The choice Department is responsible for coordinating, preparing and processing all general, primary and coordinated poll in Fremont County. That is the will of this department to certain the verity of all elections and administer the opportunity for every eligible electors to participate in the democratic process.

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Unofficial 2021 Coordinated choice Results


Ballot Tracking

You deserve to Now Track your Ballot: go to and sign up for alerts around when us send, receive, and accept her ballot. You may select the species of message you want to receive, when during the work you desire to get them, or protect against receiving them altogether, if you prefer.

Last work to record Pro/Con comment pertaining to regional ballot issues with the Designated Election main of the district that is placing the inquiry on the ballot.
Last day come transmit ballots and also ballot materials to overseas armed forces voters for the 2021 coordinated Election. (No later than 45 days prior to the election)
Ballots for the 2021 Coordinated choice are easily accessible to any type of eligible elector that requests one in human at the county clerk’s office. (No later on than 32 days before the election)
Last day because that an individual to send a voter registration application and still get a ballot in the mail because that the 2021 Coordinated choice (Through the 8 hours day prior to an election)
Deadline for the county clerk to send missing signature, signature verification, and missing ID letters and emails. (Within 3 days after receipt the ballot missing ID/confirmation the signature deficiency, however no later on than 2 work after the 2021 Coordinated choice Day)
Last day because that an elector come cure a signature discrepancy or absent signature, or to provide lacking ID because that mail or provisional ballot to be counted in the 2021 combination Election. (By 11:59 p.m. MT 8 work after election Day.)
Last day because that ballots actors by military and also overseas electors come be obtained by the county clerk in stimulate to be counted in the 2021 combination Election. (No later than the 8 hours day after election Day)
Fremont ar Clerk and also Recorder’s Office, 615 Macon Ave, Suite 102, Canon City opens on Oct. 14th, Mon. – Thurs. Organization hours only 7am come 5pm, choice Day Nov. 2, 2021 7am -7pm
Fremont ar Garden Park Building, 201 N 6th St, Canon City opens on Oct. 25th, during VSPC hours only. Mon. – Fri. 9am – 5pm, Sat. 9am – 1pm and Election work Nov. 2, 2021 7am – 7pm
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2021 choice Calendar

2021 election Calender

NOTICE: The information contained in this calendar is provided as a courtesy the the Office the the Fremont county Clerk & Recorder. If every attempt has actually been do to administer accurate and also authoritative details as the the date of the last revision, the is detailed with the understanding that the Office the the Fremont ar Clerk & Recorder is not engaged in rendering legal, accountancy or other experienced service. Each entity participating in any election is compelled to meet specific statutory obligations and also they need to consult your designated legal torture or counsel need to they have actually questions regarding the information or duties that might or might not be had in this calendar.

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Election press Release

There are approximately 33,000 registered voter in Fremont County. Of the 33,000 registered about 31,000 room “Active” voters. Your condition can change from energetic to inactive for assorted reasons. For example: If did you do it moved and also have not submitted a adjust of address resulting in a changed ballot. Make certain you prevent by ours office or go digital to GOVOTECOLORADO.GOV to upgrade your details to certain a smooth election Day process.

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Candidate Information

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Election Links


 Check or update your Colorado State Voter registration Information


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Voter Information

Requirements for Voter Registration

United says Citizen
At least 18 years of age before Election Day

How perform I end up being eligible come vote?

In order to it is in eligible come vote, you must register in the ar in which friend reside. Through registering, friend declare her residency in the State of Colorado within the county and also district of her actual physical residence.

How carry out I understand what the status of mine ballot because that this choice is?

Go come to examine the condition of her ballot.

Ways to register to vote in Fremont County

Go come or print the it is registered form, to fill it out and send, email or fax that to:

Fremont county Clerk and also RecorderElection Dept.615 Macon Ave., Room 102Cañon City, CO 81212(fax) 719-276-7338jami.goff


Voter registration Application kind

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Fremont ar Procedures concerning Watchers/Observers

As outlined in Fremont County’s Watcher Accommodation arrangement on document with the SOS the Watcher must present their type #700 Certificate that Appointment and Oath the Watcher that has actually been signed through the appointing party come the county Clerk. The county Clerk will verify the watchers eligibility to serve and will then administer the oath and also sign the form. The watcher will certainly be instructed to take the form to the ar designated by the appointing party and also surrender it come the Supervisor judge of that location. The Watcher will be required to current his or she Watcher Training food Completion Certificate for the Supervisor judge to verify they have actually completed the required training. The watcher will then be permitted to commence with his or her duties together a watcher. If the watcher has actually not bring away the required training they will certainly not be enabled to observe activities where confidential or personal identifiable info may be within view. (Rule 8.1.2, 8.1.5)In accordance with dominance 8.6.1 (a) (b) (c) and (d), a watcher may be eliminated from a location by the county Clerk or his or her designee if they:

Commit or encourage fraud in link with their duties;

Violate any of the election legislations or rules;

Violate their oath; or

Was abusive or threatening toward election public official or voters.

