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Fans watching game 1 that the World collection between the Braves and Astros didn"t need to wait lengthy to find out even if it is they would obtain a free taco under Taco Bell"s "Steal a Base, stealing a Taco" promotion, that is 10th year running.

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Ozzie Albies, the 3rd batter in Atlanta"s order, netted all of America a free taco in the height of the an initial by stealing 2nd after getting to on an infield single. It was his 21st stolen base of the season ~ Martin Maldonado check to choose him off at 2nd but mishandled the ball while preparing to throw:

It was the 50th stolen basic in the World series since Taco Bell began its deal. The team through the very first stolen base has actually won seven of ripe World collection under the promotion.

It was a good victory because that America, particularly considering Albies ranks as the 109th-fastest base jogger in MLB, per Baseball Savant.

As if the wasn"t a momentous enough occasion, the base will likewise head come Cooperstown come the Baseball room of Fame, celebrate Albies" heroic plot of providing free tacos to countless Americans. Oh, and also the steal base additionally had an effect on the game"s score. Jorge Soler obtained the Braves ~ above the board first with a solo home run to start the game; following Albies" steal base, Austin Riley double to deep center to score the runner.

Atlanta stranded Riley on 2nd after Eddie Rosario struck out swinging and Adam Duvall flew the end to right.

But, hey, free tacos! Here"s how to insurance claim them indigenous Taco Bell:

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How to get a complimentary tacos at Taco Bell

Any Taco Bell patron, per the restaurant, can get one Doritos Locos Taco top top Thursday, Nov. 4 for cost-free without any kind of prior purchase necessary. The promotion is great for one taco per person, not party — so bring as many civilization who dislike tacos with you (if there room such people) come net much more tacos.

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The promo is open up to every United says resident, if registered Taco Bell Rewards members can access the promotion early in the app.