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The Birthright Israel expedition covers roundtrip airfare add to 10 days of accommodations and also unique programs in Israel. Any kind of Jewish young adult aged 18-32 is standard to apply for the gift uneven they have been come Israel on a peer-group regime after the period of 18.

One of the pilgrimage organizers isIsrael free Spirit, i m sorry we very recommend.

Price:This pilgrimage is a gift indigenous Birthright Israel

* straight application connect *


Akiva provides a unique mix that experiential and also soulful experiences, designed for the student who is interested in exploring their Jewish background and history. Akiva take away 40 hand-picked college student from across North America and also offers lock a distinctive blend the workshops and tours all while life in the ancient Old City of Jerusalem. This will certainly be a pilgrimage to Israel, which you"ll cherish because that a lifetime.


December 20, 2021 - January 5, 2022

Price: $299 (Trip worth - $3500)

Quick Preliminary Application

(men and also women)


jInternship partners v over eight hundred suppliers in Israel and also North America. The result: you will do it be sure to soil a quality international internship in your ar that will provide you a competitive leaf in achieving your career goals. Qualified and motivated college students/recent college graduates are inserted with top-notch professional internships and semester-long occupational co-ops in a vast array the fields. JInternship operation in teamwork with dozens of amazing peer-based Jewish discovering Programs in both Israel and North America. More than simply an internship, you’ll have actually a chance to connect to new Jewish friends and your heritage in a deep and meaningful way.


May 19, 2014 through Sept. 17, 2014 (4 months)
June 15, 2014 through Oct. 26, 2014 (4 months)

Check out considerable list of days here.

Price:Costs vary, relying on the conference you join

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Israel Recharge

co-ed, ages 22-32


Israel Rechargeis an incredible chance for young Jewish experts from all backgrounds and also affiliations who would like to suffer Israel, explore their Jewish roots, and inspire their soul. Recharge is perfect if you"ve to be on a pilgrimage to Israel with Birthright before, but open come anyone, even if you"ve never ever been before.

Dates: TBA

Price:$850 including airfare

Quick Preliminary Application
Israel 2.0

co-ed ages 18-28

You already know the Israel is an remarkable place. However was her last group trip come Israel simply too short? perform you want to come earlier to Israel again, come have another chance to experience this remarkable country, to enjoy the superb beaches and reefs that Eilat, to visit the renowned city the Hebron and also to learn much more about the legacy that renders this location truly your own? climate Israel 2.0 is because that you.

Dates:December 26, 2021 - January 10, 2022

Price:$500plus virtual Jewish food - $350 fees (limitedscholarships because that course upon request)

Quick Preliminary Application

3 weeks TOURING & learning

Explore the nation while trying out your within self and also your illustrious past. Dig deep right into your roots to uncover your personal routes.

Dates: July 5 - 26, 2021

Price: $500

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ALT Israel

The Academy that Life training (ALT) is the ideal setting for arising life skills while farming from a great internship in Israel. With places in Jerusalem and likewise in the Tel Avivarea, students work in the morning at top internships in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem and also then participate in tiny interactive discussion groups in the afternoon. Evenings are generally totally free time.

The ALT staff show students exactly how to analyze and develop us in three main areas: society life, spiritual life, and also professional life. College student will watch the valuable benefits that Jewish Wisdom has to offer v regards to establishing a healthy outlook and also life balance. Discover yourself… before you find a job!

Upcoming regime dates:

Jerusalem program


Tel Aviv program


Price: $399 + Airfare

Quick Preliminary Application
JLE & JLE Connect


The Jewish learning Exchange gives Jewish men from diverse backgrounds andaffiliations an opportunity to discover Israel and what it way to beJewish. The JLE isfamous for its considerable touring program varying from half day &full work expeditions about Jerusalem to 3 job tours approximately the Golan,to the Galilee and down to the Negev.

JLE Connect provides introductory skills for finding out the Talmud and also Chumash basic Hebrew an abilities acquired v Ulpan, a greater understanding & appreciation of helpful Jewish living, and also a better understanding of Jewish an individual development.


December 16 - 30, 2021

December 23, 2021 - January 6, 2022

Price: $499 (including airfare)

JLE Connect

Quick Preliminary Application
Hasbara Fellowships


Hasbara Fellowships, educates and also trains college students to be effective pro-Israel activists on your campuses. Based in the Old City the Jerusalem, Hasbara Fellows spend time travel the city and also other important sites in the country including strategic military sites, borders with neighboring countries, etc. The regime is for college undergraduates who have at the very least two semesters left top top campus.

Upcoming routine dates:

Sunday Dec 12, 2021- Tuesday December 28, 2021

Sunday Dec 19, 2021- Tuesday January 4, 2022

Sunday Dec 26, 2021 – Tuesday January 11, 2022

Price:$499 + $250 Refundable Deposit

Quick Preliminary Application
MEOR Vision

(men & women) 20"s

Based in Jerusalem, MEOR Vision is two-weeks of high level Torah study, Jewish education, and also Jewish leadership training. MEOR Vision is interactive and personal. Together with outstanding Jewish educators and a dynamic peer group, you will certainly delve right into Talmudic discourse, acquire brand-new skills in concentrated study the Jewish texts, learn leadership theory and also technique, and focus on an individual character development. The program consists of a customized individual finding out component, wherein you will learn and develop a object of her choice. Motivating shabbatonim, amazing evening tasks and on-site class all include to the unequaled experience.

