If you’re looking for things to perform in Puerto Rico, you should know that the list is huge.

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There’s a reason why Puerto Rico is taken into consideration one the the best vacation spots in the Caribbean.

Not just does the offer loads of attractions, yet it additionally boasts a dual nature that has actually been fascinating travellers for centuries.

On one hand, Puerto Rico is a mecca because that vacationers and also honeymooners. There’s sun, surf, rum and adventure about every corner.

You have the right to swim in beautiful beaches and zipline with exotic rainforests; you have the right to jump indigenous towering cliffs and descend right into creepy secret caves.

There’s no border to cool experiences to have actually on the island.

On the various other hand, there’s a deeper side to Puerto Rico.

It has actually some the the oldest, most carefully-preserved design in the world, and it’s filled through landmarks that great social and historic value.

You can learn a lot around pre-Columbian people with a trip to that is museums, galleries, churches, cathedrals and military fortresses.

Which Puerto Rico do you desire to see? What sort of trip carry out you want to have actually in the Caribbean?

If you’re wondering what to carry out in Puerto Rico, right here are just a few ideas!

Best things To carry out In Puerto Rico

1. Flamenco Beach


Chad Zuber / Shutterstock

If you’re travel to Puerto Rico, you desire to go to the beach. That’s a fact.

No one paris to Puerto Rico to check out its air-conditioned government buildings. You desire fun in the sun.

The great news is that Flamenco Beach will live as much as your daydreams and then some.

Not only does it offer white sand and blue water the shimmies top top the horizon, however it also boasts bathrooms, lifeguards, food kiosks, volleyball nets and tourist stations wherein you have the right to rent equipment for things prefer snorkeling and scuba diving.

It’s a dry paradise the will offer you just about every vacation endure that you could want in Puerto Rico.

Are girlfriend keen to test yourself against the waves? struggle the horseshoe bend for good surfing opportunities.

Are friend traveling through family? permit the kids develop sandcastles while mom and dad sip piña coladas under the the shade of a lounge chair.

Flamenco coast is together a picture-perfect location that it’s frequently ranked as among the ideal beaches in the Caribbean by travel guides.

If you’re in search of amazing places to visit in Puerto Rico, grab her towel and do the flamenco.

2. Castillo san Felipe del Morro


FER737NG / Shutterstock

There’s a bloody history of conquest behind the bright, rum-soaked beaches of the Caribbean.

Everyone want a piece of the new World, and also everyone to be willing come fight to acquire it. Nowhere is this much more apparent 보다 the Castillo mountain Felipe del Morro.

Known come locals as “El Morro,” the Castillo mountain Felipe del Morro is a gargantuan citadel the was constructed in Puerto Rico in the 16th century to safeguard the island versus pirates, soldiers, slavers and also anyone else that wanted come test their strength against its huge walls.

It has an entire assembly that cannons, turrets, bunkers, sentry towers, lighthouses and other locations of interest.

Today, of course, it’s a lively tourist attraction where human being take self while youngsters play hide-and-seek in the covert nooks the the good stone garitas.

Families fly kites ~ above the grass. Sellers sell snacks.

Once top top a time, however, the Castillo san Felipe del Morro was the most crucial fortress in Puerto Rico, and also its substantial walls will take your breath away when you realize exactly how much history that they’ve seen.

Address:501 Calle Norzagaray, mountain Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico

3. The Pork Highway


Crystal Eye Studio / Shutterstock

Officially recognized as La Ruta del Lechón, the Pork Highway is specifically what it sounds like: a three-mile large of roadway where every restaurant specializes in pork.

The many popular form of pork is lechón, a one-of-a-kind dish in Puerto Rico that entails spit-roasting an entire pig v a blend of sauces and also spices.

It’s taken into consideration the key attraction the the highway, for this reason be all set to see all kinds of open-air acting pits with totality pigs slowly turning on skewers.

If friend don’t like lechón, the Pork Highway has other tasty items to offer as well.

You can enjoy morcilla (blood sausage) or arroz con gandules (rice and beans), or you might be tempted by miscellaneous stews, sandwiches, casseroles and veggie dishes.

If it’s made in Puerto Rico, the Pork Highway probably has it.

Another draw of the Pork Highway is that festive atmosphere. The restaurants room loud and also crowded, and also there’s always drinking and also dancing come go in addition to the roasted pig.

It’s among those places where you deserve to make a dozen friends before you end up a single meal.

The Pork Highway is basically one huge block party. If you want to cut loose in Puerto Rico, drive down the highway and also prepare yourself for a great time.

4. Toro Verde Adventure Park

Get your blood pumping v a pilgrimage to the Toro Verde Adventure Park in main Puerto Rico.

It provides ziplines, rope courses and rock climbing challenges that room guaranteed to make you pee your pants a tiny when girlfriend realize simply what you’ve obtained yourself into!

The park’s key attraction is “The Beast,” which is detailed in the Guinness book of people Records as the longest zipline in the world.

You’ll it is in strapped into a horizontal, full-body harness that will certainly send girlfriend careening v the open up air for 4,745 feet.

Other attractions incorporate “The Wild Bull,” a collection of hanging rope bridges the will sway in every direction as you cross them, and also “Escape If girlfriend Can,” an adventure course that contains everything native ziplining come rappelling under a absent wall.

Thrill seekers won’t want to miss out on Toro Verde Adventure Park. Puerto Rico is a crazy place, but some that its vacation spots are also crazier.

If girlfriend laugh in the challenge of danger, this is absolutely one the the height things to do.

Address:PR-155, Orocovis, 00720, Puerto Rico

5. Old san Juan


emperorcosar / Shutterstock

With cobbled streets, liven plazas and colorful dwellings that stack with each other like building blocks of yellow, blue, green, orange and turquoise, Old mountain Juan is among the most vibrant places to visit in Puerto Rico.

