U.S. Army Veterans, Retirees and Inactive prepared Reservists are eligible to receive exclusive transaction on admission.

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We would like to say thanks to our United states Veterans, Retirees and Inactive all set Reservists who have served and also fought to protect our country. You have made the ultimate commitment and have demonstrated courage through your service, dedication and sacrifice. To present our appreciation, we want to give you high quality time with those friend love.

Discounted 1-Day Tickets

Veterans can get up to six discounted tickets to Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Water nation USA.

Offers expand to U.S. Veterans, retirees and also Inactive prepared Reservists who have been honorably offered Former service member must carry out proof of organization in bespeak to get involved Tickets have to be derived online and redeemed in ~ the park for visitation by: September 12, 2021 for Water country USA October 31, 2021 because that Busch Gardens Williamsburg

How that Works


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Veteran standing

army Veterans must provide proof of service for ID.me verification. When verified, girlfriend will receive a check email.

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Discounted join Disclaimer

Discounted ticket are just valid at their certain park. This sell is no valid in ~ Aquatica® water parks, SeaWorld®, Adventure Island®, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Sesame Place® or exploration Cove®. Not valid for Christmas Town™. Walk not include parking. Active-Duty Military, activated or Drilling Reservist, or nationwide Guardsman right now serving space not eligible for this offer. Prices and also products room subject to change without notice.

Discounted 1-Day ticket to Busch Gardens Williamsburg expire Oct. 31, 2021. Discounted 1-Day tickets to Water nation USA expire Sept. 12, 2021.

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