Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas is filled with interesting experiences just waiting to it is in had. Once you sail ~ above this delivery you’ll have actually to check out the FlowRider surf simulator. If you’re daring, sign up to ride the waves. If not, stick around to see various other guests understand the beast (or have actually a spectacular wipeout). For a treat, head come the Cupcake Cupboard, which is a gourmet bakery featuring much more than 30 varieties of cupcakes. Girlfriend can also sign up because that a cupcake decorating class. ~ dinner, be sure to protect against in the Freedom that the Seas’ BRITTO gallery, which features incredible art piece from Romero Britto, a pop artist who uses bright and bold colors in his artwork.

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Passenger Capacity: 4,375Year Built: 2006Last Refurbished: 2015

With cruises come 72 countries on six continents, you have the right to sail just about anywhere in the human being with imperial Caribbean. This contemporary, put in order line uses unique and exciting itineraries that room designed to wow. They offer sailings that selection from a tropical paradise come a tremble tundra. Destinations include, however are not restricted to: Alaska, Australia, Canada/New England, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, north Europe, the Panama Canal and also South America.


A truly blissful holidays filled with beaches, Bahamian customs, and also sunshine awaits friend on a cruise to the Bahamas.

Royal Caribbean not just builds their ships to have actually a wow factor, however they also make your itineraries simply as appealing. Royal has ships stationed across the U.S. And also in several global ports to offer their passengers several opportunity to get to a cruise quickly and also easily. You deserve to cruise from Miami to Seattle or Perth come Rotterdam, there’s a exit port because that you. Uncover out much more about royal Caribbean’s itineraries and also ships as soon as you call a qualified consultant at The Cruise Web.


In Miami, you’ll enjoy a small taste of the tropic weather many of you will certainly experience throughout your cruise, and also you’ll watch why Miami is just one of the most famous places to live in America.

Deck Two

Freedom that The Seas Deck two Deck Plan

Deck Three

Freedom the The Seas Deck three Deck Plan

Deck Four

Freedom the The Seas Deck 4 Deck Plan

Two pair beds (can transform into queen-size), sitting area (some with sofa bed), private balcony and private bathroom. Rates vary native deck come deck.

Two twin beds (can transform into royal King), sit area (some v sofa bed), private balcony and also private bathroom.

Two pair beds (can convert into royal King), sit area (some with sofa bed), exclusive balcony and also private bathroom. Rates vary indigenous deck come deck.

Two twin beds that transform to a royal King,private balcony, sit area through sofa, and a private bathroom. Easily accessible rooms incorporate Two twin beds (can convert into queen-size) with open up bed frames, broader entry door, turning spaces, sit area with lowered vanity, closet rods, and also safe, and also a private bathroom through a wider door, roll-in shower, grab bars, fold-down shower bench, hand-held shower head, increased toilet, and a lower sink.

Two pair beds that transform to imperial King, sit area, private balcony and also private bathroom. Up to 4 guests.

Two twin beds that convert to imperial King, sit area, exclusive balcony and private bathroom. Approximately 4 guests.

A view of the royal Promenade with bowed windows, 2 twin bed (can transform into royal King) and also private bathroom.

A see of the imperial Promenade v bowed windows, 2 twin beds that convert to royal King and also private bathroom. As much as 2 guests.

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Interior accommodations room comfortable rooms furnished through standard amenities including two twin beds (can convert into one queen-size bed), personal bathroom, vanity area, hair-dryer, mini-bar, closed-circut TV, radio and phone.