It’s technically a historical district, and you can see proof of its past in the variety of churches, cathedrals and also colonial homes.

There are also tourist attractions in the form of old tombs that hold the stays of well known Spanish explorers.

If you’re a history buff, this is just one of the many educational places in Puerto Rico.

Most visitors, however, come to Old mountain Juan for commerce. There room shops and also museums; there space casual sidewalk cafes and sophisticated candlelit restaurants.

A free trolley rambles v the ar if you want to hop in between destinations.

Old mountain Juan top our list of finest places to go in Puerto Rico.

Whether you’re headed there for the markets or the memorials, you definitely won’t want to miss it!

6. Isla Culebrita


Chad Zuber / Shutterstock

There’s a particular charm come the lively, rowdy crowds the Puerto Rico, however no one will blame you if you should escape the noise every as soon as in a while.

This is why places like Isla Culebrita exist.

Isla Culebrita is an uninhabited island off the shore of eastern Puerto Rico. It’s only about a mile long, and access is restricted to ferries and also water taxis.

Many tourists don’t even realize that it exists.

Its isolation, however, renders it among the ideal places to visit in Puerto Rico. The beaches room neat and clean; the purchase centers don’t have actually long lines.

You can dive because that coral reefs or wade through tide pools without anyone rather around.

There are likewise fun landmarks to check out on Isla Culebrita, consisting of an old-fashioned lighthouse and also a one-of-a-kind beach where sea turtle lay your eggs.

You have the right to take your time with these attractions because there won’t be busy crowds hurrying girlfriend along.

If you need a rest from the chaos of the mainland, think about jetting off to Isla Culebrita.

It’s among the surprise treasures that Puerto Rico, and in the true heart of a pirate, it’s yours for the taking.

7. Museo de ras Americas


Borrie / Shutterstock

There are countless museums in Puerto Rico, yet only a handful are actually around Puerto Rico. The Museo de las Americas is just one of these precious places.

It has artifacts, tokens and textiles from dozens the indigenous teams that lived in Latin America before it to be colonized, and also it deserve to take you on a multi-continental journey v history.

One of the coolest things about the Museo de las Americas is the it’s housed in a series of old army barracks.

In the 1800s, the doors brought about bedrooms, kitchens, cafeterias and also jails; today, they result in art galleries and also recreated scenery rooms.

Another fun thing about the museum is the it’s an ext than just a collection of objects behind glass. Castle don’t memory it as an exciting attraction in Puerto Rico for nothing!

There are interactive train station where kids can touch and also hold things; there’s one audio-visual room wherein adults can learn more about tribal legacies through short, informative films.

The Museo de las Americas has actually a many going because that it. Not only will you it is in awed through its location, however you’ll additionally take in the vital people and places of Caribbean history.

The Museo de las Americas is just one of those areas in Puerto Rico that will certainly be both entertaining and also educational.

Address:Calle Beneficencia, san Juan, 00926, Puerto Rico

8. Mayaguez

If you choose to eat, Mayaguez is the city because that you.

It’s home to every little thing from good dining establishments to open-air cafes with big, vivid umbrellas, so you’ll have actually plenty of choices when her stomach start growling.

A fun fact around Mayaguez is that it’s well-known for the creation and also production of several famous dishes in Puerto Rico:

Brazo Gitano is a kind of sweet dessert role made v jelly-filled sponge cake.Sangria de Fido is an alcoholic drink made with rum, fruit juice and also burgundy wine. The creator was available $250,000 to sell his recipe to a big-name liquor brand, but he refused.The coffee of Puerto Rico is known roughly the world for the rich, smooth flavors. The beans are harvested in volcanic soil v a perfect amount of shade and rainfall, so they’re in high demand as a luxury product.

Mayaguez will let girlfriend enjoy every one of these delights, and it has actually a couple of other intriguing food selection items, too.

If you’re looking for an excellent places to chow down in Puerto Rico, protect against by Mayaguez.

9. El Yunque nationwide Forest


Dennis van de Water / Shutterstock

Covering much more than 28,000 acres, the El Yunque National forest is a lush, humid rainforest where dense foliage covers whatever from slithering snakes come croaking tree frogs.

It’s the only tropical rainforest in Puerto Rico, and visitors come from all over the Carribean to witness both its beauty and biodiversity.

Hiking is the most common task in El Yunque national Forest.

It has all type of sightseeing trails for rivers, crags, waterfalls, meadows and mountains, so your camera will gain a pretty workout together you walk exploring.

Maybe you have the right to start a Puerto Rico scrapbook!

If you want a little much more excitement than simply walking around, take into consideration camping, swimming, biking or picnicking in among the forest’s designated entertain areas.

You can likewise stop by the visitor’s facility for information on any type of tours or nature walks that space on schedule.

Oh, and also if you’re in search of Puerto Rico travel hacks, here’s one that might save her life:

Don’t take trip to El Yunque national Forest throughout the merganser season!

It currently gets a ton of precipitation to sustain its thriving ecosystem, so during the merganser season, the area can become downright flooded.

The best time to visit the woodland is during the drier month of Puerto Rico.

10. Los Morrillos Lighthouse


Photo spirit / Shutterstock

Located in the city the Cabo rojo on the southernmost pointer of Puerto Rico, the Los Morrillos Lighthouse is among those gorgeous locations that you have the right to only uncover in the Caribbean.

It’s perched on top of white limestone cliffs that space surrounded through salt marshes and also lagoons, and the tide crash versus the cliffs through a violence that’s startling however beautiful.

The lighthouse chin is a basic structure; you’ll find many just like it in Puerto Rico.

However, the views from its observation deck are height notch, and the trusted staff will take friend on a tour anytime.

