savings of $124. Offer great through might 30.

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit: In honor of those who offered the can be fried sacrifice, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit provides a small method to do it easier for family members to gather together with $5 off any Dickey’s Pack. This transaction is great in their keep or online as soon as using the code 5OffPacks. If to plan a catering order of $100 or much more before June 30, reap 10% off her order.

El Pollo Loco: All who serve the community, consisting of police officers, firefighters, EMTs, federal law enforcement agents, and also military personnel deserve to enjoy a 15% discount in ~ El Pollo Loco all year long. If not in uniform, castle ask the you present some form of ID come the cashier.

Fogo de Chão: Veterans and energetic duty personnel who enjoy the delicious Brazilian Steak House, Fogo de Chão, need to stop in ~ above Memorial day to receive 50% off their meal and also 10% turn off the meals of up to 3 guests.

The new Market: A Memorial Day enjoy the meal from The Fresh sector comes with everything you need for a cookout, including 4 steaks, 4 chicken breasts, vegetables, standard sides, Anything go Sauce and also decorated cookies. Serves 6 to eight human being for $99.99.

14 hand Winery: to encourage less work and more play this Memorial work season, 14 hands Winery, the wine firm inspired by interlocutor flavors and also the wild horses of eastern Washington, is giving away adventures in a sweepstakes they space calling find your Wild. If you’ve excellent something fun—and hope wild—submit your receipt right here to be among 500 people getting in on the $100 reimbursement native 14 Hands. You can likewise text WILD to 73876. All the adventurous rules can be found here.

Hooters: In honor of Memorial Day, Hooters is giving a cost-free entree come those with a armed forces ID. Yet if her schedule is pack on might 31, prevent by Hooters any day of the week and also get a 10% discount. Top top Tuesdays you’ll obtain 20%.

Hopdoddy: In the true spirit of Memorial Day, from might 28 through might 31, Hopdoddy, will be donating a portion of the proceeds from all menu items purchased in ~ Hopdoddy to the Seal tradition Foundation, which support to households of wounded and fallen U.S. Navy Seals.

Huddle House: This delicious transaction from Huddle House has actually been extended. Until may 31, girlfriend can gain 8 bite-sized organic blueberry flavored nuggets sprinkled through powdered sugar and also served warm, with a next of whipped cream cheese for simply $1.99.

Jack in the Box: transparent the Memorial day weekend, in ~ Jack in the Box, receive 20% off. Her order as soon as using the Jack mobile App. Offer great from may 28 through may 31. If girlfriend want totally free fries, go to their site, click get cost-free fries, administer your mobile number and receive a text message telling you how to get your fries. If friend don’t have actually the app yet, sign up now and also get 25% turn off your first app purchase.

Kona Grill: Veterans, members the the military, very first responders, medical care professionals, teachers, and other important workers will obtain 20% off all checks because that in-restaurant dining in ~ Kona Grill ~ above Memorial work (Monday, might 31).

Lenny & Larry’s: The protein-enhanced cookie brand, Lenny & Larry’s is offering a sweet deal to commemorate Memorial Day. From may 25 through might 31, spend $75 and get $15 turn off and free shipping. Use the code MDSM75 as soon as ordering. Offer their brand-new The Boss! Cookie a try. One 2-ounce cookie has 18 grams the protein and only 1 gram the sugar.

Long john Silver’s: as soon as visiting lengthy John Silver’s, show your armed forces ID and also get 20% on Memorial job (and every Monday, in fact).

Metro Diner: slip on your uniform and also dine in at subway Diner top top Memorial day to receive a 10% discount on her meal. In fact, every job of the year, subway Diner honors every uniformed first responders and active or retired members that the armed forces with a 10% discount. Also, simply in time for the Memorial job weekend, subway Diner is introducing two new burgers to their menu—the Breakfast Burger and Classic Cheeseburger. They are easily accessible in the Diner, because that curbside to-go and delivery starting May 25.

Miller’s Ale House: present members of the military and also Veterans deserve to stop into Miller’s Ale house on Memorial Day, carry out proof the service and receive 50% off their entrée of choice.

Perdue Farms: Making certain you’re stocked up and ready for the Memorial day holiday, Perdue farms is having a Fill the Grill sale. Stuff her refrigerator full of Niman Ranch new York piece Steaks in ~ a save of approximately 38%, get a whole Perdue Chicken because that $14.99 (40% off) or conserve over 50% on Niman Ranch Fat tires Pulled Pork, on revenue for simply $6.99.

Outback Steakhouse: Honoring no only military veterans, servicemen and women, Outback Steakhouse is acquisition 10% off your entire inspect all day, every day come celebrate all nurses, doctors, medical staff, police, firefighters and first responders as well (with precious medical, state or federal business ID).

Shoney’s: Visit Shoney’s restaurant while wearing your uniform and receive 15% off your meal. This offer is good all year long.

The Coffee bean & Tea Leaf: In respect of Memorial Day, purchase one continual size latte or Ice mixed drink native The Coffee bean & Tea Leaf and receive a cost-free beverage. Sell is good each work from 2 p.m. Till close on might 29 through may 31.

STK Steakhouse: If you are a Veteran, on active duty in the military or are a very first responder, stop right into your nearest STK Steakhouse and get 20% turn off the inspect on Memorial Day. You may want to acquire in top top their well known Wagyu Burger and also Fries for just $7.99.

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Yogurtland: From may 28 through might 31, invest $15 or an ext online or on Yogurtland’s mobile app and receive a $3 price to usage on a future visit. You need to be a genuine Rewards member to acquire in ~ above this sweet deal.