If a Watcher is gotten rid of the ar Clerk will educate the party that appointed the watcher so that they have the chance to replace the gotten rid of Watcher. (Rule 8.6.2, 8.6.3)

Media Observers with existing media credentials that agree to adhere to the “Guidelines for Members the the Media that Observe election Counts and also Recounts” will certainly be permitted to evil all parts of the choice that encompass voting, and also the processing and counting the provisional and mail ballots. You re welcome coordinate with the ar Clerk before observing so the the election officials deserve to make any an are accommodations needed. (Rule 8.18)

Secretary the State course Catalog: official Watcher Training

Certificate that Appointment and also Oath the Watcher To view this document, please appropriate click and also choose "save as" to save it to your computer prior to opening it.

Cañon City Precincts
Commissioner Districts
Commissioner Districts Cañon City
Florence Precincts
Fremont county Precincts
Penrose Precincts
State house Districts

Fremont county Precincts (zip file) Precincts were adopted in 2012 under Rec # 893537, and also in 2015 under Rec # 931547 in the Fremont ar Clerks office.

State Representatives


Jarid Polis (D)(303) 866-2471
Governor (Toll Free)(800) 238-7215
Lt. Gov. Dianne Primavera (D)(303) 866-2087
Secy. That State Jena Griswald (D)(303) 894-2200
Treasurer Dave Young (D)(303) 866-2441
Atty. Basic Phil Weiser (D)(720) 508-6000

STATE capital

Governor’s Office(303) 866-2471
Information ~ above Bills(303) 866-3055
Legislative Council(303) 866-3521
Democratic Senators(303) 866-4865
Republican Senators(303) 866-4866
Senate Toll-Free(888) 473-8136
House Members(303) 866-2904
House Members Toll-Free(800) 822-7647

UNITED states

Library the Congress

Michael F. Bennet (D)702 Hart Senate Office BuildingWashington, D.C. 20510(202) 224-5852(866) 455-9866 toy fee free

2300 15th Street, Suite 450Denver, CO 80202(303) 455-7600



Doug Lamborn (R)437 Cannon residence Office BuildingWashington, D.C. 20515(202) 225-4422(202) 226-2638 Fax

Colorado Springs Office:(719) 520-0055(719) 520-0840 Fax

Buena Vista Office:(719) 520-0055(719) 520-0840 Fax 


Student election Judge Program

Program Description

Since its beginning in 2000, the Colorado Secretary the State’s college student Election Judges Program has been a great success for students and a bonus because that the county choice officials and also educators who have actually participated in the program. Throughout the 2012 Presidential Election hundreds of students around the state joined the ranks of adult choice Judges functioning cooperatively setup up polling locations, processing voters, ballots and tallying the votes cast. The college student Judge suffer exposes students come grass roots democracy in their community and permits them to knife money for working the Election.

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Ultimately, us hope it motivates these students come become active voters in their communities and election judge resources for future elections.

Program Policy

The State legislature enacted law that will permits Juniors and Seniors in HighSchool to work-related at VSPC"s as Student choice Judges. State Statute makes the complying with provisions:

Student election Judges require not it is in registered electors.Upon approval by their school’s primary or an administrator designated through the principal, college student Election Judges will certainly be appointed by and also will serve at the discretion the the local Election Official. College administrators must identify that selected students have the right to reasonably miss school if school is in session.Students should have actually their own transportation to the VSPC, or need to assure the Election official that they will certainly be dropped off at the by the moment they are booked to work and picked up once the day’s occupational is complete.Student choice Judges will assist in checking-in voter at the VSPC, activating poll machines, and also assisting electors in casting their ballots.Veteran election Judges will certainly supervise college student Election Judges.Student choice Judges will be compensated for working. Additionally they may receive payment for attending the mandatory choice Judge Class.Student election Judges have the right to serve together mail ballot or VSPC judges.There space no party affiliation needs for college student Election Judges


Student choice Judges must:

Be U.S. Citizens by the day of the election at which castle are reserved to work.Be ready to offer – choice Day start as early as 6:00 a.m. And the tally of the vote deserve to be as late together 8:00 p.m.Be physically and also mentally maybe to execute the duties of an election Judge.Attend a mandatory election Judge class prior to each choice at which they work.Never have actually been convicted of choice fraud, other election offenses or fraud.Not be connected to any kind of candidate top top the ballot in the precinct where they are working.Be at the very least 16 years old and a junior or senior “in an excellent standing” at a public private high institution at the time of the choice at which they setup to work. Residence schooled students space welcome together well.Have the composed consent that a parental or legit guardian