You can also explore the grounds neighboring the lighthouse. The sea is a great 200 feet listed below the cliffs, and also there are no security rails to organize you back.

Venture close enough to the edge and you can also see where parts of the limestone have actually crumbled beneath the feet of previous visitors.

It’ll be too dangerous because that the kids, however daring adults deserve to toe the cliffs and test your luck. Make a memory of Puerto Rico the you’ll never forget!

Address:Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

11. Ponce

Ponce is a bustling city in Puerto Rico wherein you can discover everything native pink residences to pineapple ice cream shops.

It has such a vibrant, vibrant atmosphere that it’s been dubbed “the many Puerto Rican city in Puerto Rico.”

What makes Ponce so special?

For starters, it’s to fill with few of the finest things to execute in Puerto Rico.

Whether you’re a pan of parks, plazas, museums, shopping malls, restaurants, monuments or movie theaters, Ponce will keep you busy.

Another an excellent thing around Ponce is that it hosts dozens the festivals transparent the year.

Some of them are local carnivals and parades the showcase the art and culture of the Caribbean; others are global marathons and also music events that attract massive crowds.

Ponce is certainly one the the finest places in Puerto Rico. If the traveler attractions don’t reel you in, the local society will.

12. Cayo Santiago

Cayo Santiago is a small stretch that land off the eastern coastline of Puerto Rico.

From a distance, it looks like any type of other tropical Caribbean landscape filled v hills, beaches and cliffs.

When you get closer, however, you’ll view the furry small heads peeking with the tree canopies, and you’ll realize why “Cayo Santiago” equates to “Monkey Island.”

Cayo Santiago was developed when a team of chimpanzees was imported native India to Puerto Rico in the 1930s.

Researchers want to examine their habits without human being interference, for this reason they allow the primates run wild on one unclaimed island.

They more than likely didn’t intend the monkey populace to swell to 1,000, but that’s the one of life for you.

Humans aren’t allowed on Cayo Santiago, yet you deserve to go snorkeling or kayaking in the bordering waters because that a closer look in ~ the curious tiny creatures.

There’s also a sunken barge nearby for more diving fun.

The ideal things to do in Puerto Rico room the ones the you can’t experience everywhere else. They’re distinct to the island and its inhabitants.

Cayo Santiago is among these unforgettable places, so speak to up your take trip planner and also ask them to perform some monkey business.

13. Vieques national Wildlife Refuge

If you’re willing to take trip a tiny outside the the actual island the Puerto Rico, hop on a ferry and visit the Vieques national Wildlife Refuge.

Hundreds of species call it home, including birds, lizards, monkeys, manatees and sea turtles. Over there are even wild equines roaming the shoreline!

As because that activities, you’ll have actually your selection of fun points to do and amazing areas to visit on both land and also sea.

If you desire to splash around, you deserve to swim, snorkel and scuba dive; if you prefer to continue to be dry, you have the right to go hiking, biking or horseback riding.

You can additionally check out the visitor’s facility for cool exhibits the seashells and manatee skeletons.

Lots of people wonder what to carry out in Puerto Rico, but only a couple of realize the potential that a destination just a bit off the coast.

Don’t be afraid to go past the borders of her map and visit the Vieques national Wildlife Refuge.

Address:State Rd 997 km 3.2, Vieques, PR 00765, unified States

14. Arecibo Observatory

You don’t need to be a scientist to appreciate the world’s largest radio telescope.

Towering more than 1,600 feet over the lakes and also fields of Puerto Rico, the Arecibo Observatory is a testament to the strength of man and the prominence of clinical research.

It operates 24/7 and transmits data to civilization from all over the globe.

It’s among the finest places in Puerto Rico because that scenic views, too.

You have the right to take a tour of the observatory through the science and visitor center, and also when you’re done learning around its value to everything from radar astronomy come atmospheric science, you can finish your visit v a climb to the monitoring deck.

You’ll it is in so high the the birds will be below you!

There’s a factor why the Arecibo Observatory has actually been featured in films and also shows such together GoldenEye, The X-Files and also Cosmos: A personal Voyage.

It’s a vision that manages to it is in both humbling and also empowering, and also it’s a top-tier destination in Puerto Rico.

Address:PR-625, Arecibo, 00612, Puerto Rico

15. Jose Enrique

Jose Enrique isn’t like any other restaurant in Puerto Rico. If you’re looking for distinct dining establishments, this one takes the whole empanada.

The very first thing to know about Jose Enrique is that it’s based in a an easy green house without any signage.

If not for the enticing smells wafting indigenous the windows, you could walk right previous it without also realizing that it’s there.

It also has a relaxed, informal setting where locals and also tourists mingle freely. Appointments aren’t accepted; it’s very first come very first served.

The food selection is composed on a whiteboard that the waiters lug from table come table, and also it transforms every day, for this reason you can be eating almojábana ~ above Monday and plátanos maduros ~ above Tuesday.

Some people might not favor the casual setting of Jose Enrique, yet it’s one of the ideal places to endure Puerto Rico favor a native.

If girlfriend aren’t one to was standing on ceremony, you can uncover the house, kick off your shoes, bespeak something delicious and also even carry your own beer.

Jose Enrique welcomes everyone who can appreciate great food and a festive atmosphere.

Address:176 Calle Duffaut, mountain Juan, 00907, Puerto Rico

16. Guajataca Tunnel

Are you fear of the dark?

Known come locals together “The black color Tunnel,” Guajataca Tunnel is a pitch-black underpass carved into the next of a flow canyon that stretches for more than 500 feet.

It provided to belong to the national railway system, and also in that heyday, it connected several various regions the Puerto Rico for the quick, basic transport the things favor sugar cane.

Today, Guajataca Tunnel is a ghost site that’s to be forgotten through the transportation department.

It’s come to be something of a tourist attraction as world dare each other to walk with its totally lightless caverns.