Upcoming regime dates:

Women’s Summer Program: December 23, 2021 - January 4, 2022

Men’s Summer Program: December 23, 2021 - January 4, 2022

Price: $450 (including airfare)

Quick Preliminary Application

(co-ed 18-29)

For anyone Sephardi, GoSephardic is the perfect begin for her spiritual quest.We existing both the mystical and also the rational technique to Judaism. In3 weeks friend will develop a foundation in locations like me Development, Prayer, Philosophy, History, Sephardi society and Customs…

Touring Israel ,praying in the holy sites of our Tsadikim adventurous activities are yet a few things top top the agenda.

Upcoming Dates:


Price: $499 including flight - limited scholarships available

Quick Preliminary Application
Way an ext Israel

co-ed, periods 19-28

On way More Israel you"ll have an incredible time life in Jerusalem"s historic Old City while discovering Hebrew, volunteering and also building your career. You"ll have an really Israel endure as you live favor a local. Choose either the 8-week regime in the summer or winter or the 5-month program. (On the 5-month regimen you"ll likewise experience organic farming). V trips transparent Israel, classes/workshops on timely Jewish topics and amazing internship/volunteering positions, you"ll get method more than you ever before imagined!


January 3, 2022 - February 27, 2022

Price: Check website for pricing details

Total cost $4300 (post MASA grant). Added $1000 subsidy available. Not consisting of airfare.
Quick Preliminary Application
MJE heritage Trip

Young professionals - 20"s & 30"s

This is your opportunity to experience and also adventure and to check out the deeper next of Israel. Sign up with MJE as we tourism the country, learn the background of ours people, and also connect to the spiritual foundations our the land. The trip is a mix of fun, touring, learning and also enjoying every Israel needs to offer with a dynamic tour guide and also the MJE staff.

Date: Summer 2022 dates TBA

Price: $3000 - Stipends up to half the cost accessible for those that qualify.


Quick Preliminary Application
AEPI Israel Experience

AEPi brothers

The UJEX Israel endure rocks in every method - civilization class educators, unreal experiences, ingredient you"ve never ever done or viewed before, and a totality lot more!

This pilgrimage is no your run of the mill Israel pilgrimage - it"s whatever you"ve constantly wanted, but never assumed you can have!


December 26, 2021 - January 9, 2022

Price:$999 (further subsidies available if needed)

Quick Preliminary Application
NCSY Summer Trips


NCSY Summer is more than simply summer trips. Castle are among the many meaningful and also memorable experiences of a person’s life. NCSY runs fourteen unique summer programs in the US, Israel and also Europe the cater to teenagers with various interests and also backgrounds.

Dates and also prices vary. Please watch website for full details.

Quick Preliminary Application

short hatchet study routine for men

STEP is a 3 week routine designed to: offer you an authentic taste the what the is like to research in Yeshiva. Give you the skills necessary to research Talmud and other texts without translation. Inspire you and strengthen your commitment come Torah and Mitzvot.


December 22, 2021 - January 11, 2022

Quick Preliminary Application

(Moms and Dads)

The Jewish Women"s Renaissance Project uses men and women almost everywhere the civilization a special gift; a highly subsidized, 9 work action-packed expedition to Israel and also experience what it method to Transform and also Grow. The excited of touring, learning, and also sharing on this trip with various other parents from all walks of life, is unforgettable.

Upcoming Trips:

Many trips plan from cities throughout phibìc America. Check website for details.

Price: Trips are extremely subsidized. Check website for additional details.

Quick Preliminary Application
Mechina / Nevey

Short-term study regime (women)

Mechinaintroductory program, is designed because that the curious and inquisitive young Jewish woman, with small or no elevator in Judaic studies. Mechina strengthens Jewish identity through Jewish education, and demonstrates the relationship of Judaism in today’s world. Students handle life’s toughest personal, philosophical and theological worries in a sensitive and also thoughtful environment. A heart of open exchange permeates the classroom wherein the college student are encouraged to question and also interact with several of the many stimulating teacher in today"s Jewish world.

Upcoming programs:

Program is offered on a continuous, year-round basis. Friend can choose which dates work best for you. You deserve to join at any time and choose to stay anywhere in between two weeks come the full session.

Price: various scholarships available for qualified students

Quick Preliminary Application

Short-term study regimen (women)

She"arim university of Jewish research studies for women offers an exceptional approach to education and learning that combine personalized teaching, textual study skills and an integrative technique to an individual growth. She"arim relates to every student together a unique person, individualizing schedules and classes together necessary.

Upcoming regime dates:

Various tracks and dates available. Please check site for details.

Price: Tuition for quick term programs is $250 per week and also the dorm is $100 every week. She’arim’s policy is no to turn anyone away because that financial reasons. Distinct scholarships room available.

Quick Preliminary Application


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