Going to Israel is a magical, life-changing experience … and also one that deserve to come v a steep price tag. Girlfriend can quickly spend over $1,000 on one El Al flight from the United states to the holy Land, and, no to mention, the room and also board and food there space not cheap, either. If you’re still in university or in your 20s, you can not afford to take that sort of trip, no issue how meaningful you know it will be.

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That’s why numerous millennials and Gen Zers watch into totally free or cheap program instead. Over there is a wide range of programs from a variety of different institutions that will administer you through an all-expense-paid pilgrimage or a cheaper suffer than a vacation. If you desire to take trip to Israel, here are several of those program you need to look into.

Jewish company Programs

The Jewish company for Israel offers miscellaneous programs you have the right to look into depending upon your interests. Because that example, if you go on the summer or winter internship regime Onward Israel, you will have the ability to intern at an company or school of your selection and obtain room and board, insurance and an education for 6 to 10 weeks. If friend don’t desire to intern with Onward Israel, friend can also participate in service-learning, fellowships and scholastic study programs.

If you have actually tech an abilities and want to work in the technology industry, the Jewish firm has a program referred to as Israel technology Challenge, where you research in Tel Aviv in the wishes of landing a job. They market a variety of scholarships the goes as much as 20,000 NIS. One more program is Israel teaching Fellows, wherein you teach English in Israel and also pay $1,000 for a 10-month experience. You’ll additionally get accommodations, wellness insurance and also trips about Israel as component of the fee.

Birthright Israel 

Birthright Israel is a free program friend can use to by filling out a type and paying a $250 refundable deposit. The routine is available to young people from ages 18 come 32, and also it covers your airfare, accommodations, at least two meals a day, transportation and any fees connected with traveler destinations. Trips take turn off at all times the the year and from miscellaneous places approximately the U.S. They incorporate a number of different themes and also styles. For example, part trips are more outdoors focused, while others room for spiritual participants, university students, foodies and bikers. You will do it be guaranteed to find a trip that’s just right because that you on their website.

Seminary and Yeshiva

If you want to dive into the religious side the Israel, consider attending a seminary for ladies or a yeshiva for men. Many programs sell you to walk for a couple of weeks to numerous months, and also they will carry out subsidized travel, food and also housing throughout that time. In ~ the really least, there will be scholarships because that students. If you attend seminary or yeshiva prior to going come college earlier home, friend may be able to receive college credit transaction for the courses you take. Girlfriend can discover a an extensive list of colleges on StudyinIsrael.org.

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Volunteering in Israel  

In exchange because that volunteering in Israel, you deserve to receive totally free room and board and also food through countless different programs. For example, if you work on a kibbutz, you will obtain just the plus totally free laundry service. You deserve to volunteer on an IDF military base with Sar-El, where you’ll get to tourism the country and participate in night activities. For a complete list the volunteering programs, visit the Nefesh B’Nefesh website.