If you have the right to make it come the other side, you’ll it is in greeted v dazzling views of Guajataca Beach.

If you lose your nerve, you’ll have actually to twin back and also take one of the outdoor wade trails.

Guajataca Tunnel is among the an ext low-key points to execute in Puerto Rico, so don’t expect it to administer hours of entertainment.

It’s simply a fun difficulty for anyone who is currently traveling through the area.

It’s the type of point that can end up being a good story as soon as you’re earlier home native your expedition to Puerto Rico; friend just need to be brave sufficient to attempt it!

Address:Av. Noel Estrada, Isabela, 00662, Puerto Rico

17. Caguana indigenous Ceremonial Center

Before it was “discovered” through explorers, Puerto Rico was residence to a variety of indigenous tribes. They had actually their very own art, culture, tradition, medicine and also athletic games.

The Caguana aboriginal Ceremonial center ensures that none of it will be forgotten.

Founded on 800-year-old soil, the Caguana native Ceremonial center carefully preservation the landmarks that the area while additionally inviting tourists to take it a go in the shoes of the human being who came prior to them.

Its most famous attraction is the collection of “ball courts” whereby the Taino civilization played games among large, carved stones decorated with monoliths and petroglyphs.

There’s also a small museum filled through artifacts and a factory garden where timeless Taino plants are grown.

History buffs won’t want to miss the Caguana indigenous Ceremonial Center.

The Caribbean wasn’t always a boozy tourist destination, and also it’s crucial to remember the native world that nurtured the land prior to anyone else had even heard the Puerto Rico.

Address:Carr.111 Km. 12.4, Utuado, 00641, Puerto Rico

18. Plaza ras Americas


It’s okay to endure a little dizziness once you walk into Plaza ras Americas.

Not just is the the biggest shopping shopping center in Puerto Rico, however it’s also the best shopping mall in the entire Caribbean!

Three stories are residence to whatever from upscale fashion boutiques to modest call kiosks.

There are more than 300 companies in total, and they’re spread throughout a staggering 2.2 million square feet of sleeve space.

There are stores, restaurants, offices and also fountains; there’s a food court filled v menus indigenous all roughly the world; there’s also a cineplex that runs both English and also Spanish movies.

Speaking that languages, you’ll find the Plaza las Americas come be very accessible to tourists who are new to Puerto Rico.

While a many the signage is in Spanish, numerous of them have English printed right below it, and the logos of famed brands have tendency to be universal anyway.

If your pesos space burning a hole in your pocket in Puerto Rico, make a avoid at the Plaza ras Americas.

You’ll end the day with your eight filled through shopping bags and also your heart filled through the delight of retail therapy.

Address:525 Av. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, mountain Juan, 00918, Puerto Rico

19. Gilligan’s Island

Yes, you review that correctly!

Though it’s officially called Cayo Aurora, this tiny piece of floor is more commonly well-known as Gilligan’s Island, and it can carry out a real-life taste that the tropical paradise the you observed on TV.

Gilligan’s Island is just one of the lesser-known archipelago of Puerto Rico. It’s situated off the coastline of Guanica, a more popular coast destination, and also it’s rather small.

You can explore the entire thing by foot.

What the island lacks in size, however, it makes up in beauty. The waters that Gilligan’s Island are breathtakingly clear, and also the tide are always calm and also mild.

It’s among the finest places in Puerto Rico to observe marine life.

Whether you’re swimming, snorkeling or kayaking, you can see every the shade of the colorful fish darting below the surface.

You’ll likewise enjoy the solitude the Gilligan’s Island.

It’s never ever as crowded as the large beaches, therefore you can teach the children to swimming or cuddling up through your sweetheart by the mangrove trees without any kind of interference from loud tourists.

Take a three-hour tour with the Gilligan’s Island of Puerto Rico.

You won’t uncover the Professor or the Skipper here, however you’ll gain plenty of other Caribbean delights!

20. San German

San German is the second-oldest city in Puerto Rico, and as shortly as you see its cobblestone streets and square-cut early american buildings, you’ll realize the it never really left its past behind.

Hundreds of historical sites can make the obvious, too.

San German is a premiere destination for travelers who space interested in the background of Puerto Rico.

It boasts churches, cathedrals, museums, plazas, cemeteries and social centers as far as the eye deserve to see.

From kept art collection to authentic stained glass home windows that depict important religious events, san German has it all.

Another quite thing about San German is the it’s really walkable.

Most that its crucial landmarks are within 30 minutes of each other, for this reason you have the right to take a stroll and visit all of the finest places in a single afternoon.

San German isn’t for everyone. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, because that example, you could want come look for an ext death-defying things to perform in Puerto Rico.

But if you’re someone that enjoys old scrolls and also scrubbed tombstones, san German will certainly be right up your cobbled alley.

21. Mosquito Bay

Located just off the coastline of Puerto Rico, Mosquito Bay is among the many stunning sights in the world.

It’s house to countless bioluminescent organisms that make the water sparkle like bright blue gemstones!

The exact science that Mosquito just is miscellaneous of a mystery, however it’s believed that the organisms have actually a natural luminescence that thrives in the nutrient-rich waters of Puerto Rico.

There are two various other bays choose this about the island, but Mosquito bay is the brightest.

You could question the wisdom the visiting areas with names choose “Mosquito Bay,” however rest assured that the title has nothing to carry out with bloodsucking insects.

It comes from an old pirate named El Mosquito who supplied the bay as a hideout.

You won’t gain stung or bitten as soon as you visit, and you’ll gain a once-in-a-lifetime suffer as you paddle v its bioluminescent waters.

The one fence of Mosquito just is the you’ll have to paddle; swim isn’t allowed, for this reason you’ll need to take a kayak ride to obtain close come the sparkles.

