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Karissa Augustine to be last seen at Washington High school on December 5 at about 1:15 p.m. She is approximately 5’8, 115lbs, through brown eyes and also brown hair. She to be last seen wearing black t-shirt and also black jean shorts, transporting a black drawstring backpack, and had her red Cannondale bicycle. She does not have a cabinet phone, and she is probably carrying her school ID. She is not recognized to do drugs, and does no have any kind of health issues.As that 3:00 p.m. December 7, Karrissa has actually not to be located. Washington High college is conscious of the situation and Fremont Police has remained in touch v her father and multiple friends of Karissa. The father suspects Karissa is through an 18 year old girlfriend in san Francisco yet this is no confirmed. The friend has been contacted multiple times by phone and also was notified that Karissa is a reported lacking juvenile and needs to contact her parents and also FPD. SFPD visited an address associated come the friend’s phone call number but was no able to fulfill with anyone.Karrisa was recently involved in a fight in ~ school and also may have been bullied. This is an ongoing investigation and is at this time leaning towards a spontaneous runaway. Us spoke v her father this afternoon that has allowed us come provide extr information come the public.Please call Fremont Police department (510) 790-6800 choice 3 if girlfriend have any kind of information.
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Fatal web traffic Collision ~ above Boyce Road in between Stevenson Blvd & Stewart Ave. Public details Officer from Fremont Police department · 1 day earlier

top top December 6, 2021, at about 7:30 p.m., officers were dispatched to a collision top top Boyce Road in between Stevenson Boulevard and Stewart Avenue. Early reports recommend a motorcyclist to be seriously injured. Patrol officers and Traffic policemans responded and found that the collision emerged between a big box-style truck and also a motorcyclist. The motorcyclist to be pronounced deceased by Emergency clinical Services personnel. The driver of the truck was contacted top top scene and also is cooperating through the investigation.If you observed the collision or can carry out any information, please call the Fremont Police non-emergency heat at (510) 790-6800 x3.
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Update: mom of the uncovered 2 year old child has been located. Public information Officer native Fremont Police room · 1 day ago

say thanks to you.Found 2 year old child with company dog at edge of Beacon and also State. Roughly 11:500 a.m. ~ above December 6, a 2 year old child was situated at the southeast corner of Beacon Ave and also State Street in Fremont, CA. The child’s name is thought to it is in “Kiki.” The kid stands 3’5” and weights 40 lbs. The boy is wearing a black long-sleeve shirt, light-brown/khaki pants, and also socks through blue, green, and yellow stripes. The son was situated alongside a business dog. Both the child and also the dog room with Fremont Police in ~ this time. See photo attached. Anyone with details please contact Fremont Police (510) 790-6800 alternative 3 or in an emergency dial 911.
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walk you miss out on Chief Washington’s swearing-in ceremony? Public details Officer from Fremont Police department · 1 day ago

A recording of the awareness is now obtainable to view online (with near captioning): https://youtu.be/vD61acqkmSo
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execute you recognize who this belong to? Public information Officer native Fremont Police room · 4 days ago

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