One of mine favorite methods to spend time with my kiddos in the summer is a trip to the city. Every one of these excursions are complimentary or almost free. You can theoretically go to every one of these places from Pike location Market, but small legs may not desire to traverse the city blocks. Bring a stroller or Ergo, and also be prepared for hills.

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Olympic Sculpture Park


If girlfriend love art and beautiful see of the Sound and the Olympics, check out the Olympic Sculpture Park. This the end art room features gigantic pieces of art follow me an impressive walkway in ~ the very north finish of the Seattle waterfront. It’s an awesome way for children to suffer art in a room where they have the right to run, jump, and scream and no one will know the difference. Over there is a parking garage or you can uncover a spot on the street. Throughout the summer, girlfriend can likewise catch Summer in ~ SAM on Thursdays and Saturdays, with live music, the end yoga, totally free art tours, and a Kids’ Corner.

Myrtle Edwards Park


Photo Courtesy the Belltown Seattle

After you discover the art, take it a 1.25 mile bike ride v Myrtle Edwards Park. The incomparable see of Elliott Bay continue along this waterfront bike and pedestrian path. If you’re into geocaching, there space some caches you can enjoy or possibly you can uncover some Pokemon!

West Seattle Water Taxi


Photo Courtesy West Seattle room of Commerce

Take a 15 minute water taxi ride indigenous Seattle to Alki Beach ($5.25/one method per person, FREE/under age 5) because that a speedy ferry prefer experience. If you’re in search of a fast bite or a sweet treat, hop in heat at Marination Ma Kai. The award winning food van is now a restaurant ~ above Alki. Your food and shave ice cream is worth the wait! If you’re looking to cruise through Lake Union, shot the Seattle Ferry ice cream Cream Cruise.

Alki Beach


Sunset in ~ Alki Beach

You don’t need to drive come the s to dip her toes in the sand! gain a day in ~ Alki Beach, where children can beat in the water as you clock the ferries and also sailboats to rise by with the background of the city skyline. You can bring bikes and trikes here, as well if you want to jaunt along the 2.5 mile walkway. If you want to display your kids some history, checkout the monument at the south end of the beach the marks the arrival of the very first white inhabitants on November 13, 1851.

Pike location Market


Eyeing up the seafood at Pike Place

Heading to the city just for a day in ~ Pike ar Market is worth the trip! children love to clock the paris fish, fulfill Rosy the Pig, and grab some mini doughnuts. Don’t miss out on the gum wall surface down below on post Alley, and all the exciting shops. Mom have the right to buy herself part farm fresh flowers for a bargain price, too!

Seattle Center


Taking a ride come the peak of the room Needle is pricy, yet there is lots of cost-free fun come be had actually at Seattle Center. Examine out the newly opened Artist’s Playground, which is fun for big and little kids and the coolest playground i have ever before seen. Children can safely traverse ropes and slides that are high in the sky. There are locations for big kids and also tiny tots. Or, invest a warm day play in among the plenty of fountains, the most popular of i m sorry is the International Fountain where water sprays in tune with music. There is always something going on in ~ the Armory (Center House), together as cultural festivals, concerts, art installations, magic shows, and more.

World course Museums


Museum the Flight

Seattle’s museums room such a fun means to reveal your boy to culture, art, and innovation. Top top the first Thursday of every month, plenty of museums organize special hours and also offer totally free admission. Our favorites incorporate the Museum of Flight (perfect because that toddlers, however kids the all ages will love the it), Museum of background and Industry (MOHAI), and also the Seattle arts Museum.



Starbucks make reservation Roastery

If you’re in need of a caffeinated choose me up, over there are alternatives galore. Try the Starbucks on the 40th floor that the Columbia Tower (open throughout regular service hours). The highest Starbucks in the world likewise boasts remarkable views of the city, for FREE. My boys an especially love looking out at Century Link and Safeco Field. Or, walk a couple of blocks east to the Starbucks make reservation Roastery and Tasting Room. Part coffee house, part regular Starbucks, and component roastery, the setting is always a party. Children will gain watching the roasting process and the packing machines do your thing. Be sure to order turn off their distinct menu, where also a continual latte will make you wish you can stop below every day. If you’ve never been, it’s likewise fun to stop right into the very first Starbucks at Pike ar Market where all the magic started.

Dick’s drive In


Want to grab a fast bite when you’re in the city? shot the iconic Dick’s journey In whereby the burgers room super yummy and the hand dipped shakes room not to it is in missed. The easiest ar to access is in Queen Anne, just west of Seattle Center. Lock have complimentary parking!

Farther North

If you want to go a tiny farther phibìc by car, you have the right to make a pit protect against at the Fremont Troll. Parking is a little tricky to uncover along bordering streets, but this a need to do through your kiddos at least once in a lifetime. Wherein else in the civilization can you satisfy a troll hold a VW Bug? Warning: little boys will attempt to choose his nose.

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Another ar worth an every day excursion is the Ballard Locks. Clock the boats pass v the locks the the Lake Washington ship Canal, or head to the fish ladder where during the summer you can watch all the salmon swim upstream to return to spawn. It is mesmerizing and also a thrill for small ones! over there is additionally a botanical garden, and complimentary summertime concerts on Saturdays and also Sundays.



Know of one more awesome attraction for children in Seattle? leave a keep in mind in the comments!