The ideal time come visit is in ~ night. The moon will light increase the glittering blue waves prefer something the end of a movie.

If you’re looking for amazing things to execute in Puerto Rico, placed Mosquito Bay at the peak of your list.

It’s among the rarest sights in the whole Caribbean, therefore it’s worth going a little bit out of your way.

22. Palmas del Mar

Are girlfriend visiting Puerto Rico for much more than a weekend or feather break? room you looking for cool places to check out that won’t require comprehensive travel away from her hotel?

You might want to consider a permanent vacation rental in Puerto Rico, and you might want come look into places choose Palmas del Mar.

Palmas del Mar is a sprawling resort community that covers more than 2,500 acres.

It has every one of the traditional fares choose beaches, restaurants, tennis courts, golf courses and also horse stables, but it additionally offers essentials for day-to-day living choose schools and banks.

People aren’t just tourists in Palmas del Mar. They’re residents.

If you pick to join the community, you can either purchase or rental from the network of vacation homes and also beach villas in the area.

It’s the long-term solution for human being who aren’t simply in the Caribbean because that short-time fun.

If you’re in search of the finest places to remain in Puerto Rico that aren’t single-serve hotels, take into consideration Palmas del Mar.

It will certainly offer every one of the amenities the you require for a great tropical trip.

23. Casino del Sol

Gambling is totally legal in Puerto Rico, and you can’t litter a absent in areas like san Juan without hitting a hotel or resort v a casino attached.

The only question is i m sorry casino will offer you the highest possible chance at a jackpot!

While no the biggest or grandest structure in the area, Casino del Sol has actually a an excellent reputation as a gambling establishment.

It offers an ext than 14,000 square feet of slot machines and card tables, and that isn’t even getting into its raffles, lotteries and off-track horse betting.

There’s a small something for everyone no matter just how they prefer to role the dice.

Casino del sol is additionally just a heartbeat far from the famous Picante Lobby Bar and Lounge the Puerto Rico, so as soon as you’ve functioned up a thirsty at the blackjack table, you deserve to step aside for a minute and also enjoy a cocktail in ~ the bar.

You can even have the ability to catch a night display with a singer or salsa band.

Sink your feet right into the plush carpets of Casino del Sol and also take benefit of the lax gambling legislations of the Caribbean.

You won’t have the ability to enjoy this experience almost everywhere else, for this reason it’ll be exclusive to her Puerto Rico vacation!

Address:7012 Calle way Boca de Cangrejos, Carolina, 00979, Puerto Rico

24. Cueva del Indio

History deserve to take countless forms, consisting of artwork carved into cavern walls between the years of A.D. 1200 – 1500. This is what you’ll see once you visit Cueva del Indio.

Located in La Piedras, Puerto Rico, this caves space a prehistoric rock website where history comes alive in a series of paintings, sculptures and also petroglyphs.

Not just will you acquire to undertaking deep right into the moss-covered tunnels that comprise the cavern network, but you’ll additionally be able to look at real artwork left behind by the indigenous world of Puerto Rico.

Another nice attribute of Cueva del Indio is the it won’t expense you a dime.

It can be placed on your list that “free points to do in Puerto Rico” because that the days as soon as your spending plan is stretching a little thin.

If you gain art, culture and indigenous background that dates earlier to pre-Columbian times, take into consideration a visit come Cueva del Indio.

It’s one of those beautiful places that needs to be watched to it is in believed.

Address:Arecibo 00612, Puerto Rico

25. Playa Sucia

Consistently ranked as one of the finest beaches in the Caribbean, Playa Sucia is so pristine the you might feel guilty about laying down your towels and drink coolers.

You’ll need to get over this instinct if you desire to completely experience a beautiful Puerto Rico destination!

The water is the an initial thing that you’ll notice.

It’s therefore clear the you have the right to see every grain of sand between your toes, and also it’s perfect for swimming, snorkeling, wading, diving and paddle boarding.

There are some fun places past the beach together well.

A lighthouse is in ~ walking distance, and a wildlife make reservation is a quick drive right into southern Puerto Rico if you have the right to tear yourself away indigenous the water.

The single best thing about Playa Sucia, however, is that is paradore.

Paradores are old-fashioned Spanish motel that will certainly treat you choose royalty, and Puerto Rico has strict accuse to store them authentic.

Being able come bunk in a paradore is a real treat, for this reason it’ll it is in the icing on the cake of your exotic beach vacation!

Another rapid travel hack: “Playa Sucia” occasionally goes by the surname “La Playuela,” for this reason you could see it listed differently ~ above maps that Puerto Rico.

It’s just a regional thing. It’s the same beach.

26. Casa Bacardi

You aren’t yes, really vacationing in the Caribbean till you’re sipping ~ above a fruity cocktail through an umbrella stick. Fortunately, Casa Bacardi deserve to turn this daydreams right into a reality.

Casa Bacardi is the distillery the the world-famous Bacardi brand. It offers tours, tastings, mixology classes and other special events that storage their passion for liquor.

Visitors can take the afternoon and also learn all around the tricks of a an excellent daiquiri or the history of the mojito.

Famously, the Casa Bacardi tourism will get you buzzed native the moment that you step right into the building.

The an initial drink is complimentary, yet you’ll be tempted v all kinds of cocktails and coconut drink as you complete the tour.

If you take a mixology class, girlfriend can even drink your inventions when you’re done!

There’s no shortage of good-time drink in Puerto Rico, but if you’d favor to taste some of the really best that the island needs to offer, consider a pilgrimage to Casa Bacardi.

Address:PR-165, Cataño, 00949, Puerto Rico

27. Las Cascadas Water Park

Las Cascadas Water Park provided to it is in the biggest aquatic park in Puerto Rico.

