Did you understand that Father’s day was began in Spokane, Washington? Or the it’s simply an hour away from a complete of 76 various lakes? There’s plenty to learn about the Lilac City and also even an ext to do, particularly if you’re a fan of the good outdoors.

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After all, it’s nestled amongst a variety of natural attractions, including the always-popular Riverfront Park, mount Spokane and the Spokane River.

If you’re interested in visiting the pacific northwest, make sure inspect out our perform below. We’re bringing friend our favorite things to perform in Spokane, Washington.

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1. Riverfront Park


Source: my Spokane City

You can’t walk approximately Spokane Washington without stumbling upon Riverfront Park. Located in downtown Spokane, the park to be originally constructed as part of preparations because that the 1974 World’s Fair.

The park possesses a natural beauty few others deserve to achieve. The Spokane river flows with the love of the 100-acre campus, bring about the well known Spokane Falls, the biggest urban waterfall in the unified States.

There’s also a scenic trail system for tourists to check out (see below). Walk we mention that the park is conveniently surrounding by tons of shops, restaurants, wineries and also places come stay?

2. Centennial Trail


Source: Washington State Parks Official

Centennial Trail describes a 40 mile stretch that winds best through Riverfront Park. You deserve to bike, hike and also even horseback journey your method through!

Though the trail starts in the city’s downtown area, it doesn’t take long to encounter some of the more scenic spots located along the path, choose the nine Mile drops Dam, i beg your pardon is around nine miles away from wherein the trace begins.

Originally constructed ago in 1908, the nine Mile falls dam stands 60-feet high. If you store going, you’ll at some point hit the Idaho border!

3. Heat Adventure Center


Source: row Adventure facility Official Site

If you’re looking for things to carry out in Spokane with kids specifically, head over to the row Adventure Center. The location offers family packages designed come introduce children to the human being of rafting and water adventures.

All excursions take place on the Spokane River. You have the right to also try your hand at fly fishing, biking kayaking and floating!

4. Mobius Children’s Museum


Source: Mobius Children’s Museum Official

Speaking of things to carry out with kids in Spokane, have actually we discussed the Mobius Children’s Museum? watch your kids interact with various museum exhibits committed to the people of art, science and also culture.

Its “hands-on” layout is perfect for little kids looking to explore around in a big way. Aside from the though, there’s many of other things for toddlers to execute as well.

5. Eco-friendly Bluff


Source: eco-friendly Bluff Official

Did you recognize that strawberries prosper really fine in the pacific northwest? The climate seems particularly well suited for growing of the fruit. Local farmers figured the out back in the at an early stage 1900’s.

To help protect them from outside competition, the environment-friendly Bluff Growers association was formed. Headquarter on the roll hills of mountain Spokane, the organization now helps provide all kinds of seasonal tasks for the neighborhood community.

Bring the children up come Spokane Mountain and also enjoy some strawberry picking, hayrides and more. Over there are likewise tons of areas to eat and also drink top top your way down!

6. Manito Park

Source: Spokane City Official

If you’re into flowers, climate you’ll want to examine out Manito Park. This popular recreational area is residence to five major garden areas. Through floral arranged inspired by different areas of the world, Manito component has been commemorated for its varied horticultural displays.

The park consists of 78 acre of native and also cultivated landscape, and also an extra 20 acres of botanical gardens. Various other features incorporate Mirror Pond, wherein you deserve to feed the ducks and waterfowl, the Loop Drive and also Bridge, playground area and also Park Bench Cafe.

7. Northwest Museum of Arts

Source: Northwest Museum of art Official

As among Washington state’s 5 Smithsonian affiliates, this is wherein you walk to obtain a tiny culture. The Northwest Museum the Arts, likewise known as “MAC,” boasts the largest collection of Plateau Indian art and artifacts in the world.

One million objects are maintained and also preserved in ~ the wall surfaces of the Northwest Museum the Arts.

8. The Campbell House

Explore the historic Campbell House, which to be belonged to one of the most prestigious family members in Spokane! Learn about what life was prefer in Spokane throughout the early 21st century and also explore the wealth of artefacts preserved inside the building.

