The Napa sink is known for its exceptional wine and food scene but there is therefore much much more to do in the valley. Whether you space looking to inspect off some bucket perform items or check out the good outdoors Napa Valley has an activity that is certain to appeal come everyone. Listed below we have compiled a list of the peak ten non-wine tasks to enjoy during your stay in and the Napa Valley.



1. Take it a Balloon RideThere is nothing like gaining up at the cracked of dawn because that a as soon as in a life time experience. Your early on morning wake up up contact will be rewarded through a bird’s eye see of the entire valley native the Vaca hills to the Mayacamas Mountains and also everything in between. Napa valley is home to several of the ideal Ballooning companies in the world and they all market an remarkable bucket-list experience.
2. The Napa valley Wine TrainIf girlfriend are looking for a different means to gain some the Napa Valley’s finest food check out all the the Napa valley Wine Train has to offer. Journey earlier in time together you hop board the refurbished antique railway cars and enjoy a three hour fine dining meal while you take in the Napa valley scenery. The Napa valley Wine Train has both dinner and also lunch choices and is a truly unique experience in Napa Valley.
3. Explore Napa sink HistoryNapa Valley has a rich and robust history for you come discover. The valley was house to the Wappo indigenous Americans, the very first Land approve to an American Settler, it is whereby the Donner Party worked out and at one time had over 200 dairies. Check out the diverse history of the Napa valley at the Napa valley Museum, Robert Lewis Stevenson Museum in St. Helena and the Sharpsteen Museum in Calistoga. If you room interested in the geological background of the sink visit the Old Faithful Geyser or the Petrified Forest in Calistoga.


4. Obtain in ripe HolesIf golf is your game there space plenty of opportunities to golf about the Napa Valley. Head end to Vintner’s Golf Club in to endure one for the finest Championship greens in northern California. This publicly nine-hole course is additionally home to among the ideal Bloody Mary’s and has a lover restaurant wherein you can enjoy a light lunch while in the shade of the Maycamas Mountains.

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5. Bicycle the Vine TrailThe Napa valley Vine Trail currently runs indigenous Kennedy Park, in south Napa, all the means to The trace is a led trail used specifically by bikers, walkers, and runners. Eventually the trail will certainly run from southern Napa all the method to Calistoga; the totality length that Napa Valley. Rent a bike from Napa sink Bike tours and enjoy the 25 mile ring trip about the valley.
6. Take a food preparation GlassIf you love to chef or if you space interested in learning just how to chef the CIA at Copia has a class for you. The CIA in ~ Copia is the ultimate hands-on experience because that anyone that likes to eat delicious food. All classes are led by one expert and engaging chef and also span indigenous an hour long cocktail making course to a 3 hour lengthy hands on complete dinner suffer in the newly designed Hestan to teach Kitchen. While you are CIA at Copia make sure and also check out all the new and exciting things that are happening in the space! If friend are much more interested in just eating very delicious food instead of do it publication a wade culinary tour with Gourmet Food and also Wine Tours and also learn about all the different and also amazing food that Napa Valley has to offer.
7. Reap a Spa TreatmentMany of the hotels and also resorts in Napa Valley have their own private spas for guests only and also some of castle are likewise open to guests not remaining at the hotel. If you room in publication a unique spa day in ~ B Spa in ~ Bardessono. Treatments adjust with the periods to make sure that you room receiving what your body needs. If a dirt bath is what you are after head up to Calistoga and book a dirt bath in ~ Golden Haven hot Springs and discover why human being have to be coming come the Napa valley for health for end a 150 years.
8. Take in an the end Concert
The summer months in Napa Valley space filled through concerts to to fill up the warm evenings. Head end to Veterans Park in for cost-free concerts every various other Sunday native June-August. Hangout through the locals and also enjoy few of Napa Valley’s finest food van cuisine.
9. Shop till friend DropIf to buy is what girlfriend are trying to find look not further!’s V Marketplace is home to countless cute garments shops and several exceptional art galleries. If you are searching for some Swag come take home pop right into Ranch sector Too! and check out their section. All of the tasting rooms in also offer a retail componte. Be sure not to miss Silver Trident i beg your pardon is decked the end in Ralph Lauren house or Hestan and its outstanding collection the cookware.
10. Take a HikeNapa valley is house to part amazing hikes that enable you to gain off the valley floor and also truly experience the majesty that the Napa Valley. If you are in search of a challenge head come Calistoga and also tackle the Oathill Mine Trail, a 7 mile out and earlier that gains virtually 2,000 feet. If girlfriend are in search of something a little an ext relaxed hike roughly Lake Hennessey and also enjoy the bird life that makes it that is home.

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No issue what you room looking to execute Napa Valley has an activity for you! For an ext ideas ~ above what to perform on your Napa valley vacation visit our website here or prevent by the Welcome center at 6468 Washington Street.