It might still hold that title, however it’s hard to be sure with the climb of so many luxury attractions in the higher Caribbean area.

Either way, las Cascadas Water Park will definitely keep you cool top top a hot day.

You can splash in rides, rivers, tunnels and kiddie pools, and also refreshing drinks and also frozen desserts are only a kiosk away.

If you feel like testing your bravery, you deserve to strap in for El Laberinto (“The Maze”) or El Torbellino (“The Twister”).

If you’d prefer something calmer because that the kids, try Rio tropical Pasivo (“The tropical Lazy River”).

Visit ras Cascadas Water Park for some an excellent old-fashioned summertime fun.

At the finish of the day, the doesn’t issue if it’s the greatest aquatic park in Puerto Rico.

It will certainly still permit you throw yourself under a gigantic purple water slide, and also that’s the most important thing.

Address:2 Puerto Rico, Aguadilla Pueblo, Aguadilla 00603, Puerto Rico

28. Humacao

There are countless places to visit in Humacao, a southeastern city in Puerto Rico.

You have the right to tour regional churches and museums; you can hike come the height of an astronomy tower; you have the right to dive into the depths of that is snorkeling sites.

If you’re spring to have the best time in Humacao, however, you’ll wait until the festival season.

The city transforms itself annually with celebrations that draw human being from anywhere Puerto Rico.

The Breadfruit Festival is most likely the most famous.

Held every September, it celebrates the flexibility of this exotic Caribbean fruit by dishing it increase in every way that you deserve to imagine.

There room savory breadfruit skewers through meats and veggies; there are tart breadfruit desserts that will jolt her tongue v every bite.

The festival will also keep girlfriend entertained with arts, crafts, games and sports the celebrate Puerto Rico.

Another large festival is the Fiesta Patronal hosted in December.

Originally a spiritual occasion, it’s progressed in current years to end up being a fun, festive event that includes everything indigenous live concert to flower parades.

If you choose rubbing shoulders through partygoers in Puerto Rico, you won’t want to miss out on Humacao.

It’s a warm spot for social celebrations, and also you could even form some new friendships that will certainly last as soon as your vacation is over.

29. Charco Azul

Go turn off the beaten path in Puerto Rico v a trip to Charco Azul.

It’s situated deep in ~ a woodland in the Cayey region, and also you’ll need to walk down numerous trails and across a collection of bridges before you reach it.

Literally analyzed as “blue pond,” Charco Azul provides a bit much more than its surname suggests.

It’s a freshwater swim hole that extends a an excellent 30 – 40 feet across, and it deserve to reach depths of 10 – 15 feet in the center.

You’ll have the ability to swim, dive, float, tube and observe the fish with ease. You’ll additionally be able to relax in a quiet, organic setting.

While it’s true that Charco Azul isn’t a grand destination in Puerto Rico, it’s among those beautiful and tranquil areas where you can enjoy one afternoon splash without any kind of stress.

A little waterfall will administer gentle lift music together you swim, and a pair of boulders will act together diving spots if you’re feeling courageous.

Many tourist can’t even discover Charco Azul top top a map that Puerto Rico, and the locals would prefer to keep it that way.

If you’re to plan a trip to this aquatic oasis, keep it hush-hush!

30. Kikita Beach


Puerto Rico is home to hundreds and also hundreds that beaches, so that takes something impressive to do one coast stand the end from the rest.

Kikita Beach has actually that kind of shoreline.

Known as the surfing paradise of Puerto Rico, Kikita coast is heaven for anyone who wants to practice their aerials and alley-oops.

It’s surrounded by cliffs and also rocks that provide it amazing waves, however the water itself is clear and mild, for this reason it’s the perfect setup for lastly nailing those tricks.

Swimming is discouraged in ~ the beach because of the choppy nature the the waves, yet the remainder of your family doesn’t need to sit in quiet while friend surf.

They can discover the rocks, observe the naval life, beat in the sand and eat part seafood in ~ the regional dining establishments.

Kikita Beach might be recognized as a surf spot, yet it has actually other amenities to offer as well.

Are you looking for cool, organic places to visit in Puerto Rico? take into consideration Kikita Beach.

If friend can’t understand a cutback there, friend can’t master it anywhere.

31. Hacienda Buena Vista

Caffeine junkies, this one is for you.

Hacienda Buena Vista is one agricultural complex built approximately a 19th-century coffee plantation wherein history, society and java all come together in a heavenly-smelling brew.

Once top top a time, Hacienda Buena Vista was one of the most necessary coffee plantations in Puerto Rico.

It harvest beans the were transport all around the world; even the Vatican couldn’t get enough.

Today’s coffee farms operate differently.

They tend to be impersonal, high-volume locations meant because that the mass production of future lattes, and that “original touch” element has been lost everywhere except for specialty farms like Hacienda Buena Vista.

Instead the conforming to the new standard, it still operates the same old-fashioned makers that the did in 1833.

Visitors to Hacienda Buena Vista deserve to walk the grounds, crank the machines, feed the livestock and learn an ext about traditional coffee harvesting in Puerto Rico.

They can additionally enjoy authentic, freshly-brewed Spanish coffee until they burst.

Hacienda Buena Vista is just one of the ideal places in Puerto Rico if you need a fix.

Not just will you reap its brews, but you’ll discover a small something around where lock come from as well.

Address:Km 16.8, PR-123, Ponce, 00728, Puerto Rico

32. Pinones

Pinones is among the most unusual places to walk in Puerto Rico.

It’s no a city, and it’s no really a neighborhood. It’s mostly just a strip of land follow me a regional highway where world go come eat.

What provides Pinones various from various other stomach-patting places?

It specialization in chinchorros or roadside food stalls wherein you can uncover all type of traditional Caribbean dishes.

From sweet fried bananas to difficult rice bowls filled v pork and pigeon peas, chinchorros offer it all.