9. The Cathedral Church the St. Man the Divine

Source: The Cathedral Church of St. John the divine Official

Even if girlfriend aren’t a an especially spiritual person, St. John’s Cathedral is precious a visit. The stunning structure consists of Gothic towers and also architecture, stained-glass windows and also a 257-foot pipe organ.

Today, the St. John’s Cathedral is thought about a mainstay of the Spokane skyline. It’s residence to some exceptional pieces the art, as well.

The cathedral hosts a collection or rotating exhibits and also some irreversible features, including 19th century tapestries, Japanese vases, two 12-foot high menorahs and also more. St. John’s is also a pretty great place to hear to some live music. The choir performs every Sunday!

10. Avista Stadium

Source: Avista stadium Official

Baseball fans, you’re in luck. Avista stadion is home to the Spokane ind minor organization baseball team. Inspect out a video game or authorize up for several of the on-site kids’ activities offered. Let your tiny ones meet the mascots, circle the ar or play capture following a Sunday game!

11. The historical Davenport Hotel

Source: The Davenport Hotel Collection

The historic Davenport Hotel was originally constructed earlier in 1914 however underwent a massive reconstruction in 2002.

During the time of its initial opening, it was the first hotel in the United claims with waiting conditioning, a pipe organ, a main vacuum system and housekeeping carts, making that a pretty contemporary place come stay.

Today, it remains among the more high-end hangouts in town. If you’re not remaining overnight, you can always pop in to check out the spa, bar and also lounge, fine dining alternatives and more.

12. Flow Park Square

Source: flow Park Square Official

Time to get some to buy in! flow Park Square is located in downtown Spokane, just a quick walk far from Riverfront Park and the Spokane River.

The indoor-outdoor shopping complicated carries a mix the high-end and national brand to cater to all shoppers. There are also tons the dining choices located about the mall. Think fast bites, cocktails, romantic dinners and also more!

13. Spokane Symphony

Source: Spokane Symphony Official

If you’re spring for more live music, head over to martin Woldson theatre at the Fox, where the Spokane Symphony resides. The venue uses specialty occasions throughout the year, including performances because that kids!

Though the music is quality and the dress code is casual, which can make travel with children a totality lot easier. There space a most restaurants around town that market special rates for symphony-goers, consisting of the historical Davenport Hotel, so perform your research and also plan accordingly!

14. Monroe Street Bridge

Source: via Spokane Historical

Looking because that some much more spectacular see of Spokane Falls? Head this way. The overpass has end up being a well-known Spokane landmark. After 2 failed attempts at construction, the third installment that the leg was efficiently implemented in 1911.

It’s adorned with subtle yet dramatic details, consisting of life-size buffalo skulls, wagon wheels, chain handrails and also more. These etches are said to embody the pioneer spirit of Spokane’s more quickly settlers.

15. Gonzaga university Campus

Source: Gonzaga college Official

Take a tourism of the Gonzaga college Campus! gain the healthy and balanced blend of standard brick buildings and more modern-day facilities. The campus is simply minutes away from Riverfront Park. If you’re a sporting activities fan, make sure to see the college student tear it up on the field. Go bulldogs!

16. Arbor Crest alcohol Cellars

Source: Arbor Crest wine Cellars Official

If you deserve to sneak away from the children for a day, take it a ride over to the Arbor Crest alcohol Cellar. The meet is situated in the historic Cliff House, which is perched 450 feet over the Spokane flow Valley.

Originally built back in 1924, the grounds currently serve together headquarters for the Arbor Crest wine Cellars. Here, friend can uncover award-winning wines, exceptional views, live music and also much more!

17. Spokane Sculpture Walk

Who doesn’t like totally free entertainment? This walking tour will present you and also your household to some of Spokane’s most celebrated statutes, for no expense whatsoever.

The tour weaves with Spokane’s Riverfront Park and Centennial Trail and also wraps up best over Spokane Falls. All are relatively modern-day pieces or art, through the oldest sculptures dating back to the 1970’s.

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The many recent, constructed in 2008, is titled, “Alive, Lively, Living.” The structure is composed of 3 stainless stole panels and also boasts irregular edges on its tops and also sides.