The locals have even turned them right into a verb: come chinchorrear method to wander native stall come stall and enjoy miscellaneous foods and also snacks.

Pinones isn’t the only region in Puerto Rico wherein you have the right to chinchorrear, yet it’s the best.

It’s for sure packed with tables, chairs, grills, fire pits, smokehouses and food trucks.

You’ll have actually your selection of food selection items, and you’ll obtain to gain a festive environment to boot.

Consider a trip to Pinones if you’re in search of memorable things to carry out in Puerto Rico.

You’ll never ever forget the time that you ripped right into a platter of meat skewers under a dirt-stained umbrella while tiny kids ran about your feet to the sound of your grandmother’s old-fashioned radio.

33. Camuy River cavern Park

Say goodbye to the sunlight through a pilgrimage to Camuy River cave Park.

As the largest underground cave system in Puerto Rico, Camuy River cavern Park is one of those areas that feels forget by time.

As you endeavor deeper and deeper right into the complex labyrinth that tunnels, caverns and sinkholes, you’ll listen the flutter of bat wings and also the pitter-patter the water dripping indigenous stalagmites and stalactites.

The sunlight will progressively fade and also disappear. The rocks will come to be bigger 보다 humans.

It’s perfectly safe, that course; there room lights and also walkways for visitors, and tour travel guide are anywhere to suggest out sights the you could have missed.

You can also take a trolley ride through the caves if you’re worn down or disabled. Puerto Rico is constantly accommodating.

The amenities don’t take away from the atmosphere, however.

They don’t dim the jaw-dropping beauty, beauty of one underground cave network that’s more than 45 million years old.

If you desire to marvel at the see that’s straight out the Batman, take into consideration a visit come Camuy River cave Park.

Address:Quebrada, Camuy 00669, Puerto Rico

34. Seven Seas Beach

Located in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, the seven Seas beach is a great place to string increase a hammock.

In enhancement to white sand, blue water and pink alcohol, girlfriend can additionally use the place as a main hub for further travel.

You see, Fajardo is a well-connected city. It’s right on the eastern shore that Puerto Rico, for this reason it’s a viable launching pad come dozens of other islands and islets.

It’s likewise the residence of Puerto del Rey Marina, the biggest marina in every one of the Caribbean.

As for the 7 Seas Beach, it will offer loads of avenues for water adventures in Puerto Rico.

It’s just a few miles from famous snorkeling and scuba diving sites, and also it’s residence to cool tourist attractions such as lighthouses, luxury resorts, mangrove fields and also sugar cane refineries.

You can not desire to spend your whole trip at the 7 Seas Beach, yet if you’re simply looking for an excellent places come drop her bags before you go exploring deeper in Puerto Rico, it will serve girlfriend well.

35. Guanica State Forest and also Biosphere Reserve

A trip to the Guanica State Forest and Biosphere Reserve is one of the most unique things to do in Puerto Rico.

It’s situated within the “rain shadow” of its such as mountain landscape, so instead of being a humid, muggy rainforest, it’s a “dry forest” the receives very little precipitation throughout the year.

What go this mean for the views?

They’re still beautiful, yet they look different from other nature reserves. They have a stark, craggy appearance with rocky cliffs and also dry areas of cactus-like shrubs.

You could forget the you’re in Puerto Rico when you’re stand in the center of a desert!

One cons of the Guanica State Forest and Biosphere Reserve that it can gain pretty hot; temperatures have the right to climb as high together 100°F in locations without shade.

The best time to visit is throughout the early on morning or so late evening as soon as the sun isn’t blazing straight overhead.

You’ll gain a much more moderate climate, and also you’ll gain to see the sunset over the hills together well. The glow will look different than anywhere else in Puerto Rico.

36. La Guancha Boardwalk

Maybe you prefer munching on shave ice as you stroll under the beach.

Maybe you prefer playing arcade gamings or advertise your kids on a swing set.

Maybe you favor salsa to dance with finish strangers!

Anything can take place at La Guancha Boardwalk, therefore it’s easily one the the best places come visit in Puerto Rico.

As its surname suggests, La Guancha Boardwalk is a boardwalk that encounters the Caribbean Sea.

For the world just pass through, the sells snacks and also souvenirs indigenous kiosks and also food stalls; for visitors who want to sit down and also kick up your feet, there room bars, cafes, coffee shops and also restaurants.

There are also fun, active things to carry out at this Puerto Rico boardwalk.

You deserve to feed the tarpon at a one-of-a-kind pier wherein they gather in numbers; you deserve to rent a pedal boat to go exploring in the water.

You can play gamings at the arcade or the playground. You can watch a sidewalk artist occupational his magic or join an out jam session v a street band.

Some boardwalks can be fight or miss in Puerto Rico, however La Guancha Boardwalk is a residence run.

Whether you’re looking to eat, drink, shop or just people-watch, it’s one of the peak things to do on the island.

Address:Calle C, Ponce, 00716, Puerto Rico

37. Cemi Museum

The cemi or zemi is an artifact of good significance in Puerto Rico. It refers to both the divine beings of the aboriginal people and the spiritual objects that stand for them.

They deserve to have all kinds of faces and forms, including ones that are rather animal-like; the many important part is that they’re created with reverence.

The Cemi Museum bring away this idea and ramps it approximately 11.

The entire structure is shaped choose a cemi: Its former doors open in the mouth, and also visitors walk v the face and into the humpbacked, frog-shaped body.

Once inside, you’ll be treated to a repertoire of aboriginal murals and also artifacts that date back centuries.

Some that the an ext uncommon objects incorporate things like carved tongue depressors the were offered in spiritual ceremonies with ritual vomiting.

The Cemi Museum is just one of the much more obscure destinations of Puerto Rico, yet that’s specifically what makes it worthwhile.

Where else can you examine vomiting instruments while standing inside of a gigantic stone god from thousands of years ago?

The Cemi Museum is one unusual however awesome attraction in Puerto Rico.

Address:PR-144, Jayuya, 00664, Puerto Rico

38. Rincon

Rincon way “corner” in Spanish, and the city is tucked away in the northwestern edge of Puerto Rico.

It isn’t discussed in a most travel guides. That isn’t taken into consideration one that the significant points of attention of the island.

If you choose to wander turn off the win path, however, you’ll discover Rincon to be a surprise gem that Puerto Rico.

The major draw that Rincon is surfing.

It organized the human being Surfing Championship in 1968, and once surfers realized that they’d been missing out on the wild waves of Puerto Rico, they began flocking to Rincon in droves and never stopped.

Rincon is also a great observation spot because that the annual migration of humpback whales.

The best time come visit is in between January and March; numerous these majestic creatures will pass by the beaches of Puerto Rico as they move into various Caribbean waters because that the season.

Rincon isn’t one of the boisterous places of Puerto Rico. It’s quiet and calm, and it will certainly let visitors enjoy a dry getaway there is no the noise and traffic the a significant tourist town.

If this explains your appropriate vacation, placed Rincon on your list the potential destinations!

39. Santurce

Puerto Rico is well-known for that is crazy, colorful locations, but Santurce takes the cake.

Graffiti is sprayed on buildings and bridges with elaborate, larger-than-life murals; homes come in every the shade of the rainbow.

Old shipping containers space painted through bright colors and also converted right into food trucks.

If it sounds trendy, you’re absolutely right.

Santurce has been dubbed everything from “a hipster haven” come “the Brooklyn that Puerto Rico,” and also it’s well-known for gift hip, stylish and artistic.

Things weren’t constantly this way.

Santurce offered to be a poor, unsafe neighborhood, and you deserve to still view the remnants that harsher time in its run-down buildings and cluttered piece malls.

Travel tips often advise tourists to be careful walking around Santurce in ~ night.

For the most part, however, Santurce has actually been gentrified come the point of ending up being one that the significant points of interest of Puerto Rico.

It’s a community where art lives on the walls and also bars have actually salsa dancers spilling ~ above the streets.

It’s loud, happy, boozy and genuine, therefore it’s worth a visit if you want a taste of yes, really Spanish society in Puerto Rico.

40. Ciales

Ciales is a landlocked town in main Puerto Rico.

It doesn’t watch like lot on a map, but if you’re ready to peer a small closer, you’ll realize that it has plenty of neat methods for tourists.

For example, did you know that horseback talk is alive and also well in Ciales? human being ride your ponies right through the town square.

This type of point isn’t feasible in the busy, crowded roads of significant Puerto Rico cities, yet it doesn’t progressive an eyebrow in a quiet town choose Ciales.

Ciales is additionally a pretty pit avoid on the way to various other Caribbean adventures.

It’s best on the route to the renowned Yuyu Cave, and it’s simply a quick drive native Tres Picachos State forest where you have the right to hike with the vegetation to with beautiful, it s as beautiful as picture waterfalls.

You don’t have to do wild points in Puerto Rico to have actually a great time.

You can enjoy your expedition with nothing an ext than a good coffee cafe or a pet to a familiar horse, and Ciales can administer that.

It’s among the best places ~ above the island because that lazy, leisurely fun.

41. Rio Abajo woodland Reserve

Covering an ext than 5,000 acre of central Puerto Rico, the Rio Abajo woodland Reserve is one of the craziest areas in the Caribbean if you gain unusual geography and topography.

It’s basically several woodlands packed right into a solitary area, and depending on your compass, you can wind up in a dried cave, humid rainforest, barren sinkhole or lush ravine.

It’s recommended the you hire a tour guide for your trip to the Rio Abajo woodland Reserve.

While there space some locations in Puerto Rico that are safe to discover on your own, the ever-changing conditions of this details forest can make it difficult to navigate without help.

If you’re ready to placed in the effort, however, the Rio Abajo forest Reserve is absolutely one of the coolest areas in Puerto Rico.

It’s also home to several various endangered species.

Because the the varied environmental problems of the area, things favor parrots, boa constrictors and also broad-winged hawks deserve to share the very same land.

The forest is one of the only locations to check out these rarely creatures in the wild, so grab your camera and also click the shutter!

42. San Juan Catamaran Sunset Sail

As the curtain close the door on her vacation in Puerto Rico, say goodbye come the island with the mountain Juan Catamaran Sunset Sail.

It’s the perfect way to bid adios to every one of the areas that have lugged you joy, wonder, excitement and also buzz.

You’ll start your sailing adventure by boarding a 37-foot catamaran in the bay.

The captain will market you totally free beverages that beer, punch, sparkling wine or rum and coke.

Once you’re away from the coastline of Puerto Rico, he’ll reduced the loud engine and let the sails execute the remainder of the work, propelling you with the wind and water together the sun sets over mountain Juan.

The views will certainly be incredible.

You’ll pass every little thing from El Morro come the Governor’s Mansion, and also it will certainly sparkle with the reflection of the water and the warmth glow of the sunset.

You could even spot a few dolphins swimming along the next of the catamaran.

Say a tenderness farewell to your vacation v the mountain Juan Catamaran Sunset Sail.

It’s a beautiful, serene activity, and it’ll it is in the perfect means to finish your trip to Puerto Rico.

Start to plan Your pilgrimage To Puerto Rico

These are simply a few ways come live it increase in Puerto Rico.

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Whether you’re interested in thrill-seeking adventures or quiet explorations of historical sites, there’s a tiny something for anyone on this renowned Caribbean island.

If you’re wondering just how to setup a pilgrimage to Puerto Rico, start with this suggestions!